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  1. How stupid are the FAFC board? Weir is a dreadful appointment... he is the manager who guided us to our worst ever cup result, and relegated us too! Good luck... you are going to need it.
  2. Still a better effort than you got from your players yesterday... fella.
  3. Horrific news regarding Jimmy Calderwood, all the very best to him.
  4. Incredible after humiliating the "mighty Mo" on Saturday... oh well just as football!
  5. Too right... always more enjoyable after a game like today
  6. You have nothing to worry about, it was your B team after all...
  7. So the Montrose B team includes Fleming, Fotheringham, Dillion, Steeves, Johnston, Templeman and Masson?! Impressive! Oh by the way... YOU ARE WASH! One shot off target, none on target Good luck for next season.
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