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  1. Sevco are shite! Can we play you every week. Can't wait to hear what Seathy G has to say. I demand a statement! Etc...
  2. What's it like going to the football and not joining in the singing? Do you get funny looks?
  3. Good to see this thread bumped again.
  4. What do you call giving strips to wee Cambodian kids, if not "left wing"? Celtic are famous for their redistribution of wealth. Look how much money they donated to Southampton.
  5. Have we not established by now, that 'flat' badges are as much a style choice, chosen by similarly elite clubs, as much a potential cost cutting exercise. Jesus Christ, five years ago, we were having to make our own shitey kits. These wee Indonesian kids know what they're doing.
  6. I thought I'd missed something. Keep forgetting a lot of people on here are genuine morons. I'm too generous and humble.
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