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  1. The BA version - Yellow Belly Sundae - is a triumph. Certainly one of my favourite UK breweries, would recommend a trip a to the taproom - now the only place that sells their beers on cask. The Yellow Belly on cask was ridiculous.
  2. New song bodes very well for the album. They are playing a free gig in Edinburgh tonight. Just the 3 of them doing a stripped back set of both old and new songs, getting recorded for BBC6. In the pink tent at Potterrow. Starts at 7, I'd say if you're there and queuing at 18.45 you should be fine to get in,
  3. Not exactly chump change either: Sahin €7.5m Morata €22m Lopez €3m Casemiro (loan fee) €1.5m Jesus €550k Garay 50% share €7.5m
  4. Album leaked. It's fine synth-pop stuff, huge nod to (rip-off of) Purity Ring. Standard buzz band release. Seen their first couple of gigs. First (June last year) they played under the guise of "Shark Week" and they were just terrible. Second at the Art School was like something out a John Niven book although somewhat of an improvement performance-wise. Will be interesting to see how they cope at the ABC. She's a wee pelt mind.
  5. Faither started at the Williams brewery a couple of months back. As well as the Williams stuff, they bottle for Inveralmond and Fyne Ales amongst others. The free stuff ain't too shabby. My bounty is pictured, thank Christ for barbecue season.
  6. Big fan myself. Was at The Electric Circus on Friday where Andy and James done a full acoustic set at the launch of the remix album. Love hearing the noisy stuff but two dozen of us in the Circus watching them doing the stripped back versions was braw. Decent fellas too. Got my tickets for the Barras in December. I reckon I would have everything that's out there in terms of live recordings/EPs/albums if you're after anything. Could dropbox it or something.
  7. Punter


    Arab Strap were a whole lot of good last night. The singalong to the First Big Weekend chorus was very enjoyable! Superbly supported by The Twilight Sad who done an acoustic set. Means I'm going to have seen the feckers three nights in a row. What a band though, wouldn't get tired of watching.
  8. Punter


    Arab Strap on Thursday followed by Twilight Sad on the Friday, both at Sleazy's. Really looking to see Aidan & Malcolm playing together again. Wonder if Scarlett was picking up a ticket when she was in Sleazy's at the weekend? Interviews stating Sad stuff will be mainly off the new album with a couple of re-workings of old ones.
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