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  1. Can't fucking wait to read back through this thread tomorrow when I'm sober
  2. Can't wait for three pages of "what a shitey away support" after the game. Buzzing for this. I think it's fairly obvious Airdrie have been miles better than us this season but Thursdays performance does give me hope, if we turn up again no reason we can't take it all the way or even win it in 90. Then again drinking while still hungover has that effect on me... Very disappointing to see about the train cancellations. Some of us have been messaging the club and QPSA to ensure enough space on buses was available in light of the potential disruption midweek. Hopefully everyone gets to the game.
  3. Disappointed to have not taken advantage of being on top for the majority of the second half. Excellent finish from Simon Murray, he's had a rough season with injuries and other absences but he's shown up when it matters most. No complaints about the penalty unfortunately. All I wanted before the game was to still be in it going into Sunday, so we will see what happens in the 'cup final'. Airdrie were there for the taking last night, but I don't think they'll play like that on Sunday. They finished over 20 points ahead of us in the league for a reason. No matter what happens though, we won't be going to the Excelsior next season, so we're already winners.
  4. May 2025 pt. 2 The ACC West Asian Zone Semi Final is the last bit of action of the 24/25 season, as the next round is scheduled for September. The opponents are Fahaheel of Kuwait, as previously mentioned they are in the Kuwait First Division but unlike my previous continental opponents they are top of their domestic league and by some margin, so while I still expect to progress this could be a potential banana skin.
  5. The effort from McHugh to create something out of nothing. The poachers instinct and finish from Murray. The reaction of the Dunfermline players. The reaction of Charlie Fox I'll cherish this goal forever.
  6. What do I know eh. Girls don't like boys girls like Simon Murray
  7. Don't think that was a red card for Ambrose myself, would like to see it back again though. Also don't think we'll ever score a goal again the way we're playing. Brutal stuff from us. I fear that this will go the distance...
  8. Aside from the Connell effort right at the start of the game there's not been much from QP so far. Quitongo getting drawn back into defensive duties a bit more than I'd like to see. But still in the game and it only takes one chance...
  9. May 2025 Asian Confederation Cup The last ACC group game went the way of the rest of them, with a comprehensive 4-1 victory away to Al-Wathba of Syria, which completed a 100% record in the group and qualification into the next round. So into the West Asian Zone Semi Final playoffs I go, and I have been drawn against Fahaheel of the Kuwait First Division, the 67th ranked league in Asia! Not even a premier league team at this stage, which seems incredible. Granted they also didn't lose a game in the groups, but I've got to be confident again of making the final and either a rematch with a team I've already pumped twice or Wehdat who are 1st in the Jordanian Premier League, but that league is lower ranked than Bahrain as well. Might actually have a nice wee run in this tournament. I fired off job applications to a number of teams in South Korea, Australia, Qatar and a couple other bigger leagues in the hope of moving on to a bigger club and progressing my career. However all but a team in Uzbekistan rejected me, and their squad registration rules are even more ridiculous than Bahrain so I've signed another one year contract and finally got the green light from the board to work towards a coaching qualification. So one more year in the desert. I said in my previous post that I was going to have a look at Sameer Madan of rivals Muharraq and decided to pull the trigger and get a deal in place to bring him in when the window opens in October. A domestic, 16 year old, 5 star potential striker who has already finished as top goalscorer in the league and swept every player of the year award, a no brainer to part with £55k still burning a hole in my pocket from this seasons transfer budget. Will be moving a couple of attacking players on to make sure he gets the game time he needs, and now the focus is on defensive reinforcements.
  10. April 2025 Another busy month in Bahrain. Two Premier League games to seal the title, the re-arranged dead rubber FA Cup match, and two more ACC group games with one more win all but securing my place in the next round.
  11. March 2025 pt. 3 A small reprieve as due to international call-ups I was offered the chance to request a postponement of the FA Cup game against East Riffa at the end of the month. So only two games left to go, a league game against 9th place Al-Alhi and the third ACC group game against Al-Wathba of Syria. Al-Wathba are stuggling domestically, sitting in 13th place out of 14 teams in the league and sacking their manager in the run up to our fixture. I'll be looking for us to pile on the pressure...
  12. When you click onto the tickets page there should be two buttons to switch between home and away fans, home fans are in the Jackie Husband stand. Supposed to be back at Lesser but see qpsnapper's post above for the current state of the place.
  13. March 2025 pt. 2 King's Cup Final My first trip to the King's Cup Final, and the opportunity to win this particular cup for the first time in the history of Busaiteen. Still looking to lift this trophy despite ending up as runner up no less than five times between 03/04 and 14/15. The opponents are Shabab Club who I have beaten six times in a row in all competitions, and despite sitting mid-table in the Premier League I fully expect to make it seven. However, it appears that they will have added incentive to win the cup this year going by their recent silverware drought... So was I able to overcome the 65,000 years of hurt for Shabab Club?
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