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  1. Owen Coyle suggested in his post match comments from the Hamilton game last week that there would be changes, but I'm hopeful that the changes are minimal and we play as strong a team as possible. Would absolutely love a cup run and this is our best chance in forever at actually having a go in one of the cups. I'll be honest and say I have absolutely no idea how the Scottish Championship compares to NI football, so I am a little bit wary heading into this weekend but deep down I feel we should have enough even if changes are made. Spoke to a Cliftonville fan (shameless self plug click the link in my signature) this week and he said that despite winning 5/6 games they haven't necessarily been playing well and he expects QP to have more than enough to win the game. I hope he's right!
  2. September 27 The 3-2 defeat to city rivals Suwon was just one of those games which thankfully haven't come around all too often, both teams evenly matched in every category but they scored twice in 2 mins late in the second half to get the win. Otherwise though, we continue our march to the league title. Pohang have continued to drop points, and with that final regular season game against Jeonbuk we head into the split, a superb six point lead over Pohang with five games to go. The 5-0 win over Seoul sets up a two legged FA Cup Final against the aforementioned Suwon, which thankfully is played after the last game of the league. If (big if still) I manage to do it, then I'll be resting all of the key starters prior to those games. Murilo continues to absolutely dominate the league. Moving him to a CM(A) role has brought him to life, as you can see by looking at his career stats here. Coming alive at age 32.
  3. July 26 - August 26 The incredible run of form continues. We just keep scoring goals. Murilo has been incredible, 32 years old but having his best season of his career in every measurable category. And An Seong-Hyeon proving he was well worth the hassle to firstly tap him up, then secure on loan, and to have already paid the £1.3m to make it permanent at the end of this season. Had a late goal disallowed in the last game against Pohang which was disappointing, but due to them dropping points in the last two months we are currently top of the league as we approach the end of the season and the split. The summer transfer window closed at the end of July, and in total three players came in and four left. Of the four that left, only one was worth mentioning. Iman Salimi was one of my better defenders but a good offer came in from a club in UAE, so off he went for £800k. And with that the youth revolution continues, as I am now down to only four players aged over 26. Stephen Adelson has came in to replace Iman Salimi. Added bonus of also being able to play right back, and I'm going to see if he can improve at left back to provide cover right across the back. Not off to the greatest of starts to be honest, but plenty of time for him to improve. Park Jae-Hyeok joins as a depth option at AML. He only cost £8.5k, at that price it was almost rude not to. And finally, the big signing of the summer window was Chiu Wing Kin who is my third signing this season from title rivals Pohang. Has South Korean second nationality so doesn't count towards any squad registration rules, and he looks like a player. Unlike Adelson, he's off to a pretty good start for me. And it allows me to use either Edmundo Alberto or Ben Soumahoro (currently out injured long term) in central defence instead of midfield. So I am still missing that quality left back, but my youth candidates will appear in September and although the initial report wasn't promising overall, it did state that their could be one A+ candidate at the fullback position. Everything crossed it's a left back...
  4. June 2026 Another very good month. The loss against Gyeongnam is one of two results that stand out, but I went down to 10 men in the 3rd minute and didn't register a single shot on goal the entire game for I think the first time ever in my time playing FM. The other result that stands out is completing the double over Pohang in spectacular fashion. Seven goals scored one conceded against the league leaders. Had a right good FM moment against them though, as one of my most recently scouted players scored his first ever goal against me hate it when it does that. Despite doing the double over Pohang, as mentioned above I remain in 2nd place but the title race is very much on. The transfer window is now open and I've got £2m to play with, going to see what I can do to improve the squad, could do with a quality left back and a back-up left mid, and will see what else is out there.
  5. Don't know why I've never posted in this thread before. During lockdown 1.0 me and my girlfriend fostered a lovely big dafty from the SSPCA called Sasha for three months. She hated other dogs and was also absolutely terrified of the dark (not in a room, but at night if she could see out a window and it was dark she would lose her shit) but was a massive softy and we both absolutely loved her. Unfortunately we were renting at the time and our landlord said we couldn't keep her beyond the three months, but she went back and we gave the SSPCA a big write-up of her time with us and loads of photos and she got adopted within a week. Fast forward to November 2020 and my girlfriend is desperate to get another dog but I wasn't particularly fussed. She woke me up on the Friday afternoon after the Scotland/Serbia game to tell me she'd messaged a guy about a dog and I needed to drive us there. Was definitely not sober enough but did it anyway and met a 6 month old Lurcher puppy who was wired to the moon. He was dropped off with us the next day and the rest as they say is history. She thought the name Marshall was cute, little did she know for two weeks until the name had stuck that it was in honour of the penalty shootout hero from the day before we met. He loves sleeping on his very own duvet on top of human beds (see below), dried chicken feet for a snack and human contact. If you sit down on the couch and you're not close enough to him he'll get up, reposition himself and drop down so his head and front legs are on top of you. He does however absolutely hate cats. Shame our next door neighbour has four... Edit for a photo of our foster dog Sasha off Facebook.
  6. April & May 2026 Very few complaints about this superb start to the season. After complaining in March that we couldn't keep a clean sheet we then went on to keep 5 in a row in April, although that run was ended with our first loss of the season. The FA Cup Third Round win over Hwaseong was annoying because it went all the way to extra time, we dominated them but couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo. New #9 Pham Duc Anh is taking his time to settle in, a long goal drought before scoring the winner in the last game against Seoul. As you would expect, this run has us right up at the top of the league table. But despite pumping them 4-0 already this season, I am trailing Pohang Steelers in 2nd place. The aim from the board this season was purely to avoid relegation, and next year to secure a top half finish, so to be where we are just now is excellent. The transfer window opens at the end of June for a month so will begin looking at reinforcements shortly. I have already agreed a deal to make the loan of An Seong-Hyeon permanent which is very good news for Suwon FC, he might be taking the #9 jersey of Pham Duc Anh if he keeps up his current form of averaging a goal every two games.
  7. Another week, another episode of the only podcast talking about everything Queen's Park FC. We all agree that the defeat to Dundee isn't the end of the world, look to how we'll bounce back on Saturday against Morton, and discuss our favourite wingers/wide midfielders of our time watching Queen's. I continue with my theme of naming an absolute patter XI find it on Spotify and Apple or by clicking here.
  8. The patter in the Championship is fucking honking.
  9. March 2027 So the transfer window has now slammed shut. The excellent news is that Lee Young-Woong, who the board accepted an insulting £900k offer from city rivals Suwon on my behalf, rejected the contract with them and chose to stay at Suwon FC. The new contract I'd given him to increase his foreign release clause coming in handy for the domestic market there, delighted with this. A few other jobbers left as well, one permanently and three youngsters on loan to my affiliate club Incheon Majang. There were also two names incoming, both at striker, one as a depth option and one who was given the #9 jersey. Kang Min-Gyu is the backup option, only cost me £7k and can even cover in defence if required. Can't complain given the money involved to sign him. Pham Duc Anh comes in with the intention of becoming the new starting striker, but he's going to have to displace An Seong-Hyeon first. He takes up the final foreign slot in my squad for the season and it was close between him and a couple of promising Thai talents, but hopefully I've chosen wisely. As well as the transfer window closing, we also had the league campaign starting with six games crammed into the first three weeks before an international break. We also had a few injuries to big players in preseason, including Murilo and the new keeper Noh. But it didn't matter too much... An excellent start to the season, completely incapable of keeping a clean sheet but as long as we keep scoring goals I'll take it. David Fernandes with 4 goals and 5 assists in his first 6 games, certified baller. Fully expect him to be the subject of interest during the midseason window. Also delighted that the new South Korean front 3 that I signed in my previous post have all scored already and put in good performances. With Lee Young-Woong staying though, definitely a little bit top heavy now...
  10. 2026 Transfer Window I was going to wait until the end of March 26 and the window shutting to post an update, but it's been a pretty active window so this will be a big post, and I've just had a bit of a bombshell dropped on me that has actually made me consider leaving Suwon FC already. Players out There were a number of pointless backup/reserve players sold for whatever I could get for them, basically everyone sold for £50k and less was max 2 stars ability and nowhere near getting into my team. Alessandro Lopane and Lee Ji-Sol were actual rotation options, but they wanted to leave so not standing in their way. Nattakit Butsing was my best striker last year by a distance, scored plenty when I came in, and unfortunately attracted the attention of some bigger clubs in Japan. I kept rejecting every offer as I was intent on keeping him, but the board eventually accepted an offer for £4.2m, given he was signed for £1.5m the season it's good business by the club but weakened me significantly. Urho Nissila was again one of my best midfielders last season, but he wanted to leave to play in the Asian Champions League, and then signed for a team that isn't in the Asian Champions League . I didn't want to sell Kamel Hmeisheh as he was pretty solid, but I kind of messed up looking at the squad registration rules and therefore he had to go in order to allow all of my new signings to come in. Modou Barrow was shite and I was happy to get rid of him. Park Je-Ho is one of my best youth prospects at the moment in defence, but he has been called up for his mandatory military service and sent to Gimcheon on loan for 18 months. Apparently his contract will have 18 months added to it to make up for it, but still annoyed that I've lost him for that length of time. And lastly, not listed here yet but soon to be leaving is my best right winger Lee Young-Woong, who I just gave a new contract to in order to fend off competition for his signature from Japan. The board have stepped in and accepted a bid of only £900k for him on my behalf, and when I told them I wanted them to reconsider they told me to bolt. Incredibly annoyed at this. Here is Lee Young-Woong for reference. Players in I posted Edmundo Alberto and Ben Soumahoro above so won't repost them here. Park Dong-Hyuk was a transfer that was arranged before my arrival. Looks like an alright prospect and a suitable rotation option when called upon. David Tavares Fernandes is the big one. Can play in any midfield role I need him to, and going by the stats he is one of the best players in the league. I doubt I'll keep a hold of him for more than one season but he should be vital to any success I have this year. Off to a good start already with two assists in two games. After the Fernandes signing, I'd hit the maximum of foreign players allowed in the squad (however I do have space for one more Southeast Asian player) so I had to start focusing on South Korean talent. And unfortunately with Suwon FC's current standing in the league, it was difficult to get some of the players I was after, so I mainly focused on young players promising them plenty of playing time and release clauses. Lee Jin-Ho goes straight into the starting lineup at CB and big things are expected of him. He'll be playing every single week barring suspension or injury. Losing Butsing and Barrow meant I had a real lack of options upfront and on the wings. And all of the best domestic talent in those positions seem to already have a contract with Pohang Steelers who have a phenomenal youth academy. So far I have signed three attackers who are all straight into the lineup, but with the above mentioned loss of Young-Woong I'm going to have to sign at least one more, maybe even two. Thankfully, these next three signings have all hit the ground running. Lee Min-Chul is my new starting AML, a bit of work to do technically but I'm hoping with a lot of games he'll improve naturally. I chased An Seong-Hyeon for ages during the offseason, and despite upping my contract offer for him he chose to sign on again with Pohang. However, I was able to get him on loan for the season with an optional future fee, which I think I've already decided I will be doing at the end of the year. He is currently the starting ST. Lee Jin-Hyuk is... raw... to say the least. If he can improve then he could be an absolute gem but will have to take the rough with the smooth. For now, he is the starting AMR. And finally, Noh Ji-*** is a backup goalkeeper option. My current keeper did well towards the end of last season so he is the started for now, and Noh is the backup until my youth prospect keeper turns 17 and can sign a professional contract, then he's out of here. So a very busy window which hasn't finished yet due to the board selling players out from under me. Twice already this window, there isn't any interest in any other key player at this moment but if it happens again then I'm quitting
  11. And the first potentially huge signing of the window is confirmed... I offered this guy a contract after popping up in my scouting recommendations. He was certainly attracting a lot of interest... ...and it turns out that Suwon FC are MASSIVE. If he's anywhere near as good as that interest suggests then that non-negotiable release clause is going to be a real pain in the hoop, but delighted to secure that signature there. Going to be the highest earner at the club, but 34 year old Modou Barrow is only just behind him on that front, and he's getting sold as he's been shite for me and went in a huff when I told him so after two 6.2 performances in a row. So not even breaking the bank in that regard either.
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