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  1. There's Canada to the North. Quite Liberal, tend to like foreigners, team sometimes qualifies for the World Cup
    And there's the States to the South. Capitalist, full of gammony fruitloops, often isolationist, was run by an idiot with shite hair, quite often qualify for the World Cup 
    I really can't think of any parallels.... :whistle
    Scotland is nothing like Canada.

    We never qualify for the World Cup.
  2. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but does anyone have any good recommendations for a car leasing company to lease through. Cba spending a ton of cash buying a car outright anymore, don't think PCP or HP really represents good value either anymore and think I'm earning enough to lease something decent now. 
    Also, if anyone has done it before, feel free to post up any do's and don'ts. Thank you, thank you. 
    I took out my first lease a couple of years ago. It's due back next month and will be replaced by another lease. Theres a couple of comparison sites you can use such as leasing.com or Lease Loco. There's also a thread on pistonheads.com where people will post up lease deals which might not be displayed on those sites.

    In terms of tips, I'm sure there's also threads on Pistonheads which have hints and tips when it comes to leasing. The main thing which I took on board is not to bother with a maintenance package unless the length of the lease term exceeds the warranty on the car. I think maintenance costs also include servicing but, in my case, I didn't bother with the leasing company's maintenance package and just took out a separate service plan to cover services as that worked out cheaper.
  3. Lamie and Mugabi were two players that very few fans would've wanted near the starting lineup when Alexander came in, but he seems to have turned them into pretty competent defenders. Love him or hate him as a manager he was obviously a half decent defender as a player, I don't think it would be beyond comprehension that he helps Sol and Ojala find another level this season.
    I'm not expecting it, but it'd be nice.
    Harsh as it may sound as he definitely did us a turn last season and was much improved from when he first joined but, a lot of the time, it struck me that Lamie simply seemed to be the least worst option.

    We know what Lamie is capable of at both ends of the spectrum. At his very best he's nothing more than a serviceable defender at our level and at his worst he's a complete bombscare. He showed enough last season to the extent that I'm happy enough we're keeping him around but I'll start to get slightly worried if it seems we're going into the season having him as a first choice defender.
  4. I won't pretend to know much about Nunez but he seems like a player who might need a season or so to find his feet at Liverpool.

    Haaland should be a cracking signing from the off and I'd expect City to win the league at a canter next season.

  5. Aye, I just had a peek at his stats on Wiki, and if they're accurate I think it'd be our annual punt/waste of a wage on a diddy forward that seems to be part of the clubs constitution, following in the footsteps of recent haddies like The Competition Winner, Seedorf, and Amaluzor.
    I'm calling agent fed bullshit on that article, unless it's actually the Bois that have shown an interest following his spell at Walton Casuals.
    A brief glimpse of his rather underwhelming stats to save others searching. (It's not happening anyway).
    4 goals in 6 years? No thanks but I'm sure Stephen Robinson will be desperate to sign him.
  6. Just been down to visit friends in Manchester and the standard of driving on the motorway down south seems far worse than it is here.

    Folk sitting in the middle / outside lane for miles on end. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre just seems to be signal, manoeuvre. There was also a fair amount of drivers easily battering along at well over 100mph.

  7. I’m almost certain BT choose their co-commentators and pundits as some sort of practical joke against their customers. If they had one complete idiot amongst an otherwise knowledgeable crowd, I would say it’s a mistake and get over it. To employ Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle, Steve McManaman AND Robbie Savage, and use at least one of them for almost every game they televise, then the only conclusion I can come to is that they are doing it intentionally. There will be a well funded and highly paid team of producers and directors listening to the absolute nonsense these guys speak literally week after week, almost unanimously hated by the watching public, yet they have been in the job for years and don’t look like going anywhere soon. 
    Don't forget Martin Keown.

    "Fletch" is also a shocking commentator while Peter Walton steals a wage with his expert input (which involves him just agreeing with whatever decision the referee makes).
  8. A large % of Well fans would be underwhelmed if we signed Sadio Mane. 
    Generally those who have no concept of our actual budget.
    It gets tiring after a while. He’s shite…..He’s shite. The pitch is shite. The strip is shite. Alexander’s beard is shite and on and on and on and on. 
    There is literally a % for Well fans (and probably all fans) that would moan at anything and everything. 
    I've got a mate firmly in this category. He messaged me yesterday as he thinks that 26 year old Blair Spittal is "past his best".
  9. Think 99% is just sarcasm, as the only one you'd worry about is finding a way past Carson in goals, a very good keeper. None of the others you would lose a minutes sleep over.
    The remaining 1% is just the usual Twitter reply guys who really shouldn't be allowed out of the house on their own. Some very special takes and cranial detachments over bang average players moving to a rival club. Bizarre. 
    I know that financially we have to shop in a fairly restricted market, but St Mirren buying almost exclusively from ML1 is pretty funny tbh.
    This is it for me. Carson is the only one I'd say I'm disappointed about (if thatw the right word). If he didn't have shite luck with injuries there's a fair chance he'd still be our number 1.

    The rest of the former players St Mirren have signed fall into the "do a job" category at best. Should they sign Grimshaw and Donnelly, which wouldn't be a surprise, then both of them would also fall into this category.
  10. I can see why Dundee fans aren't bothered about not signing Lamie. Equally, as a Motherwell fan I'm quite happy we're keeping him (words I never thought I'd say a couple of years ago).

    I think last season demonstrated that he's a more than decent defender at this level if played on the right system. I'd be hoping we don't build our defence around him but I'd be happy enough with Lamie being in there.

    The main issue now with the defence is whether we stick/twist with Ojala. With our defensive record last season we really don't need someone who's only ever half fit at best and (I'd guess) is probably one of our higher earners.

  11. Marco Rose given das boot by Borussia Dortmund after a single season. If they go after a manager from another Bundesliga team could see them going after either Union Berlin's Urs Fischer or SC Freiburg's Christian Streich.
    Pochettino the favourite apparently as its expected he'll be binned by PSG. Next on the list (and more likely IMO) is Edin Terzic who was manager for the 2nd half of last season.

    Bundesliga managers on the list are Seoane at Leverkusen and Glasner at Frankfurt.
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