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  1. Quite disappointed that O'Connor is away. Thought he had something about him when he played in the LC last year and that we might have given him another year after his loan spell.
  2. Is this not a photo from the season we ground shared with Gretna?
  3. This could be a winner. Its certainly up there in terms of the most tinpot things on this thread.
  4. Looks pretty much done. Dortmund have signed Karim Adeyemi from Salzburg as a replacement.
  5. I will not have a bad word said against Mr Andrew Patrick Rose.
  6. This sums it up for me. The games were generally great fun regardless of the result, the likes of Higdon and Ojamaa were brilliant and there was a genuine feeling that if the opposition scored 3 we could score 4. Basically the 12/13 Motherwell team was pretty much everything our current team isn't. I'm still unsure how to describe Mccall as a manager. I sometimes think he got lucky with the players he had / could bring in but the squad that he took to 2nd place in 13/14 was genuinely shocking when you look back at it so maybe he did have something.
  7. Norwich and Fulham are destined to take turns between the Premier League and Championship until the end of time.
  8. Partick charging £12 to stream a game which is free to watch on TV.
  9. If we are punting Alexander now I can only assume its so we can try and nick Mitchell van der Gaag before he becomes the assistant at Man United. Failing that, what's Simo up to these days?
  10. Last season was largely brutal. This season has been far worse despite us fluking top 6. Alexander has to go regardless of the cost. It might have been an expensive mistake giving him a new contract but it will be far more expensive giving him another transfer window. With his level of stubbornness I can't see how next season will be any different to the 2nd half of this and our current form / "style" will have us as relegation certainties.
  11. The way Everton are this season, I can easily see them losing to the likes of Watford or Brentford but getting something against Arsenal or Chelsea. Regardless, I hope they go down. It would be hilarious.
  12. This is a fair point. However, things were broke 2 minutes into the 2nd half and we were left having to chase the game against 10 men. The players shat it from then on yet the manager did nothing until we had conceded another and the game was gone.
  13. Can't add to anything which has been said already but I'm still heavily pissed off after yesterday. Thought we played okay in the first half and Rangers with 10 men were there for the taking. As usual we completely shat it. We no doubt have some good players in the squad but also a fair amount of shite. Kelly, Cornelius, Slattery, Woolery and Van Veen can all be very decent players at this level while most of the rest are at least serviceable. Amaluzor is one of many fast but shite wingers we've had, Goss offers nothing apart from the odd decent delivery and Efford just looks plain shite - all 3 should be first out the door in the summer. Alexander is going nowhere which we need to accept but I hope when the club meet to discuss this season / plan next season someone gets him fucking telt. I have no idea how we went through 2021 being one of the form teams after Alexander arrived to now being far and away the worst with literally no in between. Alexander's tombola team selections have undoubtedly played a part but, even still, the drop off has been alarming and next season could be horrific unless something changes.
  14. Literally every pass we make is sideways or backwards. It only goes forward if we're punting it aimlessly.
  15. Sums this team up being pumped against 10 men. No style and no fucking clue. Top 6 finish papering over some massive cracks.
  16. Why take Roofe off now? Surely he'd be certain to take a penalty?
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