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  1. Josh Doig scores for Verona tonight.
  2. It's been a long time since I last looked at Steelmen Online but from what I recall it's full of the absolute worst of our moaning arsehole fans. We could be winning the treble and they would still find something to moan about on there. I certainly wouldn't be referencing it in any meaningful way to highlight the feelings amongst our support which, IMO, are still largely positive.
  3. Trent apparently at fault for 2 goals today. Shame.
  4. I've kept playing it every now and then but there's still plenty which pisses me off. - The updates focus far too much on VGT cars. Not sure about anyone else who plays this but I'd rather more real life cars were added. - Some more new tracks would be nice. Even adding updated versions of tracks from previous GT games. - More tracks would mean more races. I'm running out of races to complete. - Constant rolling starts are beyond tiresome. Introduce a qualifying system. - The ability to sell cars would also be nice. I've won about 4 VW Sciroccos which I have no use for. Would much rather sell them and have the credits.
  5. I've always liked Mark Mcghee and won't have a bad word said about him. The 07/08 season was probably the best Motherwell team in my lifetime. As others have said, the way he handled the death of Phil O'Donnell and while still guiding the team to 3rd place is testament to how good a manager he can be. He had a massive ego, a hugely inflated opinion of himself and provided some great patter for Scottish football over the years but I can't help but feel he'll be missed from football on some level regardless of what people think of him. His teams were either very decent or he made a complete c**t of it but, regardless, I don't think anyone can say he wasn't entertaining. TL;DR - Mark Mcghee is fucking great (no, I am not Mark Mcghee)
  6. Currently in Spain and tanned umpteen bags of these. No idea what flavour they're meant to be exactly but they're fucking phenomenal.
  7. The background music will be a badly remixed version of God Save The Queen.
  8. Ron Aldo


    I see this is also being released on PS5.
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