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  1. Bernardo Silva is a brilliant wee player. Surprised City would be willing to let him leave. Is there any link between Silva and Nuno other than them both being Portuguese? Have they ever worked together before?
  2. Doesn't matter who they are, if they're a former player they'll be getting booed. It's one of those petty things which makes Scottish fitba great.
  3. Carroll really is a moron. Why is he getting involved there?
  4. Bevis Mugabi. Or Bovis Mugobi as Ian Crocker calls him (probably).
  5. Why has Carroll not gone out to Mcginn? Rotten defending there.
  6. Crocker better not persist with Kevin von Vain.
  7. Can't see us winning this. Rightly or wrongly depending on how you view our transfer dealings so far, I think this one has come too early for us. You'd have to assume Slattery will be an upgrade but our midfield still looks very weak. I don't imagine Ojala will play. 3-1 Hibs.
  8. What state do you think Australia is in? Current outbreak in Sydney is running about 200 cases a day so hardly ripping through. Total deaths still less than 1000 nationally since the start of the pandemic. Effective quarantine, local lockdowns and aggressive contact tracing work. Not as well as vaccines.
  9. I'm only 29 but already sound like an old duffer when I talk about the good old days when it used to be the best players who went for the biggest money. Zidane, Ronaldinho, Brazilian Ronaldo etc. Even when Rooney went for £30 million, or whatever it was in 2004, he was only 18 and had just had a brilliant tournament at Euro 2004. Ben White has a season of Premier League football behind him with a bottom half team and is going for more than all of the players above. Then there's Jack fucking Grealish who's potentially moving for almost twice as much as White. You think the fees can't get anymore ridiculous and then they do.
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