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  1. A strike force of "Tony & Toure" has a nice ring to it. Get them both signed.
  2. Hastie will be playing at Morton or Falkirk in a few years time. Even by the end of his time with us he was beginning to get massively found out. Rangers obviously don't fancy him and neither do the mighty Rotherham. Shame...
  3. I agree but, at the same time, I think he would be a better option as back-up to Long than anyone else we currently have on the books.
  4. Watt has 5 goals in 18 appearances this season compared to Cole's 4 in 21 for us. Granted, I don't know what the standard of the Bulgarian league is like compared to ours but on the face of it his goal return is better than what we had. Based on the above, I say #announcetony.
  5. I posted similar in the Killie thread but this would be outstanding.
  6. I hope that Rangers and everyone associated with them are absolutely devastated.
  7. I have absolutely nothing against Kilmarnock and their fans seem a decent bunch. However, Killie v Ayr in the playoff final would be glorious.
  8. Missed the game today but sounds like we played well. Happy enough with a point and another clean sheet.
  9. Long off injured for us. Hopefully nothing serious.
  10. Man United have obviously regressed massively since Ferguson retired but it wasn't really that long ago that Liverpool were signing jobbers like Stewart Downing, Charlie Adam and Fabio Borini while finishing 7th and 8th in the league. Implementing some form of structure behind the scenes (as Woodward is clearly a clown) and getting a decent manager in charge would go a long way to at least seeing Man United challenge for the top 4 again.
  11. No offence but it sounds like you've fallen for the idea that eating boring, bland foods and doing loads of cardio is a sure fire way to lose weight. The food that you're eating isn't sustainable in that it just sounds so boring. I'd say eat pretty much what you like, within reason - everything in moderation as they say. Get an app like Myfitness pal and put everything you eat into that. The app should also give you a rough idea based on your current measurements as to how many calories you need to consume each day in order to lose weight. 90 minutes cardio a day sounds like overkill and, also, extremely boring. I would mix cardio with weight training with each workout being no longer than 45 minutes to an hour long. There's also no need to workout every day as you'll just end up scunnered with it. 3-4 tough workouts a week along with keeping an eye on what you're eating should be more than enough to start shifting the weight.
  12. Just Googled the 1910 Scottish Cup final and even though Dundee won it they took 3 attempts. The final finished 2-2 so went to a replay that finished 0-0 so a second replay was played which Dundee eventually won 2-1. Joke club.
  13. I made a tongue in cheek comment about playing Ilic the other day but surely he has to be a better option than Seedorf. I get that Seedorf is young and this is his first season of "proper" football so, for that, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and he could well improve. However, last night the ball spent most of the time bouncing off him and then when he did control it he would fall over 5 seconds later. Ilic probably doesn't have some of the raw attributes that Seedorf has but he looks strong enough to be able to stay on his feet and he's almost certainly a more intelligent player than Seedorf.
  14. Say what you like about the way Hearts have been run in recent years but getting money for Jack Hamilton is some business.
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