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  1. Fucking hell. Can't say that Rangers haven't deserved it. Hearts have been rotten since the start of the 2nd half.
  2. Pochettino the favourite apparently as its expected he'll be binned by PSG. Next on the list (and more likely IMO) is Edin Terzic who was manager for the 2nd half of last season. Bundesliga managers on the list are Seoane at Leverkusen and Glasner at Frankfurt.
  3. Not disappointed with the released list in the slightest. There's no one on there that you'd consider to be a massive loss. The obvious stand out is probably Donnelly but he's not a player I could ever take to for some reason. We never really figured out his best position and bar his purple patch a couple of seasons ago, he always seemed to be injured and would then be off the pace once he was back. I wouldn't be disappointed if Lamie signed a new deal to have around as a squad player but not for an extra £35k a year (or whatever Dundee supposedly offered him). Ojala looks done so I wouldn't be disappointed if we came to some sort of agreement with him. I can also see Carroll and SOD being offski one way or another - based on nothing in particular, I have a feeling that Alexander has never really taken to either of them and a fresh start might be better for both. Other than that, it'll be another interesting summer to see which sort of pool we're looking in for players given that we seem to have (finally) binned the model of signing 10 English non-league players in the hope that 1 or 2 turn out to be decent.
  4. I can't be fucked with this again.
  5. Spittal is a known quantity at this level but we already have Sean Goss as our token shitebag who puts in the odd good delivery. Don't get me wrong, I think Spittal would be okay for us and I wouldn't be overly disappointed if he signed but I'm also not convinced he's much better than anyone we have at the moment.
  6. I was bullied quite badly when I was about 10 by a guy in my street. We lived in a new build estate and were initially pals as there were so few kids which meant you either had to kick about with who was there or with no one at all. A few months in this guy decided he didn't like me and basically bullied me like f**k (constant ripping the piss, turning pals against me, giving me kickings for no apparent reason). There was about 4 years between us so at that age he was a good bit bigger than me but it also meant that after a couple of years he outgrew the "playing in the street" age so the bullying stopped by default more than anything else. This isn't something I'm particularly proud of (well maybe a bit) but I saw him on a night out a few years ago for the first time in ages. He started talking away to me in the toilets as if we were old pals. I'm not sure if I expected him to apologise for making my life miserable for a good couple of years but a lot of old emotions came back to the surface and I decided there and then (in my drunken state) to kick his c**t in. Spent the next few days expecting a visit from the polis but nothing ever came of it.
  7. Quite disappointed that O'Connor is away. Thought he had something about him when he played in the LC last year and that we might have given him another year after his loan spell.
  8. Is this not a photo from the season we ground shared with Gretna?
  9. This could be a winner. Its certainly up there in terms of the most tinpot things on this thread.
  10. Looks pretty much done. Dortmund have signed Karim Adeyemi from Salzburg as a replacement.
  11. I will not have a bad word said against Mr Andrew Patrick Rose.
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