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  1. £50 for athletico not to score 13/8 Fiver on u2.5 goals o12 corners and under 4 cards 22/1
  2. The american project manager for the women needs a swift kick in the pie
  3. The loft was amazing tonite. Lots of well fit lassies
  4. Pathetic. #Lionblood got it within 5 minutes
  5. I am honoured to be in TRS team. What a magnificent team he has picked.
  6. I would like to thank DavidMcG for messaging me regarding playing in this game. If i am not too late i would like to declare myself available to play, i would like to congratulate albino rover, sooky, gydiamond, TRS and ludo on being named captains, If i am chosen to play then i will serve whoever i am with very well, however there is quite clearly one team leader that is head and shoulders above the others, and if i was chosen to play then i would obviously want to be with them.
  7. Its scary that that ed miliband may actually be prime minister. What a shambles of a man he really is
  8. Got a 5er on soll(20/1), godsmejudge(20/1) and shutthefrontdoor(7/1) also £4 e/w on owega star(50/1)
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