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  1. Had not seen your post. Thank you for posting the link on a start back date for SAFL 👍
  2. Have League officials announced a start date yet? Three divisions look very good. Some well known clubs involved.
  3. First friendly last night against St Mungo.
  4. Are there any results from Saturday's games available anywhere?
  5. Reports this morning suggest won't happen until 2024.
  6. Blantyre RGM seeking applications from interested parties to take over as their Manager after current boss steps down following three excellent seasons at the club. Experienced players willing to show a commit for Saturday afternoon football also required. Martin Kelly is the person to contact regarding manager and player interest. His number Is 07717445663.
  7. Excellent in-depth Article on DAVID at the Scottish Amateur Football News Website and Twitter feed. Also features how interested clubs in Dundee can contact him👍
  8. Not a problem. Glasgow.
  9. David. Coverage at the Scottish Amateur Football News has been excellent. Interviews, in particular, have been outstanding. Those who volunteered to answer a variety of questions have given us a rare insight into what happens at their particular club. Keep up the great work.
  10. Gary. Just picked up this message. You are very welcome. Hope all is well with you. Tom
  11. Very greatful to managers and coaches who have given their permission for their various age goalkeepers to join in specialist coaching alongside dedicated like-minded male and female keepers. Government Guidelines and F.A.C.T.S. strongly observed. No running. Small groups. Any interested parties please me a private message with your name and contact details. Stay safe.
  12. Great to have the permission of amateur managers in allowing their guys to attend specialist goalkeeping sessions using strict Government Guidelines and following F.A.C.T.S. Any other interested parties can send me a Private Message for more details. A great deal better working with like-minded goalkeepers as opposed to running. Time and a place for that. Please leave your name and a contact number in your message. Stay safe.
  13. Looks like a great initiative in promoting the game.
  14. Good to hear parents and goalkeepers have been responding to the topic As some further pandemic measures have been recently lifted. Under 21 and Amateur goalkeepers will really benefit from those sessions, even if it is within Strict restricted in numbers club training👍
  15. Good to hear parents and goalkeepers have been responding to the post as more Restrictions are lifted through covid 19. Under 21 and amateur goalkeepers will Really benefit.
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