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  1. Willing to take 'keeper sessions at Club level - at least one night per week - and be available on a Match Day. A DM please for genuine interest.
  2. Available to take sessions with your goalkeepers while Club Coaches work with their outfield players. Genuine interest please. Please DM and I will reply. Thank you.
  3. Available to work with your goalkeepers while Club Coaches take outfield players sessions. Genuine interest please. DM and I will reply. Thank you.
  4. Hearing Manager and Assistant have resigned at Bearsden.
  5. Team still going with an ex-player in charge?
  6. Hearing Kenny Henderson has stood down as the Manager. Has anybody heard who the name Manager is? Possibly an ex-player?
  7. Very many thanks to you and the other gentleman.
  8. Super. Any games on last night MONDAY?
  9. Could the AMATEUR FOOTBALL followers post confirmed dates of friendlies and their results please?
  10. Heard Finnart will retain team in the Caledonian League.
  11. Is big JC not there now to play and coach?
  12. Interested to hear from any Clubs who would be interested in their goalkeepers receiving one specialist session per week - pre-season or during the 2021-2022 campaign. Please feel free to make initial contact via a Private Message. Stay Safe. Gk Coach.
  13. With restrictions easing, a well established Goalkeeping Coaching structure will be organising sessions for young goalkeepers during late May and June. Age groups are 12 to 18. Please send me a DM for more details.
  14. Mr Paul Proud installed as Heading Up the Football side... Director of Football. Another Coach and Physio also wanted by Manager Kevin McGroarty.
  15. Couldn't access some messages in the system. Please re-connect with me. Obviously still to get something sorted out asap. Many thanks.
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