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  1. Heard the Lochburn Park club are looking to appoint a new manager following Saturday's result at Port Glasgow. Have not seen the position advertised on social media, so can P and B followers predict any contenders?
  2. Surprised to hear and read this item of news. Is this team playing in Central Scottish? I previously spoke with a gentleman who was involved if it is the right team and he was very keen to get coaches in to help him improve what he called " a squad with great potential." One of his goalkeepers was out through injury, and the other needed proper coaching.
  3. Have Peasy lost a few players from last season and signed many new guys? Have not come across anything on their facebook page.
  4. Great post. Totally agree, in particular, about end of season games involving Under-19s/21s.
  5. No matter the outcome of today's game at Champions Lanark United, I want to highlight the fantastic job Tin Pail Manager MARK MacKAY has done in his first term at Fullarton Park. Pre-Match, not even a win against United would guarantee them promotion if Carluke Rovers do the business with their games in hand. I had the honour of coaching alongside Mark during evenings in the second half of last season when he won a treble with Saturday Morning Amateur club Red Star. Even then he was getting more players to turn up for his Tuesday nights - double in most cases - than the Tin Pail could muster on two evenings. His planning - right from pre-season sessions when I was involved again - was superb, and bringing John onto the backroom staff has been a masterstroke, further highlighting "standards and a work ethic have to improve here." Team discipline has also improved, and the Vale committee, who dont have cash to splash on players, have been behind the manager every step of the way with their support. Congratulations EVERYONE on an amazing turnaround.
  6. Lanark 1, Vale of Clyde 2.
  7. If/when he goes out the door, the Chief Executive should follow him. Having been part of great times at Firhill - in the days of Mr Lambie - "Stadium of Dreams", the current situation is bordering on "Field of Nightmares". Not good enough
  8. Judging by last 3 results, Caldwell must have come across well to the Chief Executive G.B. at his interview And after watching the Albion Rovers documentary, I wonder how his assistant got in the front door.
  9. McLeish should never have been appointed. Sacked in previous club jobs told a story, and when it was obvious he wasn't going to get a sniff at the Rangers vacancy again, he more or less begged for the national shift when the SFA cocked-up the task of appointing a better candidate. I would like to know exactly what qualities Grant and McFadden bring to the backroom staff/on the training park/and match days. Players seeking advice from the sidelines - mostly about the system the manager in employing - is a disgrace.
  10. He talked his way into the Chief Executive job. I never thought he would be back at Firhill after he and Derek Whyte were sacked in early December that year - they still owe members of the backroom staff a Christmas dinner incidentally.
  11. How would react if caretaker manager Gerry got the job? Big interview piece and his thoughts on BBC Scottish Football website.
  12. With John Gibson apparently working today, were Petershill able to find a replacement or did the "legend" that is Mr Scott Black make a comeback in goals?
  13. Probably because W.P. and Paul gave the guys a rocket at half-time. Sounds as though it worked. Mr Black would have been the good dressing room cop
  14. Full-time result! I remember what you said about Gints' comments in the local press about the supporters. Bottom of the league, have shipped 30 goals in 8 domestic games, which makes grim reading for good, loyal fans like yourself.
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