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  1. Excellent to hear. Time to be your own man in Coaching and Management. You played under some really good Managers whilst winning silverware.
  2. Is that Kenny's first job in Coaching? Remember a player of that name playing right-back in Junior Football.
  3. Morning. Unfortunately I am not. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  4. Morning. Thanks for the post. Tried that method also went through the West of Scotland League official contact method, which I understand was sent out to all member clubs. To answer any welcome response, I am not based in Fife unfortunately.
  5. No Payment asked for in any sessions in response to a post in Amateur Football category.
  6. Re-Running earlier post. Many thanks.
  7. They had one in place from what I heard, but thank you for posting.
  8. With midweek games now out of the way, hoping there might be something available at a West of Scotland League club - ie one night a week. Thought there was an opening available prior to games starting July, but nothing has happened unfortunately. I would welcome any contact via DM. Thanks again.
  9. No joy. But thank you very much for responding. Stay Safe.
  10. Willing to take 'keeper sessions at Club level - at least one night per week - and be available on a Match Day. A DM please for genuine interest.
  11. Available to take sessions with your goalkeepers while Club Coaches work with their outfield players. Genuine interest please. Please DM and I will reply. Thank you.
  12. Available to work with your goalkeepers while Club Coaches take outfield players sessions. Genuine interest please. DM and I will reply. Thank you.
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