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  1. Well, where did that come from? Didn’t make and have no idea how good we were or how bad Stenny were….but I’ll take that every week.
  2. Not so sure about the new packaging/labelling but the contents are still good.
  3. Thanks for the replies.... Talisker 10 has been ordered. As they say if it ain't broke, why fix it. Will try the others at some point.
  4. I saw that, also Talisker Storm and Skye on offer. How do the three of them compare? I’ve had the 10 yo before and it’s great stuff, but was thinking of trying one of the others. Thoughts?
  5. Have we got any of those?? [emoji3166]
  6. What were you expecting, we are bottom of the league and had 9 players out. Good point for us.
  7. No idea why we are even playing this game today. So many players out with injury and isolating…..both goalies out, why even bother getting a trialist goalkeeper in. Seems like madness.
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