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  1. Have watched him waddling about for Troon a couple of time this season. He is beyond done and a bizarre signing. Sounds encouraging.
  2. Unfortunately there is no longer a port in Stranraer.
  3. Could. You. Please. Learn. How. To. Type. Please. Thank you.
  4. Did you press heavily on the middle peddle with your foot?
  5. It wasn’t a given that they would have voted for a recess
  6. Is that one of these Christmas savings schemes?
  7. Balblair is a really good tour and not too far (Dornoch). Smaller and more traditional than Glenmorangie which is just down the road.
  8. I believe it’s called “doing a Floyd”.
  9. Probably not as good as Scunthorpe then.
  10. 5% went to public school. 0% went to Oxbridge. Should have stuck in at school.
  11. As I said we're focused on facts, All in one paragraph. Outstanding.
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