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  1. Got 2 David Guetta tickets for tomorrow night at Braehead. £70 for both, face value. Can meet you during the day or at venue with tickets.
  2. Theres tickets on ticketmaster just now Dave! Just bought two weekenders!
  3. On gumtree and the titp facebook page theres been a few. There was also a few on ebay at buy it now last night or near enough face value.
  4. No problem - thanks Marrez. There's a few going for face value on ebay but its weekend camping - plenty of Sat tickets flying around! Half tempted just to go along on the day.
  5. Marrez still got the two weekend tickets? If not if anyone else has 2 weekend tickets or 2 sunday tickets they would be appreciated....
  6. I think it’s probably half the battle though, people put down HR depts. for references when in reality you should put your previous line manager down. They should then phone the HR team to ask for the dates to complete it. It makes more sense to do it that way, when we receive one we have to find out where they work, send it in the internal (snail!!!) mail and ask previous manager to complete it and return it to the requesting office. It’s so annoying. When people receive references they generally put them to the bottom of the in tray until they are chased for them anyway! Fingers crossed indeed.
  7. Hoi! We're not all bad! Gaz you could try phoning your previous manager/HR dept and ask them to complete it as a matter of urgency as it's holding up the recruitment process. Unfortunately it's your responsibility to chase up your own references. Mind you, give them till the end of the week, it's not unreasonable to wait 10 days or so on a reference. Although, that doesn't help your money situation obviously!
  8. I don't think i trust you two - just been told to go into control panel and regional settings....
  9. The 'at' sign seems to have disappeared from my keyboard since my dad had to put the laptop back to factory settings. It comes up with " instead. Anybody know what could fix it?
  10. I sent 1700 texts last month...though that will be curbed as I deleted a lot of numbers the other day in a bid not to speak to them so much, especially when drunk! It's shocking, although I blame texting a boy non stop He's entertainment.
  11. Let's go for a little walk...haha!

  12. It can't be as bad as it was on the 29th...it was like a river trying to cross Buchanan Street....made more sense to stop for cocktails than continue shopping anyway! It was wet and horrendously windy earlier but appears to have calmed down, no doubt that will change by 5pm
  13. I've had about 5 hours sleep last night, had a hangover, been in the gym, walked home from the gym and then went out for a run and I still can't sleep, despite being knackered!! It's baws! Good luck tomorrow!
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