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  1. Chris H Harris minister for exiting the EU has resigned
  2. People who leave their window wipers up when they switch of engine.
  3. The way new housing developments are named. It's always THE Medows. The Stables. Strath view . Never Crematorium close. Or Abattoir Avenue.
  4. I get my bus pass this year. I'm wondering if I should retire from P&B given my advance years and leave it to the youngsters.
  5. Anna Soubry and 2 others off to join new group...
  6. Going to try to reduce meds . Currently on 150 Sertraline . Doc says to cut 50mg and we will review in May. I have not had a drink since January. But I can't say I feel any better.
  7. It never does. But it should. It will be interesting to see if more follow. But u guess they are attracted to the Westminster gravy train. Either way thus us not good for Labour. Add to that poll7bg at 14% in Scotland they are a long long way from power
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