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  1. I like the purple. Makes it stand out and is very distinctive. Basically the whole point of branding.
  2. Bit cheeky coming from a club that have never won the thing.
  3. Best from a performance point of view from us was probably the 5-1 at home to Beith early in the season. Overall game, yet another vote for the 3-3 draw with Talbot. Genuinely as exciting a game as you'll see. Had everything.
  4. Currently halfway through rewatching the whole thing. Season 7 is absolutely tremendous. Classic after classic. New Jersey, the pageant, Chardee MacDennis, Thundergun etc. Some absolute screamers. The whole Mac being fat arc is great throughout as well.
  5. Would have thought Campbeltown were closer to meeting ground requirements than Finnart.
  6. Saw it on Sunday and it was a nightmare. Kids running around constantly, actually stomping up and down the stairs.
  7. https://fb.watch/dzgqz9MVjY/ Hell of a site that Giffnock Soccer Centre have just acquired, and with the overwhelming support of the local community from what I saw. Wouldn't rule out them popping up in the West at some point, St Cadocs style.
  8. The View in December [emoji7] Not seen them since Rockness 2012 when it got abandoned after three songs cos the tent fell apart. Cannot wait.
  9. Assumed this would be the last season. Netflix confirming there will be a fifth. Assume this was always common knowledge and I just wasn't paying attention?
  10. Thought it was something like that but couldn't recall. Length of the episodes is really stretching my attention span.
  11. Finally got round to finishing the first volume. Christ, it takes a while with the length of those episodes. Loving this series, although I'm struggling to see it. What is it with film/TV makers wanting everything to be barely visible! Did not see the twist coming, although I barely remember any mention of 001 previously. It was done very well. Did we gather how Victor lost his eyes as he had them when arrested? Murray is also an exceptional character, and my hero of the whole damn show. Does not get enough respect for his contribution to the cause. Only thing that has been off for me has been the ridiculous jock hunt for Eddie and now the whole town becoming mad pitchfork wielding Bible bashers. The town hall meeting had a Simpsons vibe about it. Seems needless and just drags the episodes out, as well as being very cringey dialogue wise.
  12. Also suggests you're a strange cookie who saunters into a conversation just to say you don't know what the conversation is about. Very odd flex.
  13. To be expected in the circumstances. Club joins the junior (at the time) game with the stated aim of giving their youngsters a route to playing football at a good level. They get established and sign most of their players from outside the club in order to compete, alienating the existing academy in the process who don't see the clear route to the first team that was promised. Rossvale academy now clearly want to try it again but I wouldn't rule out this becoming very much a rinse and repeat job where the same thing eventually happens.
  14. Two tickets for the Killers at Falkirk that I'm having no success punting cos everyone is trying to get rid of theirs due to the train fiasco! Nightmare.
  15. No chance of any sanctions against the clubs that pulled out? Kilwinning miss out on half a gate and clubs that were knocked out by teams that pulled out would feel aggrieved.
  16. No mention of the league season basically being extended for several clubs as a result of Darvel's backlog caused by their hopeless pitch.
  17. Were they not all piling on Kilwinning a week ago for daring to release some factual team news?
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