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  1. Have said it before but I also loved Upload. So nice to look at as well. Like a live action Sims.
  2. 100 presidential pardons expected tomorrow, although not believed to include Trump himself or his family. Advisors suggest pardoning himself would make him look guilty and it's very questionable as to whether it would even be legal. Intense lobbying going on for a pardon. Old Rudy was apparently heard telling one lobbyist that it's $2m for a pardon. Lot of desperate rioters begging for one as well.
  3. Yeah, I built that pretty much as soon as she arrived.
  4. Yeah origins dlc just seemed like an after thought. Oddysey was as good as any I've played. I squeezed some amount of hours our of the Atlantis one. Amazing world design too and really had a lot of effort put into making it, whereas the new areas in Origins didn't look much different from everywhere else.
  5. Either just under 5 or just over. Can't remember. The daft houses get dead expensive and don't add much for you so I've not done much with them. Most of the raids I can do just now are a bit beyond my power level.
  6. Have done this a few times. Raiding a settlement for a quest when I slaughtered the lot of them minutes before. As much as I loved Oddysey, I agree that it went a bit too RPG to the detriment of a coherent story which was all over the place. This seems to have redressed the balance and I'm very much enjoying it. 35 hours in and probably way off completing it. High expectations for the dlc also as Oddysey set a very high bar for them with the Greek realms. Although obviously Valhalla has already incorporated them into the main story.
  7. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/man-utd-scott-mctominay-captain-19616628?fbclid=IwAR3ZnL61mR3VRFHQ-qwCFoMD2bJBcZRiYi-C_GWaRZMjqZzAyRUihQ1FstI Really good interview here with some of the coaches that worked with him as a youngster at United. Absolutely showering him with praise.
  8. Fulham were excellent in the second half against Spurs on Wednesday. Have really picked up in the last few weeks so could be a challenging game for Chelsea.
  9. Live on Sky Sports at 5.30 so good chance to see he he gets on.
  10. I really liked the first two episodes. Utter nonsense and pretty funny as well. Very keen to see where it goes as well.
  11. The Croatia Czech game is a 5ko so I'd want most of the day free for our game anyway so happy to get my money back for that. Was also concerned having it may complicate me trying to get a Wembley ticket but that's now definitely not going to be an issue. I managed to get the 50 quid tickets for all four hampden games so happy enough to take the risk on them getting moved and me listing out on £150.
  12. Returned my Friday night ticket for the Croatia Czech Republic game. Ideal.
  13. Officially they are there to prepare for the inauguration. Lots of rehearsals, or whatever the military equivalent of one is.
  14. They'll do nothing major before 2022. Their majority is so small, it's barely a majority when anything particularly progressive comes up seen as the Independent from Maine is basically a Republican on most issues. If 2022 goes well for the Dems, you'd like to think they'd make a move on Puerto Rico. While some of them like the status quo seen as it gets most of them out of paying income tax, it's hard to argue against the democratic necessity of admitting them to the Union.
  15. In fairness to the p***k, that was after the League Cup Final when we won our tenth trophy in a row.
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