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  1. Saw this at the time when it was on telly. Loved it. Macari dedicates a good few pages to him in his autobiography as well I'm sure. It's also available on Prime.
  2. Seems odd that they would organise the conferences purely on alphabetical order - will believe it when it's confirmed!
  3. One Football, No Nets The latest book that has been rescued from an eternity of gathering dust in my shelf, and again, I can't work out why I have taken this long to read it. Think I bought it when I came across a tweet from the author trying to punt preorders about 18 months ago. Basically about an English nomadic football coach, Justin Walley, who in his role African president of Conifa, finds himself with the opportunity of coaching the Matabeleland national team, representing the Western Zimbabwean region. The book is written like a diary, describing his mental life as he attempts to get this ramshackle team to a standard where they will be able to compete at the Conifa World Football Cup in London. Amazing, uplifting story, told very well by the author. Makes you want to pack in your job and f**k off to the other side of the planet..... almost. Recommended for football fans and travellers alike. The sheer endearing madness of life in that part of the world is captured perfectly and really makes you root for the team. Was damn near cheering at certain points. Think this is now available on Amazon. Well worth a read.
  4. Surely very easy to just pull the scene, given that it was shown after the credits and wouldn't affect the story.
  5. https://news.stv.tv/sport/no-celtic-move-for-forster-as-keeper-opts-to-stay-at-saints?top [emoji174]
  6. Seems like fairly typical Glasgow City Council wastage. Always thought it was strange they were never used.
  7. Yeah, at the far end as you come in. Don't think I've ever had to use them. Always pay at the wee desk in the reception area.
  8. Petershill is a Glasgow Club, ultimately owned by the council. Port Glasgow's facility is also owned by Inverclyde Council. Dunno if some councils require a certain type of booking if they're charging entry but can definitely be done.
  9. Had Corona not struck, I'd currently be sitting in Amsterdam Airport awaiting a flight to Lima. #FirstWorldProblems
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