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  1. Good Liar Caught this at the tail end of its run tonight. Great performances from McKellen and Mirren throughout, McKellen in particular suits being a heartless b*****d. The flashback sequences didn't seem to fit with the film initially but did a good job of fleshing it out and the twist was good. Solid enough watch.
  2. Venice in February with family is all I've got confirmed. There for 4 days during the long weekend. Very conscious of the fact that I'm only contacted for this school year so not keen on committing to anything until its clearer what I'll be doing next year. Quite like the idea of a summer at home tbh. Barely been home during July for the last couple of years and there's a lot on round here I'd like to get involved in. We'll see - might go away volunteering as much as I can to minimise my spending!
  3. Anyone been watching Junior Bake Off? Final is just about to finish. Never really followed the main show but this has been a breath of fresh air. Genuinely nice people being involved makes a difference! Harry Hill is also hilarious in whatever he does.
  4. Yeah, I've done the Indochina one and Central America with them. Couldn't have went better.
  5. On the topic of Robert Enke, his biography is an excellent read. One of the best depictions of the impact of depression I've come across.
  6. Mike Scott likes it. Been listening to this at least once a month since that Hogmany show. Remember shooshing everyone in the kitchen at the party I was at when it first came on.
  7. He hobbled off injured on Thursday as well. Be very surprised if he doesn't pull out of the squad.
  8. The bam seems to be about comments he has made that although Balotelli is an Italian citizen, he will never be Italian.
  9. We were looking at a G Adventures tour of Egypt in April. Initially we were struggling to see any flights into Cairo! As a history geek, it's somewhere I need to see. Would love to do Petra as well if it was feasible in the same trip.
  10. Got a weekend in Belgium next week. Fly out at 7 on Saturday morning and fly back at 10 on Sunday night. But rushed but at £34 for the flights it would be rude not to!
  11. Flying out of here Saturday morning for the first time in a while. 7 o'clock flight so I'll be leaving the house just before 4 [emoji24]
  12. Why is Ronaldo taking free kicks when Pjanic is on the pitch?
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