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  1. South stand looked the most sparsely populated from I was. Especially the areas where the most expensive seats would be i thought. I was row A in the north so couldn't get a good look at that one.
  2. Also, whose idea was it to call the kids that go out with the players "escorts"? Presumably not a native English speaker.
  3. I had a quick scan with the metal detector, no ID check, plus nobody bothered enforcing the masks thing. Seems nonsense considering we've been told for a year that they're not necessary outdoors (in beer gardens at least). All in, it was a pretty joyless match day experience, mostly down to the result but the crowd and the spacing certainly took some of the buzz away, although I was nearly greeting when the teams came out to be honest. Nice to be back at a game and feel fairly priveleged to have been able to attend, although that's a kick in the teeth for a lot of people that tickets went unsold. On another note, was pleased that the Glasgow programme was "only" a tenner in person. Plus that damn U2 song is catchy as hell.
  4. Nobody Basically John Wick except the main character worked for the military (I think?) instead of a hitman. Bob Odenkirk absolutely battering Russians all over the shop. Paper thin plot but very enjoyable nonsense. Hope to see more of it.
  5. They really need to get someone to proofread their statements.
  6. I'll be driving straight from Peebles on Monday and getting off at Polmadie, so I'll just grab pretty much the first parking spot I can get relatively near th stadium on that route.
  7. I'm row A in D2 so centre of the north stand and got a 12.30 arrival time so don't need to try and haggle any more time off than I already got.
  8. Anyone who ordered them today not been sent it yet? I've only got the confirmation. Clearly very paranoid that it'll be snatched from me!
  9. Just waiting on getting my ticket sent to the app.
  10. I've managed to get a £145 ticket! Did we work out whether you would be knocked back if you miss your entry window? If mine is early then I've got an awkward conversation with my PT coming up.
  11. The Boy from Nowhere Gregor Fishers autobiography. Begins as a standard autobiography as we hear how he goes from humble origins to build a fine career. Interspersed throughout are his efforts to find out his family background, having been adopted at a young age. Some tragic stories in about it. Strange writing style, with Fisher himself providing only occasional pages but am interesting story and a brutal look at certain aspects of m Scottish society in those days.
  12. Of the ones you need, I only have 88 and 610. Would swap them for 443 and 448 but probably not worth the cost of the stamp if you're gonna order in!
  13. Any chance of 4, 7 27, 428, 654 and 658?
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