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  1. Clearly not enough to mention forfeiting Saturday's game yet.
  2. Wouldnt expect much from the club that rehired a manager who had previously threatened to shoot a referee.
  3. That argument could be made if they walked off the pitch, but the ref called it with legitimate reasons which officially anyway was out with the control of Blantyre
  4. Strictly speaking, the fixture was fulfilled. Nothing stopping a team starting a game with less than 11 players.
  5. Regardless of what went on in the background anf how much it stinks, the fact is that Blantyre started the game within the and it was abandoned within the laws. Can't for the life of me think of anything they could feasibly be punished for unless evidence were to emerge of them arranging this with Glenafton which I can't see being the case.
  6. 79th minute. Lights looked good. Went on just at the end of the first half. Not the darkest but gave the place a nice glow!
  7. That's the Braves voted to reject as well.
  8. Berwick have confirmed they rejected it but not heard anything else.
  9. Ok, maybe a bit better than I remember but still a hell of a job to enclose that. Good luck to them in any case. The boys club teams I've come across are always well run and a decent bunch.
  10. If it's the Thorn facility I've been to then it's a grass field in the middle of a housing estate. Not fenced off at all, cars passing 15 feet behind the goals etc. Million miles away.
  11. Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Nick Cage plays himself as he gets roped into a CIA operation in Majorca and a Taken-esque plot. Really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Cage is a good comic actor, and does a good job taking the piss out of himself and his meme-tastic filmography. Pedro PAscal also puts a good shift in as a rich super fan. Overall, nothing special but worth a watch.
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