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  1. Most of Pollok's players are on two year deals and I'd imagine they prepared these contracts with this eventuality in mind. I'd expect to see a fair few season long loan deals but it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.
  2. Credit card company are currently trying to get me my money back after STA went tits up. Fingers crossed that goes smoother than literally everything else about this doomed holiday.
  3. Heading up Conic Hill tomorrow. Fancy a walk and can't be arsed being out for hours. Weather looks decent as well.
  4. Just bailed a 137k combo. Could have been physically sick [emoji2961]
  5. Considine coming across very well here in the interview. Just a nice guy absolutely delighted to get his chance. Solid as well tonight - fair play to him.
  6. Lovely stuff. So we'll worked and made it look simple.
  7. Decision made by Pollok - announcement imminent. I reckon we'll withdraw.
  8. Ref was speaking to both keepers before every penalty so they had no excuse for coming off their line!
  9. I was terrified the replay would show Marshall off his line for the save but he did well (possibly through sheer luck) to keep his left foot on the line as he dived.
  10. The cat was in the same place for that whole game. Little c**t lasted about half a second after that McLean penalty.
  11. Anyone done much walking round Peebles? I'm working down here now and fancy doing some walks once the October holidays come round. Got a pal coming down to do the Dun Rig Horseshoe which takes in 4 smallish summits. Nice looking walks along the Tweed as well.
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