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  1. I thought the game at Kelty nearly 2 weeks ago was big Tappings best performance of the season and did think to myself did he save that for Kelty to get a move there (synical haha) - or was that showing enough to but him on Ferguson’s radar to replace the loaner Mendy? Flynn started the season really well at the Shire but I do agree his form has been indifferent in the last few months. A good player though who’s hold up and link play is very decent but wasn’t an out and out goal scorer. Could link well with Austin.
  2. This for me is a major negative when watching the Shire - a lack of evident coaching from the touch line. The only shouting you hear from the Shire dug outs are ones aimed at their opposite bench or at the officials. After the Spartans disaster the team responded with a good win at Cumbernauld but today it was back to struggling to break down a well coached team. Nicky Low really plays like a one man team at times taking every set piece going no matter how deep they are from. He knows he’s several levels above and tries too hard at times. Also I’ve after seeing most of the last 20 home games over last and this season, I don’t rate Barclay despite what the diehards say and he could have done a lot better at the goal. Granted he can make the occasional wonder save but he is so out of shape and as captain I see very little leadership. The recent contract extensions suggest the big budget is in place for next season. The current board have a big decision to make it terms of who will be spending it!
  3. Spartans deserved at least a point against the clueless hosts so who’d deny them the win after playing so long with 10 and then 9 men. It was an excellent team performance. Dugouts night and day when it came to tactics and structure. The boy Davidson’s winning goal was immense and topped of a brilliant display from him.
  4. Well that type of defeat has been coming all season thus far for the ‘Shire. Two nil up after ten minutes with their only 2 efforts, Spartans then went down to 10 men but got in at the break level with 2 long range efforts which sailed over the concrete boot wearer Barclay. Spartans went down to 9 men with 20 minutes remaining and dramatically took the lead on 90 mins with a great individual effort. Now the lack of tactics, structure and encouragement I’ve seen in big spells so far this season was really highlighted in this match. They couldn’t break down the resolute visitors as they didn’t use their man advantage - no tempo or movement to drag Spartans out of their shape. Constantly tried to play long balls in driving wind and rain or look for the talisman Nicky Low to provide a bit of quality. League definitely over and will the management still be in charge for the visit to Cumbernauld Colts next week?!
  5. So I took in the Camelon v Linlithgow tie today and after being at the league fixture between the 2 sides two weeks ago in which Camelon were resounding 5-1 winners, a home win was what the bookies favoured. However it was the away side who took an early lead when Slavin passed into the far corner after being found unmarked inside the right hand side of the box. Camelon equalised early in the 2nd half after a goalkeeping howler who’s miscontrol/pass found Herron who scored with a simple finish. The homesters went in front when substitute Sneddon beat a couple of players before being brought down in the box by goalkeeper Wilson. The hat-trick hero from 2 weeks ago Docherty stepped up to score the spot kick which went under the ‘keeper. I said 2 weeks ago that it was probably the worst Linlithgow Rose team I’d ever seen in just over 20 years of being involved in Junior football and today, despite being a slightly better performance than then probably confirmed that to me. Anyway, next stop was Denny for the second half of Dunipace v Bonnyrigg. To my surprise it was 0-0 at half time and 15 mins into the 2nd period Dunipace went in front in some style when right-sided centre back O’Grady found himself 30 yards out in the centre of the pitch to receive a pass and hit a left-footed shot into the top corner. Dunipace then continued to frustrate their Lowland visitors for the rest of the game with chances few and far between and indeed it was a great goal line clearance that denied the ‘Pace their second goal late on. My first visit to Westfield since the change of surface and revamp of the surroundings and I must say I was impressed. To add I was also impressed by the team who despite being under the cosh did play some decent stuff in the small spells they had with the ball but their shape and desire as a whole team got them their win. Good mix of sides to make up the quarter final draw.
  6. It’s the Darvel thread so makes sense to comment on them. Dalry did really well to get back into the game after going 2 down fairly early on and will have been gutted to miss the penalty which would have given them the lead. The experienced Cashmore caused the visitors problems - would have been a bigger problem if he’d scored the penalty!
  7. Took in the Dalry v Darvel game at the weekend as I was in the area. Thoroughly enjoyed it - especially the atmosphere created by both sets of young alcohol-fuelled fans! Darvel looked an inexperienced side, especially the back four. Defending set pieces was a major issue. Not much football was played by them unless either of the 2 central midfielders managed to get themselves on the ball. The strikers worked hard but didn’t cause the Dalry back line too much trouble in the areas where it matters. I noticed from the squad list on Wiki a few ex-Seniors who never featured with Ross Chisholm and Sean Fitzharris not quoted and Allan Jenkins an unused sub. I’m sure they would make a difference. if the pie man has spent a bit of cash it wasn’t evident on this showing.
  8. I assumed Courts had resigned to take up one of the several senior posts that were available at the time of his resignation. With the last one just filled (Stirling Albion) I’ve just went back 10 pages on this thread to see if any light can be shed on the real reason. I’m still none the wiser apart from a few hints on him not agreeing with how things were being run - any idea what aspects? Ferguson is certainly a high profile appointment and his high standards should flow from the previous managers. Ferguson has already stated he’s learned a few valuable lessons since being out the game so hopefully he can do enough to keep Kelty at the heart of a title challenge.
  9. Yip decent enough game despite the conditions. If Gray was the No.8 for the B.U then for me he was their best player today. Kept the ball moving and had a good range of passing whilst always making himself available and not afraid to take the ball under pressure. Despite Nitten not causing the home defence much trouble as they isolated lone striker Hunter, a one goal lead always gives a team a chance of getting back into the game and it was only due to two magnificent blocks from Gibb late on which ensured the 3 points for Bo'ness.
  10. It's the fact that a main focus of every article is that he is a manager of a Junior football club baffles me. If he is "not" linked to organised crime then it would say "scaffolder", "office worker", "teacher" etc - i.e his normal every day job. If he is part of a criminal underbelly then surely people within the football club would be aware of this? If he has no links to crime and he's been in wrong place at wrong time or playing away and this was the punishment given by the persons effected then it's a truly horrifying crime.
  11. What's the chances of the game being on tomorrow - any inspection planned?
  12. What's happened there?! Bathgate bound Legend5 lol
  13. Full Time: Dunipace 0 Royal Albert 4
  14. Dunipace 0 Royal Albert 3 @ H.T
  15. Does anyone know the current likelihood of tomorrow's match away to Shotts going ahead?
  16. Camelon v Kelty game now OFF. Now the cynics amongst us all questioned how this was announced as being on this morning - anyone care to shed some light as to how?! Hospitality, bumper crowd expected....?!!!
  17. Anyone know what happened to the Armadale Manager thread?! Good win for the 'Dale on Saturday. Anyone know who took charge of the team and has there been any rumours of who may get the job on a permanent basis?
  18. What excuses will the Bathgate fans on here come up with this week for another defeat?!! Sauchie have started really well with another convincing win.
  19. What's the reason the Legend5? Wouldn't think it would be for a footballing reason?!
  20. Player himself confirmed this on social media.
  21. Strickland Snr & Jnr to pair up for this one This was a rumour I'd heard before the great escape occurred. Anyone else heard this?
  22. Spot on. I was just about to say more or less the exact same. Anyone who thinks different is deluded or blinkered with regards to the Junior game. The boy Grant certainly won't be taking a pay cut by going to the Shire (prob the opposite) and will be playing live on TV v Rangers. They will also likely to be in a position to win most weeks and who wouldn't want to do that?!
  23. With regards to your second point, you took the words right out of my mouth Daleboy. All good players who will likely thrive in a different environment and methods. As it stands, is it Dalrymple from Broxburn with Bonnar, Clark and Taylor joining from the 'Dale? Certainly a far cry from last pre-season when Bathgate apparently didn't have a pot to p*ss in
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