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  1. So t hat was your proof? Wings? I'm off for the day pal, but thanks for another grand days enetertainment.
  2. The vote was to amend the primary legislation to deliver the lviing wage in public contracts. the SNP voted against it. Thus, they voted agaisnt the lviing wage. I'm not sure why such a contractor would win a bid in the first palce iof the lviing wage was a criteria, their bid wouldnl;t be cost effective.
  3. Funnily enough, when I google "Daily Record Wrote the Vow" the fifth hit is Wings over Scotland. Funny that...
  4. Well, whatever source it is. Happy to have a look
  5. Moving a goal post there pal. You said there wasn't a vote on it - turns out there was....
  6. Which is why i made a point of talking about legislation.... The SNP could have delivered a better set up than the one councils liket hat currently exploit. They choose not to
  7. As I said, I look forward to you contributing some worthwhile orginal thoughts. You're a funny guy,capable of empathy so I look forward to you rustling something up over the coming weeks. Look how nice i was - not even mentioning your unhealthy attitude towards women....
  8. You can just post the relevant link to wings if you want, that'll do.
  9. http://www.theguardian.com/local-government-network/2013/nov/04/islington-living-wage-week " Crucially,the Living wage has been a requirement in all procurement processes for all new contracts." And, as you point out, this is without the benefit of actual legislation encouraging it in the first place.
  10. Yes i noticed that - which predates the SNP voting against it as well.
  11. I'm sure you'll be able to prove that...
  12. I'm just reciting facts. Fact - the SNP voted against the lviing wage earlier this year.
  13. Actually, i've had some very enjoyable chats on some issues - primarily devolution and this issue of the living wage. I have not once seen you have a discussion of genuine substance, which is a pity, as I'm sure you have some ideas about how to make this country of ours a better place.
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