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  1. 89 at Oakley v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts.
  2. Kinnoull -Oakley,unsurprisingly,is off. Oakley have arranged a friendly aganst Fallin MWFC on the astro behind Forthbank for 2pm if anyone fancies standing in the pishing rain and howling wind to see Oakley's 2 new signings from Bo'ness and Camelon. Finished 3-3.Excellent effort from both sides in wind,sleet,hail,sunshine and rain!!Fallin came from 2 down to lead 3-2 before a late equaliser,ensuring a draw,which,taking all into account, was a fair outcome.
  3. "there's a few Lowland League clubs who seem to be following the Gretna model". Who's that then?
  4. Headcount just before half time at St.Andrews-Coldstream is 87.
  5. Saw the evidence for this on Saturday with the markings for the cable trenches and positioning of the lights,which have been acquired and are in storage.Great to see the progress of the club continue.
  6. Congratulations to Musselburgh on a fantastic victory.Hope the Scottish provides you with the excitement you've deservedly earned.
  7. 63 in attendance at Oakley v Hawick RAU.
  8. Bit of a mess here.This all stemmed from the pre match bust up at Inverkeithing where two of the committee men mentioned above were heard to tell Stewart that it was his last match in charge because he'd asked them to leave the dressing room as he was preparing the team!They obviously took umbrage with this and wanted him out.Not sure who was involved in the original decision,although it seems not all committee members had a say,and,after everyone was consulted properly the correct outcome has been reached.Time for Oakley to move on with a forward thinking committee and be done with the old dinosaurs.
  9. Definitely not results related,considering the size of squad Oakley have,their results have,by and large,been more than acceptable.Unfortunate that this has happened in an otherwise good season.Steady results in league matches,although early season home form has hampered the league position,a fantastic run in the Alex Jack Cup,attendances doubled,and in some games trebled or more from the Junior days,excellent tie up with Duloch juniors which looks good for the future,all seemed to be going well but,as many clubs of Oakley's standing have found,behind the scenes politics seem to have taken over in this instance.
  10. Oakley manager has been punted by the committee,and although they thanked him and his staff and wished them well,there was obviously bad feeling between the committee and management,culminating in a dressing room bust up before the match last Saturday.He brought a few players from Tullibody when he arrived,wondering how they'll feel about this.Worrying times,considering the relatively good season so far.
  11. Headcount of 86 at Ballast Bank for Inverkeithing v Oakley.
  12. Noticed this was listed for Wednesday 8th Jan but venue and ko time still to be confirmed.Having visited both clubs' websites I'm none the wiser as to the arrangements.Can anyone shed some light on this mystery fixture? Just seen on EoS site that it's been postponed.
  13. Ended up 3-2 for Oakley.Cruising at 3-0 going into the last 15-20 mins,but 2 quick goals from Shippy had Oakley in panic mode and if it wasn't for an excellent save from the Oakley keeper at the death the points would've unexpectedly been shared.Good result for Oakley nonetheless,considering the squad's decimated at the moment.Only had 12 first teamers available,some carrying injuries and the bench made up of youngsters.Tough test next weekend at Ballast Bank against Inverkeithing.
  14. Oakley 2-0 up at half time v Burntisland in the first ever competitive meeting between the sides.
  15. Head count of 80 at half time at Blairwood Park.Oakley 2 Burntisland Shipyard 0. Ended 3-2 Oakley.
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