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  1. I spent a couple of hours last night adding in the Competition logos, then was doing all the Premier League kits, got about half way through and PES crashed and none of it saved. Think I'll wait until there's an option file with everything already done available somewhere. Really not got into the game yet, found the reviews saying "best football game ever" a bit strange as I don't think it's that much better than last years. Also, there not being up to date squads has put me right off even starting a Master League yet. Bit of a sham to release the new season's football game with last season's teams. I can only imagine the outrage if FIFA came out with last seasons squads.
  2. This might sound insane. But if you're playing in League 1/2 in England or maybe even in the Scottish Premiership, go get Emile Heskey on a free. Seriously. I've got him at Luton on a 1 year deal on £1,700 a week. He's got 7 goals in 9 league games as my 1 up front target man. Annoyingly just got injured and is out for 5 weeks though!
  3. The main pack at the bottom of this page. http://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/3/metallic-logos Haven't bothered with the all the updates, there will no doubt be a 2015 megapack one out soon.
  4. After trying to decide which Scottish Championship club to go last night, I ended up going for Luton Town. First signing, Emile Heskey. Pre season, 4 losses, including a 10-0 hammering at home to Spurs. Just turned it back on there, about to start the league season away to Carlisle United. It's on telly too, hope we don't get pumped again! I downloaded that very facepack torrent last night. Although I happened to get Fibre Optic broadband the other day, so it downloaded in about 15 minutes. It was joyous!
  5. After fixing my laptop I gave in and got this earlier. Have spent the last 3 hours trying to decide who to go while downloading all the player photos, kits and logos. I just can't play it without! Thinking of going a Scottish team below the Premiership. Apart from Killie I've only played with one Scottish club, Queens Park, for 1 season before leaving for the glamour of English League 1. Trying to decide between Queen of the South, Alloa or Dumbarton.
  6. KilliePie

    Fifa 15

    Brilliant. As soon as I post the link it has now disappeared and just has Scottish Premiership on the leagues bit!
  7. KilliePie

    Fifa 15

    I know it's Wikipedia so take this with a pinch of salt but I just noticed that the Scottish Championship is included in the list of new leagues for Fifa 15. Also seen it mentioned in twitter quite a bit. Would make the career mode a lot more interesting for playing in Scotland if true. Doubt they'll ever put Scottish League 1 and 2 in it! http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_15#Leagues
  8. Ignore everything I said! Turns out it's cheaper elsewhere, http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/football-manager-2015-steam-22-61-videogamebox-with-code-inc-1-rewards-1979340
  9. Available to pre-order here, http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/gb/en/pc/games/sports/football-manager-2015/ Use the code, "01S6ZC-JVSB28-JRW7X4" to get 25% off to make it £26.25. Once the game launches you get code to your email which you register on steam and you're good to go! Will also give you access to the beta, 2 weeks before release.
  10. KilliePie

    Fifa 15

    Good deal that. Not just the 5 games that are on the ad too. Once you click it there's a whole bunch. I'm gonna order the cheap 4 games you can trade that folk have found on The Game Collection for £40. Then use them and get Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Edition and NBA 2K15. Considering it works out as getting £80 trade in for spending £40, when it's all said and done Fifa will have cost £30 and NBA £25. Not too shabby at all for brand new PS4 games.
  11. Probably went for Bennett after their move for Stephen Ward fell through the other day. They'd agreed a fee but Burnley came in at the last minute. Maksimenko was decent enough but would imagine he'll mostly be back up for Chantler and he can fill in at centre back in a crisis, or if Pasca continues to be poor.
  12. I'll be in hospitality, in my finest suit. I'll take a draw. Kilmarnock 3-3 Motherwell
  13. Looking forward to this tomorrow night. Be good to see the new pitch in action, just a shame that we went back to hoofing it up the park against Dundee on Saturday. Would have Hamill back in for Pasca at centre mid. Pasca should never play centre mid, he can't pass further than 5 yards. Obadeyi was awful on Saturday, dunno how he never got taken off when Eremenko came on. Chantler had a good game at left back, although I wouldn't get carried away about having a great left back again just yet. I didn't see as many games as I'd have liked over the last few years but I only seen Tesselaar have one bad game off the top of my head, never understood the hate he got from our support. Anyone know how long Miller is out for? I'd go for this tomorrow night; Samson Barbour Connolly Ashcroft Chantler Hamill Slater McKenzie Eremenko Johnston Magennis It is early to throw Eremenko in I admit. But we did bring him back to play that position, get the ball to him and let him do what he does best. He can't do any worse that Tope Obadeyi.
  14. Carey? He wasn't there today. He definitely didn't come on as a sub!
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