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  1. Unless I'm being whooshed there's a massive difference between shitfesting towards safety and shitfesting towards a possible first time top 6 finish. If we get the top 6 we can begin planning for next season knowing a minimum budget and what league we'd be in but if we are shitfesting to survive we can't plan until we know what league we are in, we also have to have done better in the pre split games to be in this position.
  2. thomas

    FIFA 21

    After seeing some of the luck the rest of you had in packs I took a punt on a 25k players pack, up popped De bruyne an easy 50k plus profit not quite an icon but a rare victory when taking a punt.
  3. thomas

    FIFA 21

    Some amount of utter bellends on today, quitting when you equalise, get a penalty and good few who i assume quit as they didn't get kick off.
  4. I've just stumbled across the first 5 minutes of this program and I'm putting it out there all the guys here are only watching this as is full of wids, not a chance you're sitting through this if it was a bunch of unattractive folk. For what it's worth the red headed woman is great.
  5. thomas

    FIFA 21

    When it come to the objectives i have only gifted wins if I've done everything I need to in the game and don't need the win, usually just jamming the right stick up and leaving it till the game is done. Absolutely no chance I would trust anyone in this games to do the honorable thing during a game to mutually benefit getting any objectives done, I've said it before but a lot of what is wrong with the game is down to the people who play it.
  6. Was there not a little more where apparently GLS was fine with him commuting but then changed his mind? For me initially I thought OK had worked his ticket, then I swayed towards both being in the wrong and took it as one of those things that probably worked out for the best of both parties.
  7. thomas

    FIFA 21

    I'm 39 and still play but I've played most Fifas since the first one, only difference is now I don't have time to spread over games so stick to one. Not touched weekend league as it's for the hard-core (probably younger players) as far as I'm concerned, think I played two last year and it was the most frustrated/angry I've got at a computer game since I was a kid so decided this year I'd not bother. I think there's enough rewards to be earned playing the other game modes not to worry about the brutality of committing to weekend league this year for the more casual games. I'll stick up for EA here and say they've tried to put game modes in for everyone and let casual gamers plod along but ultimately the people playing the game will exploite any loophole in them to get a card or packs, don't get me wrong EA will still exploite any opertunity to get money out the people willing to pay to win.
  8. I'm seeing a lot of talk about beautiful eyes and possibly aging badly but no pictures
  9. thomas

    FIFA 21

    The cheaper one plays for another team, must be needed for a SBC with the team you had. Never noticed the teams, that makes sense.
  10. thomas

    FIFA 21

    Had a baffling moment while open packs doing the BPM. Got the player below and checked the market for a BIN price which only brought up 1 other card for sale starting at 16500 and maximum buy now so put up my card at starting price of 16000, went back in to see if there had been any added I could snipe and punt on but found plenty of the card on the market selling at much lower prices, somehow mine sold for maximum BIN. Worked out well for me but a little bizarre how it only showed 1 card when I first checked but there had clearly been more on the market going by the auction time left.
  11. thomas

    FIFA 21

    Packed De Bruyne from MM which wasn't too bad, never used him before but I've manged to get him in the team and keep the overall chemistry acceptable.
  12. thomas

    FIFA 21

    Untradable and no real way to get him in my team without destroying the chemistry, he will be a pacey super sub though.
  13. Finishing top 6 would also mean planning for next season could begin much earlier as we 100% know which league we're planning for.
  14. thomas

    FIFA 21

    After seeing the chat in here of sliver WBA players going for 18k I thought I'd see if the silver pack method was a thing, turns out it probably isn't. Still plugging away at the BPM and I'm just short of being a millionaire again with some tradeable assets, thought they are in my main squad so very unlikely to be punted.
  15. thomas

    FIFA 21

    I have though about using Sancho to get the chem up but I've never bothered with switching things straight from kick off in the past, guess it might be time to start.
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