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  1. I'm in that picture, first time I've went to a game against either of them since we started giving them our stand and what a time to come back.
  2. I fucking love Saint Mirren, I fucking love beating the " old firm" I'm having a dynamite night.
  3. I knew the Queen dieing would lead to some weird stuff happening but this country has truly surpassed just how mental people are around this whole idea of monarchy, it's like they are attempting to brainwash us into sympathy with every electronic billboard displaying the Queen and the nonstop depressing music looping on every station to the 15 minute news bullitins confirming she's still dead. This country can never mock the weird shit that happens in North Korea and such countries again.
  4. Misread that and clicked yes not that it's made much of a difference.
  5. They could but that's not stopping me laughing, mostly at Jack Ross though tbh.
  6. The few fans left in the home stands must be Celtic fans that got tickets in there.
  7. I keep a bare minimum of friends for similar reasons to what has already been mentioned on here, of the friends I do have I probably only meet up with any of them once every couple of months. In my work only 2 people have my phone number as they are members of the management who I'd call if I wanted a day off or phoned in sick I flat out refuse to give it to anyone else in the place or befriend them outside work, my wife often tries to extend my very limited friend group by getting me to go out with her friends and they'd bring their husband/boyfriend or current tinder hook up each time I politely refuse this as I simply don't want more friends. I can't be arsed with folk on the whole these days, the vast majority seem to be extreme right or extreme left and are incapable of having few drinks without talking about their beliefs on either side which is usually based on pish they've picked up from Facebook or Twitter, to add to this I deleted my accounts for both these and it was like a cleanse for the soul not being subjected to the drivel on them.
  8. Rangers fans having a go at another clubs finances
  9. Didn't fully appreciate Carsons save late on at the time but watching the highlights that's a great save.
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