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  1. Want to see more? Subscribe to fathairybasturd on onlyfans.
  2. Petersfield Town treatment table is going to be busy this season.
  3. The sun's great but cheers for putting the big umbrella up.
  4. Can guarantee that headline should be "nosey woman can't be nosey anymore"
  5. I hope he will and he did throw a few crumbs of hope out there but ultimately I think he'll fancy an opportunity of better wages for a while.
  6. Small absolutely took the huff after getting nutmegged and made a stupid rash challenge, deserved the red as far as I'm concerned, just utterly stupid of him.
  7. @Dugbhoy do you also carry a knife? You know just incase.
  8. Would have taken a point before the game but after watching it feels like 2 points dropped.
  9. While it's now very unlikely I wouldn't be throwing kids in unless we find ourselves in a position where we can't finish 5th. Celtic are massive favourites to win the Scottish Cup and if they do 5th becomes a European spot, no chance we should be giving up on that until mathematically impossible.
  10. Between Austria, Finland and Sweden for me think Finland will be the winners.
  11. All been forgettable so far except for Austria.
  12. Coops just picking his spot for the day.
  13. Tldr, kick her in the pie and tell her to stop moaning.
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