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  1. Didn't know about deactivating FB but keeping messenger which was one of the only reasons I still had it, job done deactivated.
  2. I'm edging closer to deleting Facebook every day as it just reminds how much I only really tolerate people and deep down can't be arsed with them.
  3. Why is Baga aloud to wear massive false eyelashes in a kitchen? Is that not against health and safety rules? Also Sam Quek is great but I do think she would be a really annoying person.
  4. My wife does the exact same thing, it is with every single item that has screw lid the amount of time I've spilled softener all over the kitchen due to this is ridiculous but she still wonders why it annoys me. On a similar note she can't close drawers/cupboard doors after being in them either.
  5. I feel every club is the same, trying to bring different cultures together with multi national dressing rooms. I guess the situation that Robertson and the club are trying to do this in is pretty unique though.
  6. Watching the second episode of this and I have two things that bother me, 1 Higginbotham I always thought he was a half decent player who was a sort of inbetweener of the top flight and championship, but he just seems like a cock in this documentary. 2 Roberston or the voiceover talking about bringing cultures together, I'd imagine the majority of football managers deal with that.
  7. thomas

    FIFA 20

    He's served me well as I only really got him to add pace to my defence, he will be the first defender to be replaced once I see someone better.
  8. thomas

    FIFA 20

    Did the TOTSSF premium sbc and got an 88 Spanish midfielder, not worth it since I put 92 Neuer into it Can recommend get that Undav card, upfront with Werner looking to be a great partnership. Hope to upgrade to a higher Werner card but looks likely to be out of my reach unless there's a price crash.
  9. thomas

    FIFA 20

    Pulled this, can't really fit him in my team but he is traceable and I've rinsed my coins so selling him to give me some coins to play with for any possible SBC, disappointingly he'll only fetch about 175000 I think.
  10. thomas

    FIFA 20

    Gutted, fielded a piss poor team in the game I was giving away and up pops a superstar team with a Celtic badge.
  11. thomas

    FIFA 20

    Not getting the 14, had 2 to get with 2 to play but I got pumped so 1 free win for someone lucky. Found it fairly enjoyable this time round, took a couple of pumpings and dished a couple out, didn't feel cheated in any games I can think of.
  12. thomas

    FIFA 20

    Got to 11 with 4 left, will play them stress free and if I can't get 14 I'll give away wins with any left to help others.
  13. thomas

    FIFA 20

    On 8 wins with 8 left to play, if I get to 11 great but if i don't i guess this will probably be my last venture into WL for 20. Quite enjoyed this as most my games have been tight with games that felt like they could have went either way.
  14. thomas

    FIFA 20

    Might just get them played today and tomorrow then, plan was to play a few on Monday morning since I'm on a day off and the wife is working but I'm not getting up that early.
  15. thomas

    FIFA 20

    When can you play weekend league till on Monday? I trying not to play all my games today so dipping in and out between squad battles a WL. Won 2 out of 7 so far, been gubbed twice and dished 1 out but the other games have been quite tight and the real difference has been my opponents being clinical with there chances.
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