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  1. Trying to play it safe by picking Celtic at home to Livingston as a banker and still getting it wrong gave me a laugh.
  2. The thing with all the falling over is if it's done right it can brilliant (see below) but so far it just seems to be a go to cheap laugh.
  3. Enjoyed this but like others feel a weekly hour show could become too much. I might get shot down in flames for this but this is the kind of show where I feel Only an Excuse or a similar idea could be incorporated into, perhaps a 5 or 10 minute slot during the show or skits through out with material that's fresh from the past week or 2.
  4. thomas

    FIFA 19

    There is no point me going near the online mode in this game now. I don't know what's changed in the space of a week but I get pumped constantly, tried everything I can think with my team and no matter who I come up against I lose at least 4 goals.
  5. thomas

    FIFA 19

    I don't mind rivals, I'm guessing with the divisions your effectively playing people on your level which can lead to some enjoyable battles, winning some and losing some. On the weekend league I get hammered on most games and if I win it pretty much feels like a fluke, think I played just over 20 games and managed 4 wins.
  6. thomas

    FIFA 19

    Don't know why I bother with the weekend league, 5 games 5 absolute pumping it's really not for a casual player.
  7. thomas

    FIFA 19

    203000 he went for in the end.
  8. thomas

    FIFA 19

    Done well on the MM sbc.
  9. thomas

    FIFA 19

    Decided to do the Kroos challenge as I didn't think it would cost too much and I could then punt the base Kroos card. Packed Hummels in one of the packs you get while going through it. This is easily the best squad I've ever achieved on UT, admittedly I'm a fairy casual player but I have no idea how you can fill a team full of the superstar players without pumping money into the game. Would have loved to add one of the special Werner cards but the prices were ridiculous when I checked.
  10. thomas

    FIFA 19

    Finally some good pack luck. He'll fit nicely in my German squad.
  11. thomas

    FIFA 19

    I'm terrible at this game now also. Entered the weekend league and I think I've won twice in about 10 games, went back to squad battles and I'm struggling there also.
  12. thomas

    FIFA 19

    I seem to have become horrific at this game, while I've never been great I was happy playing away in division 6 winning on average slightly more than I lose but suddenly I'm terrible at the game. I played 4 games today online on ultimate team lost 5 0 twice and then 6 0, on the fourth game I came up against someone with Messi, Modric, Bale, Isco, Marcelo, De Gea, Pique being some of their players and not one of them was the regular card, they were mostly the blue version of them. I was three down at half time due to them scoring with any shot on target, I actually missed two penalties, they were terrible at the game. I had a ridiculous amount of chances but everything was getting saved till I pulled two goals back with 5 minutes to go, I then got the equaliser through a cut back with the last kick of the ball, an absolute morale victory for me.
  13. thomas

    FIFA 19

    Thought I'd spend a bit of time playing UT online today, I'm hopeless at it! Got pumped 12 2 by someone who had Hazard Lukaku and Firmino as his front three, out of about 10 games I think I won 2.
  14. thomas

    FIFA 19

    Hadn't touched ultimate team on fifa since fifa 16 I think, took the plunge and got back into it. Currently going with a German squad and playing pretty much off-line as I got pumped in my only attempt online so far. Finding it pretty enjoyable and the app makes trading pretty easy, I'm currently managing to make a steady profit buying up silver kit and making a small profit on each.
  15. Was hopeful that the sugar would fix me, I'll never know if it would have worked now though.
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