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  1. treating your list seriously for a moment because in a vacuum of info, wth, Coleman would be interesting but lacks european experience really. Gus is, I'm sure great, deserving of a proper crack of the whip and I'd be fine with it. but again, limited actual success/experience managing in europe. RDM other than winning the champions league and that one decent season at chelsea what's he done? no seriously I don't know. Wenger. we can't afford him surely? but ticks every other box, he'd want money to spend though. Cotterill. no thanks. Clark. got to interview someone scottish to keep chic young and his fellow MSM happy I suppose. really not enjoying this vacuum of credible information
  2. shocked, amazed, astounded sure. but will we be pleased? I'd be shocked for example if they gave it to anyone on that list. but I'd be livid. 'substantial record' rules out anyone on that list really. experienced (European experience?) rules out the rest. interviews in killie?
  3. they need a uefa pro license for a start, given there's a euro campaign start in just over a month or so. I hope 'highly-experienced' means of europe competition, so to rule out some of the terrible choices on low odds. Rudi Garcia left Marsielle on the 22nd, he resigned so no comp one assumes, so looking for a gig and has experience. and bonus he's not one of the many mediocre choices the beeb would have foisted on us. I'm sure Billy will choose wisely.
  4. none of these names would be acceptable. being touted by the beeb or sportscene or off the ball or basically any scottish MSM is immediately disqualifying. Might entertain Alex D on purely sentimental grounds but he's off to help SC. someone with proven European experience surely. Competence not cheapness should be Billy's watch words. He has something after the end of the season. But he can lose it if he appoints someone utterly uninspiring. Does the manager have to be scottish/british? I see Rudi Garcia is now available on a free -as credible if not more than the names on that list.
  5. interestingly, slaters aren't insects, they're isopods closely related to decapods (crabs).
  6. indeed. it is. imaginatively, a carpet beetle larvae. top naming talent entomologists us....
  7. where are you going and where are you? london underground is a specialist subject of mine. there's also many interactive maps on google.
  8. A glorified grocer. but it too good an opportunity not to link to -so I'll apologise in advance.
  9. then its like a plaster. a simple swift, no thanks, no harm or foul, fair enough here's my expense claim thanks for the experience. but its this 'we'll call you later' and then not, that's pissed me right off. not least because criticism regardless of painfulness is useful to the reflective practitioner.
  10. See when you drive a round trip of 1010 miles to an interview (yes I'm submitting an expenses claim and yes there was an overnight stay involved) which starts at 8am and last most of the day, and then drive back home with the promise that they will 'phone you to let you know either way that evening' and then the don't? that'd be annoying enough yes? you know, *that* I'm almost willing to accept. these things happen I was still driving till 1.20 am -I had oil issues which I had to improv solve en route but that's another story. You know what my not quite P TTGOMN? I *called* them this afternoon, 'oh, right yes, X will get back to you later tonight. he's in a meeting till 9pm' ,,,,,its 1.15 am now. Now if I didn't get it, I'm submitting a fucking massive expense claim -fully receipted- and it was good experience of an english teaching interview -involving a demo lesson- and all of that tick, that's ok. I mean I'd like to get it -well at the moment I'll sleep on it. It's the utter contemptuous lack of thought/regard I'm being held in here, either phone me like you said -twice now- you said you would or don't. But don't say you will then don't!
  11. that's the 8th doctor. agreed re the cliff hanger. I assume he's dead? that'll be the spur for Luther to go off the edge again. Since one of the reasons he came back was to get the lad back on the path and out of uniform.
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