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  1. I'd prefer we overthrow the government, utility companies and 'elite' and execute all of them. Perfectly happy for the leagues to go into mothballs until the revolution has been concluded in it's bloody glory. Then play football games at 3pm when they're supposed to be played.
  2. I think there's a sweet spot in when a child (different for each one obvs) will enjoy going to the football. I went too early with my daughter and she doesn't like the game at all as a result. I feel like I've failed as both a father and a Dumbarton fan. Neither of mine enjoy it. But both sat beside Clarko, so it may just be him they don't like.
  3. It's Viking ton modus operandi: talk shite in condescending tone, disappear when it turns out you made an erse of it, slink back after a short while and avoid referring to previous minter and adopt tried and tested tactic beloved of internet shite bags who aren't as clever as they think they are by arguing minor grammatical and terminology points. Bonus points if you hang onto said point like a dug with a stick and/or insist that the other person 'be specific'.
  4. Took the weans a walk down by the grand old girl earlier and there's a fella spray painting the club crest onto the concrete blocks at the footpath entrance. I'm a sucker for cool wee touches like that. Need to see if we can project a hundred foot club crest onto the Rock at night, like a bat signal, but for elephants.
  5. It sounds very much like those three clubs have found their natural level. I'd expect the likes of Stenhousemuir and Edinburgh City to join them within the next decade.
  6. I'd expect us to freshen things up for this game, such as McKee, McLean, Carswell coming back in. Maybe see Garrity get a first start.
  7. I found this video quite insightful, or at the very least interesting. https://youtu.be/UHNYNaX14eI
  8. Why are the 'do your own research' brigade always taken in by easily debunkable sources and unreliable info that confirms their outlook bias? It always results in a concentric downward spiral of conspiracy beliefs that ultimately leads to 'everything and everyone except me is wrong/a lie'. It's insanely conceited and leads to / fuels a very unhealthy mindset. COVID was a real motivator for these types of people and I saw several friends just go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. It's sad.
  9. I definitely did the stupidity highlights post too early in the day. Redundant within ten minutes. Keep plumbing those depths, lads.
  10. What we're witnessing here is called cannabis psychosis
  11. So, just to summarise the last few pages: there's such things as 'low radiation' nuclear weapons; Britain overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian government and installed Zelensky; Britain (or 'the West') have been arming Ukraine in a proxy war for years and are placing nukes inside Ukraine to threaten Russia, leaving Putin no choice but to invade Ukraine (are these nukes the 'low radiation' variety...?); Russia's new 300,000 recruits will definitely be better trained and equipped than the entire army they've burned through since February, because they are definitely going to overhaul their entire culture militarily between now and the deployment of the new forced troops. Wow.
  12. The boy looks unlucky to have been sent off with both bookings, again given the benefit of repeated viewings. Good highlights package by Stranraer.
  13. Pressure's off now the run is over. They've a good long rest before the next game now. Onwards and upwards.
  14. Absolutely mental ten minutes or so. What is happening down there?!
  15. The comeback is on. Bursting coupons all over the world.
  16. Blimey. Really hope McGeever has more sharpness than during the rangers game (RIP Alex Lowry, forgotten but not gone). Problem is, you can't get match sharpness from training... f**k it, 'mon the Sons!
  17. They're a junior team. Remember junior team fans are always weird. Inbred oddballs.
  18. Let's adjust ourselves right now to the fact that we're not the 08/09 free scoring title winning Dumbarton. And let's remember while we're at it, that the free scoring 08/09 division 3 champions Dumbarton never established a runaway lead in the league, never went 10 points clear at the top and although they had plenty high scoring games, defensively and consistency wise we were suspect that season, and left it to the last two games to wrap it up, playing chase for large parts of the season. Maybe, being ugly and efficient and effective and consistent isn't such a bad thing?
  19. I agree with that. We are playing in a league of lesser quality than last season and were we to be so workmanlike in L1 we'd concede more goals and wouldn't be on this run. But we aren't in league one, we're in league two and the standard here is such that we're the best team in the league. As the standard here is lower, we should manage expectations about the quality of football fayre on offer and enjoy being the big boy on the block.
  20. Wasn't there today, but that describes most of our 7 league games so far, all of which were wins. Clearly, we're a bit of a one trick pony, but it's a good trick and we play at a low enough level that that trick is the difference. A worse team would be grinding out 0-0 draws based on our stubborn defence and workmanlike performances, but we're scoring winning goals and keeping more out. That's champions form. Thus far. After 7 wins from 7 matches, 21 points and a 100% record, we should be celebrating. It won't last. It can't. But we have the foundations there of a promotion team. If the wheels come off in the winter then so be it, but all successful teams know how to win ugly.
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