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  1. I have a tenuous family link to his male ex. Maybe he's had relationships with both sexes.
  2. Cast are sound. Saw them just a few years ago and still sounding good. John Power is a talented songwriter. The likes of "I'm so lonely" and "Sandstorm" are far beyond the likes of some of their peers like Dodgy, Elastica and The Boo Radleys.
  3. So more a mass murderer than serial killer.
  4. Boyd not fit to play this match due to a knock according to today's BBC article.
  5. Yes, twice. One I jacked after two months, one I jacked after three months. I leave both off my CV, nobody ever asks for references anyway, and everyone's CV is 50% lies.
  6. I'm not having Rage Against The Machine. Three cracking records. Nirvana's second and third albums were both excellent, too. Bleach maybe hasn't aged all that well though.
  7. Luss is murder on hot summer days. All parking spaces taken, beach overcrowded, pavements heaving, shops too full to even squeeze into. A fucking nightmare. Go further round the loch to balmaha instead.
  8. Reminds me of my father in law. Before he retired he worked away. For months the TV in his digs was broken and only showed a black and white picture. He used to watch man united games on it and try and work out which shade of grey united were. He's got cataracts anyway.
  9. No HD?! That's worse than the conditions in Guantanamo. There's kids in Darfur having a whip round for you.
  10. They're probably looking forward to it far more
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