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  1. Impressed by Arbroath. On balance of play they more deserved the win, so we need to be happy with a point and a clean sheet as we scarcely deserve it.
  2. Just finished work for the week. Looking forward to this one.
  3. Smashing crowd at Holm Park today. Bankies pumping Dalkeith currently.
  4. I don't know who this @cammcco guy is, but he sounds really clever and handsome.
  5. I know I'm being greedy (and frankly unrealistic), but as well as the 2 strikers we've been promised and which we badly need, I'd love to see us sign a creative midfielder as well to give us a bit more invention. We can't always rely on Burke to be the creator as it's too much for him, he's 37 and it's too one dimensional and if Polworth has an off day we don't have a natural replacement for him to be the central playmaker. Anyway, it's a long season and it's early days. Fair play to Caley, they were solid and we were pedestrian.
  6. F Murray looks good, yeah, but Rory gives that trademark McKenzie workrate and effort, which I think we'll need against Caley. I'd be happy with either.
  7. He's decent yeah. Plays in the hole behind the striker and is growing into the role.
  8. We've got every reason to be confident for this one. Home pitch, home crowd and on a decent bit of league form so far. I suspect we will stick with the same team as today if possible.
  9. Fairly run of the mill day at the office. Good away support as ever. Great cross and header for Robinson's 1st. Time seemed to slow down for the 2nd, thought the moment had passed when Robinson didn't hit it 1st time with no one around him, but fair play to him, he took a couple of touches, beat the arriving Accies defenders and then stuck it away. Still think we're a finisher and a midfield creator away from the finished article, but we look a decent side this season. Impressed with Ewan Murray at centre back, he's exactly what we have been needing. Polworth, Haunstrup, Robinson, Burke, Naismith all had good days today, but the keeper Hemming was my MOM with multiple good saves. Unrelated note, but found a handy car park beside Holy Cross school only 2 minutes from the ground.
  10. Looking forward to it. Debating with myself whether to drive or let the train take the strain. Haven't seen much about Accies this summer other than the recent manager news. Usually tight games against Hamilton.
  11. He scored against Hibs in a 2-2 draw, so has instant jambo cred.
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