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  1. Expect a joiner to be £50 labour per door hung. When you say would suppliers fit, that would be no unless you're hiring a joiner to supply and install. You're cheaper ordering your own doors and then having a local joiner hang them. If you're not au fait with the process involved in hanging them then have the joiner measure them and tell you what sizes you need to order as they often need to be trimmed and foredged.
  2. So are you still denying the noncing or are you now just moving on to petty semantics about whether the BBC mentioned it explicitly or not?
  3. Mental how Bairnardo was in hysterics earlier when he made a single line joke. Hysterics I tells thee. OR Monkey Tennis just fucking LOVES the royals. It's one or the other.
  4. I don't think you know what irony is. Also "sweet pea" is hoaching patter.
  5. I, for one, refuse to participate in an irreverent online discussion forum where someone may have embellished, exaggerated or misrepresented a statement in an attempt at humour.
  6. Why don't you just marry Prince Philip?
  7. The patchwork nature of that place definitely gives it a Joe Exotic vibe. The entrance where the house is has a very "travellers built a zoo in their yard" feel about it.
  8. The emperor will need a new appretice now.
  9. Shame it wasn't Andrew. Still, one less to worry about.
  10. You'd need to contact Historic Scotland and the local council planning dept and plead your case. Precedent would be useful, for example has someone else done it? Failing which you might need to look at sticking with the existing timber type, but utilising a modern slimline double glazed unit within it. Expensive though.
  11. We played the same team against Stenhousemuir (0-4 win) as we did against Motherwell the week before (4-1 win), bar Millen starting at RB instead of Mcgowan in the Stenny game, so can't see the lineup changing. Medley went off after half an hour against Stenny as a precaution but is reportedly fit so I'd expect the same team again for this one. When we played County a month ago we played alright first 45 and dreadful second 45 and County punished us for that, but we're a different team with Kyle Lafferty in. He gives us the cutting edge and quality we've sorely been missing and drags the rest of them up as well. I'm going to be positive and say home win.
  12. Joke's on you, I haven't taken it to a mechanic and the noise is getting worse. So there.
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