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  1. Carlo was decent. Works hard and isn't shite. But for balance, remember that he was a stand out in a dreadful team. And not a Dom Thomas exceptional stand out. It's always easy to eulogise about people after the fact. He's a decent player, but I honestly thought he'd have joined a League One side.
  2. It's pretty cheap. An afternoon tea is usually about £60.
  3. He's worded that really poorly. Had he said "It'll give the guys a chance to have some team bonding before the action starts", I'd have had no problem with it, even though it can be interpreted to mean the same thing.
  4. We were definitely plodding and one dimensional before McInnes arrived.
  5. Not sure how I feel about the Power signing. He looked like he had slowed down in his last season with us, was always a likely booking, was part of our relegation and jumped ship. Feels like a sideways move at best. But I wasn't entirely convinced that Alston was the right signing last summer mind you...
  6. Azovstal has fully surrendered, all of the Azov Battalion have surrendered to Russians and RU have declared "victory in Mariupol". Unclear yet whether they'll be part of a prisoner swap, war trials or some mix of outcomes.
  7. She was giving the barman a lecture for moving tables in the supporters bar the other week. The barman who is in charge of the supporters bar and had moved the tables for customer convenience. She's a busy body oddball.
  8. 3 seemingly reasonable signings so far.
  9. You'd imagine J Vardy could be ostracised by his teamates after this.
  10. A guy who should be playing for Dumbarton Riverside or similar. Would struggle to get a game with the Sons supporters team. Utterly dreadful.
  11. Tam Brindley released by Killie. One of those who looked alright at times under Duffy depending on where Duffy's tombola chose to play him on the field on any given day.
  12. I follow that guy. Hadn't seen that thread til now. He hadn't previously posted much, only sparingly, though did say he was a combat engineer. On the subject of fakes, that Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer account is defo snide. Comes out with some wild shit. Previously said a Ukr airstrike killed 4,000 Russian troops in one go, then caused a bit of a Twitter storm with a thread that read very much like fan fiction where he claimed to have gone undercover in an occupied city (a legit Ukr fundraising service called him out / distanced themselves from him over that) and then yesterday I saw someone retweet him saying a Russian tank turret flew 3 kilometres from its tank when it was hit by an anti tank rocket, which is patently ridiculous. Definitely a fantasist.
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