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  1. I don't despise you at all. I can't as I don't know you. We simply have differing views on a topic. That is, after all, the entire point in a forum.
  2. Not working wouldn't remove your mental issues, so it's just another perception issue. It's no good claiming that your life would be great if society was structured differently. It's a complete cop out. You'll never be happy like that. If there are things you want to do in life then either do them or admit to yourself they're only daydreams and move on. There's no reason you can't learn to speak Korean, play the lute or take creative writing classes just because you have a job. You have free time too. Either seek help for the self doubt that's holding you back or don't, but blaming your issues on it being unjust that you have to work because it's holding you back from your life's goals is complete dung.
  3. If you did have universal basic income and didn't need to work, would you actually learn a new language, or skill or instrument? After all, what's stopping you from doing those things currently? Why would you need to stop working to find time for a hobby?
  4. Have to question Tommy Wright's judgement there. He's completely gubbins and a liability. Not much of a statement for a team hoping for promotion. As for him coaching, maybe he could teach them to do the exact opposite of what he would do. Feels like the cheap / lazy / jobs for the boys option.
  5. I have it on good authority that if the managers tracksuits were custom styles then the entire population of West Dunbartonshire would buy them and the club would be rich, but as it is the trackies are standard styles so the club is doomed to fail.
  6. I refuse to sponsor the management team as I'm unhappy that their tracksuits aren't custom designs.
  7. I sought counselling and learned to see positives and appreciate that there are other aspects to the elements in my life other than the purely negative which I perceived due to my anxiety.
  8. Bet you can still remember the smell of the sea as your longboat crossed the North Atlantic, auld yin.
  9. Top line (in bold) I was making a joke about my admin. The rest; I most certainly am not telling you to pull yourself together, give yourself a shake or go for a walk. Far from it. I'm lending an alternative perspective from the angle of someone who has been through both mental health problems and negative work experience. It's up to you to recognise or not the intent behind others advice.
  10. My uncle sang "We'll drink tequila and look facetious, now doesn't that sound sweet?" to the song Jessie.
  11. Who sang "chikka chikka Sam Shady" at school to the ridicule of his peers? <<< this c**t
  12. I agree having been there in the past. BUT one thing that experience has taught me is that a lot of the perceived problems and stresses and dread associated with being unhappy at work are either self generated or at least self exaggerated. For example, it may not be a thrilling joy to sit in an office inputting data 40 hours a week, but it isn't an unbearable nightmare either. Perspective makes a huge difference in these things with regards to managing personal happiness / sadness levels.
  13. Joking aside, it's just a job, so stop treating like this all consuming negative thing. Enjoy the process of being productive and useful, enjoy the income. Don't treat it as a millstone round your neck that you can't avoid. Nobody is chaining you to an oar and whipping you.
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