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  1. no. Can't believe a few Edinburgh fans ( glad to see more than 5 at today's game ) thought the Rovers pen wasn't a pen ! Anyway thoroughly deserved Rovers victory. Changed Days. Bizarre stuff with the ref - thankfully resolved by SFA chap. Edinburgh are a shadow of the team they were, happy days - top of the league ! ARFC OK ha ha
  2. really enjoyed that cheers. listened to Jamie McKenzie and Chris Mackie ones also.
  3. thanks - sounds promising. certainly better than playing a few games for Lanark (no disrespect to Lanark btw)
  4. cheers ! very much appreciated...
  5. cheers - very much appreciated. Tee
  6. I asked a while back but unfortunately no one could really help. I've been looking for Shire Footage from 2007 season - mainly the East Stirlingshire 4 v 5 Albion Rovers match. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUImm-REgqI some footage is still tantalisingly archived, but no match footage. wondered if anyone knew if the videos were still accessible somewhere ? cheers Tee
  7. highlights now up... https://www.stenhousemuirfc.com/match/albion-rovers-vs-stenhousemuir-2/
  8. Actually enjoyed that today. I haven't said that in months. Best moment was my sons mates giving the subs some 'banter' they were giving it back in a nice Scottish second division way. .. was 1-1 at the time then we scored the winner ... kids - including the 3 ultras mentioned above all ran to the goal celebrating and giving it to the subs. giuy ! Absolute 2 division classic stuff. shame no cameras or we might have made it onto the superb ' A view from the terrace' ! once again Craig was correct. Rovers victory - although no fluke today. thought we were the best team by a long shot. Easily could have been 5.
  9. I can't be arsed looking but did they have 9 Cally Thistle players playing in the league match ? Not that is should have made a difference at the weekend but I've seen a lot worse.
  10. Wharton double with East and Smart scoring also to draw the game.
  11. clips are here. http://albionroversfc.co.uk/albion-rovers-2-v-1-stirling-albion/
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