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  1. No, I had to travel to work. There was no prior notification that the roads would be closed, and what must have been hundreds of vehicles were stopped for almost an hour. I don't believe you that you can't see the similarities. The fact that it "happens everywhere" nullifies your original point that the US is as undemocratic as the USSR because you were delayed 30 minutes to let the VP take off.
  2. The point being that it happens everywhere. But don't let that stop you from having yet another tear stained rant.
  3. Win and we're safe. That should be enough incentive for the players. We don't do that though. Away win.
  4. During the referendum, miles of road was closed in Glasgow so the PM didn't need to stop on his way to Clydebank. Scotland huh?
  5. Sabrina the the teenage witch. Loved that show.
  6. My cleaner is semi attractive so I live in hope that a Confessions of a window cleaner type scenario comes up.
  7. Jeff Roe is right though. Trump would lose heavily to Clinton. If you want a Republican president then you should also want a contested convention.
  8. US gun crime is lower now than it was in the 80s. It just seems worse because news is more freely available.
  9. A woman pishing the bed is now called gushing.
  10. Balatoni made an arse of it but MacDonald didn't need to charge out like that and bring him down.
  11. He must have a different definition of the word hundreds.
  12. QLP says Balatoni is good so I'm surprised to see he's had a shocker.
  13. Is straight to video still a thing?
  14. How many England internationals are in these 2 teams? Pish.
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