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  1. I love the way he communicates with his defence you dont see many keepers do that these days.
  2. She was always fond of Bill when reffing Boroughmuir games too, asking him to stand behind the fence beside the rugby pitches at meggetland
  3. Massively disappointing result, credit to Tranent on the win. But for us its like Broxburn last season did we underestimate the opposition ? Wouldn't think that would be the case. Back to the league as priority once again ! next couple of games will decide our season. Its hard to be optimistic haha
  4. Great to see Super Joe back involved in the game again. Shire cult hero many years ago. He didn't take any pish then sue he wont now. Hope it works out for all parties
  5. All the best today lads hope you get something out the match
  6. Really pleasing performance last night, we moved the ball that well we could of scored a few more. Surprised how poor Braves were last night expected much more from them. nice being top of the league until 4.45pm
  7. Defensively we were a shambles and we got what we deserved, Hopefully Tapping and Malone aren't that far away for a return. Even when pulling a goal back there was still no reaction to getting more goals as we couldn't keep back door shut, Another difficult game awaits away to stirling uni
  8. Bevy score against Alloa from about half way too I think around new year time we got beat 4/5-1
  9. Peterhead away, last minute goal for a 1-1 draw and the 3-2 win down at Annan my top highlights from that season..Good times
  10. These were two separate incidents, I wont be going to any detail into either. Thanks to all who may off took an interest to the team over the past few years, Appreciated the opportunity to coach at the club.
  11. 2 wins in our first 2 games, when was the last time this happened !
  12. shame he was an arsehole (better words I could use) to our club
  13. Usual first game back took us a while to find our stride, Second Half we pretty much dominated like the sign of Gibbons in the middle hope he can create a partnership with Low. Games coming thick and fast, important we build momentum
  14. Hi Guys, Kelty Hearts Woman’s team are aiming to raise funds for the start of the season with an end of the Month Bonus Ball. £10 per number with the winner receiving £290, The draw is Saturday 26th September. Get your numbers in quickly by DM the KeltyHeartsWoman twitter page or email myself [email protected] for the payment details. Be great to have your support if possible, Cheers
  15. Wonder how sean winter will take these tasty signings keeping him on the bench
  16. Dont know much about the signings brought in last couple of days wish them all the best, Feel the same as CraigMac that's the end of Marc Miller and P mac unfortunately now... A Goalkeeper please
  17. I'm in love with the new kit I want to see new faces in it now
  18. Wish them all the best, Interesting to see who fills there places personally hope we attract better quality but in times of just now who knows !
  19. Other than getting to a cup final and having shire in the blood, what else merits this
  20. Wouldn't be surprised if he's sneaking his way back in.
  21. Well done lads done yourself proud
  22. Certainly will be interesting hutchies next steps, whole situation with Edinburgh uni didn't help there case of progression off the club
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