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  1. Wish matty all the best also nice we got a fee for him
  2. Certainly will be interesting hutchies next steps, whole situation with Edinburgh uni didn't help there case of progression off the club
  3. Kelty Hearts woman's team are holding a quiz night next Friday 17th Jan in the social club, cash prize for winning team. Great to see you there if possible 😁
  4. Still looking for the half time raffle for today haha anyone know what it was haha
  5. Pains me to say but I have to agree He has saved our bacon at times but about 6/7 of games this year a small error or decision made has killed us and we have lost a "big game".
  6. 20 hours im still baffled over that 90 minutes first 30 minutes was decent but the other 60 minutes was absolutely shite. Time for change ? Only time will tell
  7. To be fair ive heard mixed opinions of kev coming in and overhaul that will be imminently starting. Don't get me wrong tho its exciting times where the club is coming one instead of two over the past 10 years hopefully they can kick on.
  8. I agree mate its a shame there is people there trying there best to keep it going but I feel 1 or 2 years down the line it could vanish
  9. Campbell was different class on Saturday mate, certainly made his experience count
  10. Went along and took in crossgates v whitehill yesterday, it was pretty decent game. the away team having some good chances unfortunately not clinical in front of goal, crossgates took their chances at the right time I felt difference with archie campbell up top and a player I enjoyed seeing in a shire top few years ago Mickey Dunlop commanding at the back certainly helped yesterday. where whitehill are going is abit of a shock to me (probs should of checked the league table first lol) , although they played some decent football yesterday they need a striker to stick the ball in the net. lastly thought chris templeton has signed for crossgates he wasn't involved ?
  11. the social media person got their p45 yet ? 😂
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