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  1. what a win ! especially from being 2-1 down at half time !
  2. Top 4 is hard to separate Obvs hope the shire do it but so much disappointment over the years sets me up for a 2nd place finish (please make wrong in april 2020) 5. Bonnyrigg 6. CCS 7. Spartans 8. Edusport 9. Berwick 10. Cumbernauld 11. Stirling uni 12. Edin uni 13. gala 14. V of Leithen 15. dalbeattie 16. Gretna
  3. still won tho don't ask me about our away form to Cumbernauld 😂
  4. How did that go ? Your top memory should remember a dire shire team pumping fergies clyde heros 3-0 at ochilview All the best Hartley at cove 👍
  5. With the fixtures coming out tomorrow who are we looking for in the first game ? no denying every game will be tough one so kelty or bonnyrigg away will be the likely one we start with 😂
  6. You must remember he can play in Right Mid too,
  7. watching from the outside here it looks like a massive overhaul at gala whenever these players wish to arrive. Poor patter from the club leaving the fans in limbo
  8. I would keep simon white always up for doing the dirty work in CM, give brizzy pre season see what happens. another one that hasn't been mentioned is the invisible man Kris faulds
  9. Good to see tappy back interesting to see out of the squad of last season who stays now
  10. My first thoughts under "Italian" tweet from the club it was raffa de vita from ross county
  11. cheers millar sounds promising usually player CM ?
  12. we have signed reis Peggie from yourselfs any word on how he is ??
  13. You have got your wish as commanded
  14. Fingers crossed the girls can do it but realistically England should win this.
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