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  1. Alright gents, had a look for a dedicated UK American Football Thread, but couldn't see one. Thought it would be a good idea to get one going in order to raise attendances at games and get a discussion going on teams, games and league positions. I have attached this season West Coast Trojans schedule, with the league due to kick off in 6 weeks time. Has anyone attended a BAFA game, or planning to do so in the future?
  2. Tad late - but I'm no longer able to go - got three tickets available. Would take 80 for them. RRP 45 each. Gimme a shout if it interests you!
  3. Had it down for a Green Bay win, but now, i'm not so sure. If Dallas are going to win this, they need to push rodgers out of the pocket, make him scramble and hope his calf goes.
  4. Thankfully no....I was injured for the game sadly, had to stand on the sidelines and watch. Was for pulling my kit on in the 4th quarter. Painful to watch.
  5. They're looking strong, Trojans still have the chance to knick the division. August 10th is the big showdown for top spot!
  6. It's just the way he coaches - we've been running those plays since January, so there's no real excuse to not being up to par. He just wants the linebackers to hit, I felt our defence was a bit laggy yesterday, as was our offence. If we continued to play the way we did in the first quarter, we wold've blown the wolves away. Our running back is quality, and he deserved his 5 TD's yesterday! The wolves Qb looks to be an excellent young player - big future ahead of him.
  7. Yeah, we won 46-38. Much needed win for the trojans. Bit disappointed not to get game time, but got to expect that as a rookie. Yeah, he was losing the rag at the officials yesterday. Too many pass interference and personal fouls not called - on both sides of the ball!
  8. I'm pretty pleased with Saints picks so far in the draft! Covered the areas we were weak in. Hopefully can pick up a OT at some point as well.
  9. I play for the Trojans too (Ledley 1877 is my brother). Play QB. Like my bro, in my rookie season, so I probably won't see too much action this year. Hopefully get a few snaps on Sunday!
  10. I've seen the full kit, and it looks worse. The home socks look like they should be a part of the away kit.
  11. Saints @ Falcons! What a game to start the season with.
  12. Seen the new St.Mirren Strips today. Fucking Awful. Got a sneak photo of the home one - but the quality of the photo is shite, so i won't upload it. Basically, we've gone back to Carbrini, and have changed our sponsor to JD. This seasons sponsor is a shield looking thing - pretty shit tbh. EDIT: This is the sponsor - Home kit is very thin, almost pin stripes, black and white stripes. The yellow piping etc like this seasons kits is still present on the new ones. White shorts, and black socks with yellow caps..... Away kit was smart at first glance, but then I got a proper look at it, and it's not too good either. Yellow top, with a black collar and black band down the sleeves. There is also a vertical black stripe that runs down the centre of the top, however, it is a gradient stripe, so it's solid black at the collar, and gone by the time it reaches the bottom of the top. Black shorts and yellow socks. Not good.
  13. Yeah - simply because I don't think he'd drop down to the CFL. (He should come play in the BAFANL!) He needs to sign for a struggling team or a top end team. Signing for another middle of the pack team like Jets, Broncos (at the time) won't do anything for his career. He needs to become the franchise QB immediately, or wait and learn under a very experienced QB. Last I checked he spoke to them on the pro day, and spent two days down in Oakland at the start of the month - don't hold me to that though!
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