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  1. He isn't on loan at St Mirren he plays for them and was on loan at us! I thought he showed some good glimpses last season and would certainly have him back in January if we were able to. WAC
  2. I agree. A breakdown on all that has been discussed would be great then we can probe away
  3. Exactly mate. No harm in listening to what guy has to say as we aren't exactly skooshing the league, loaded with cash and love our rented home lol. If there have been discussions and possible developments, perhaps an informal meeting with people willing to meet/listen to Steven Tennant should be arranged? Cheers
  4. Big game tonight!!!!!! Looking forward to it. 6 points from tonight and Saturday to steady the ship. Usual shenanigans at Clyde with people falling out and getting upset about the board and off park decisions. Bottom line is we are in big trouble so need wins. Now that the "no hoper, hoof ball clueless wonder" Bazza is away hopefully we can get some points on the board. Been a terrible run and anyone who says he doesn't deserve to lose his job is "aff their nut" imo. Players not helping things of course but need to back the club as we are all Clyde fans at the end of the day so it is the badge we support not the players or gaffer. P.S. Bring in Martin Lauchlan or Danny Lennon please whoever makes that decision WAC Always
  5. Thistle U20's is a joke because never hear the end of it if they win. PISH
  6. From what I'm led to believe he has bulked up and is a lot fitter now + has had a few very good seasons at amateur level. All the best to him! WATFC
  7. Strange post from the guy who was almost in love with Gemmill last season lol. Get the Big man signed along with these other it is taking shape nicely. Also we need a nippy wee striker up top with JG imo. Like his passion and interaction with fans (although don't know where that fight and passion was at Hampden on last game.... Odd) WAC
  8. Ferguson not on holiday he bought a motor from ma pal in Merc garage on Tuesday. Anyway.... f**k Alloa they will find their level soon enough
  9. Just read above posts, oooops. I see he has signed, b*****d. The hunt continues.
  10. Got told last night Longworth has signed with Alloa, Any truth in this? Also, does anyone else think that £13 for 3rd division football is pretty steep? WAC
  11. Someone making an alias on this is one of the saddest things ive ever heard. Some folk should get a life, especially this TOC idiot!!
  12. Couldn't agree more..... Always liked him and he is a 20 goal a season man, Just what we need!
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