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  1. 3-0 Clyde with a couple of easy penalties given to us. Keeps this diddy team bottom
  2. Jesus Christ. Most of our supporters are fucking morons.
  3. I guess I'll be THAT guy... 2-1 Clyde.
  4. Started by a Stirling fan who absolutely hated us last year...wonder what's changed?
  5. The signings so far have been much better than what we had last season. Progress. Absolutely delighted with Higgins...he'll get 15 plus easy.
  6. I've seen a few people say that Scott Linton is dreadfully slow. I always thought he was quite pacey? With his set piece ability we should hopefully get a few goals from corners etc... I'm also very excited about the prospect of Archie Campbell. Great pace to complement the physical aspect of Brian McQueen. Imagine we signed Stevie Thompson...
  7. I'm sure the "all weather" pitch will be just fine... If it gets called off for a little bit of snow it'll be laughable.
  8. Anybody selling tickets for Steel Panther on 9th March? Looking for 2.
  9. Hugh Murray and Steven McDougall are fantastic signings.
  10. McGovern looked a decent keeper when he was with us. Probably better than league 2 from what I saw. Looking forward to heading up...especially to the northern vaults for the best nacho sharer in Angus. PHWOAR.
  11. We can pass the ball about all we want...if there's no end product then what's the bloody point?! Absolute gutless performance. Frances is a clumsy b*****d, McIlduff is absolutely terrible... he can't go back to Celtic quick enough. We played 4 central midfielders today, with Smith the tallest and most physical out wide left...great tactics there Barry. There was no penetration or creativity going forward which is worrying as Spartans really are a team we should be beating. I fear for this season, I really do. Ps...there's f**k all wrong with your ankle Barry...you're fooling no one.
  12. Great win for us today! East Fife had most of the possession and chances in the first half, forcing Alan Martin into 3 or 4 great saves. He looks to be an all round excellent keeper, great communicator. Second half was fairly even, with Clyde maybe edging it. The defence looked solid with McQueen looking like he's back to his confident old self. Audacious flicks over attackers, winning headers left, right and centre etc. Durie also had a solid game for the second week in a row, hopefully he's finding his feet now! Euan Murray looked decent when he came on, looks to be a strong player who can hold up the ball well...looking forward to seeing more of him! Nice to get back to winning ways and getting one over East Fife after last years playoff loss!
  13. Isn't there a seperate thread for all this EK pish... Would love Spartans away. Another ground to tick off the list!
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