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  1. I didn't though did I? If I did then quote me. I said punish us but do it in a manner that will get the best deal for the creditors while still giving the message this club broke the rules and that will not be tolerated. Best way of doing that? 20 point penalty = first division income allowing us to come to some sort of CVA (surely a better one that will now (hopefully!) be agreed) and certain relegation to Div 2 which I feel is just as per my arguments in my original post.
  2. But were we not punished today for breaking a specific rule? I cannot remember the rule number or the exact wording (its in this thread somewhere) but basically for entering administration/liquidation. We aren't being punished for 14 years of financial mismanagment. We are being punished for breaking that rule and I don't feel the punishment fits the crime as I explained above. I didn't agree with the way Flynn ran the club - but to be fair all creditors/staff were paid throughout his time at the club. This punishment is for what has happened in the last year. If McDougall/Rankine had taken control of the club this time last year instead of Massone and ran it by the proposed business plan as a community based club do you really think we would have entered administration?
  3. Earlier today I was trying to think about the purpose of the punishment that is handed out by the SFL when clubs break the rules by entering administration. I was under the impression that the idea is that clubs shouldn't be allowed to spend outwith their means as it disadvantages other clubs who have done the right thing and matched expenditure with income i.e if last season we had built a team that we could afford to pay for then we would likely have finished bottom and Airdrie would have stayed up. Therefore we should be punished for disadvanting Airdrie etc. If we are talking about justice though then surely the punishment should fit the crime? If we had spent within our means last season the worst we would have faced is finishing bottom and being relegated to the second division. Surely then the right punishment would have been to relagate us to Div 2? Would be quite happy to accept that. In fact i would be happy to accept todays punishment as well - provided I knew for sure that the club could survive it. I really don't know if we will. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about the creditors and staff members who have lost out on money they were owed. As things stood yesterday the plan was to try and reach an agreement to settle those debts as far as possible through a CVA. Thats still the plan but is anyone on here naive enough to think that the creditors won't lose out on todays decison? The offer that will be made now won't be nearly as good as the one on the cars when we had 1st Div gates to count on. Yes the club caused this situation through poor financial management and deserves to be punished for that but surely getting these people a least a fraction of what they are owed should come before vengance? A 10/20/30 point penalty would have ensured relegation to the 2nd div which would be just (see above) and allowed us to try and repay some debt allowing a better deal for the creditors. Todays decison leaves the league a shambles with teams prepared for one divison ending up in another and the creditors worse off. The gutter is that the man who caused this has walked away with £50k in his pocket and we are the ones left trying to pick up the pieces and deal with the consequences of his gross mismanagement.
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