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  1. Yeah surely can't have tied vote being a majority decision. Gala Fairydean would struggle in Conference X / Y / Z so trying to stay relevant and get thousands in to upgrade their team for a few years to try to stay out of 19th spot [emoji35]
  2. First league game is Saturday 30th July. Pre season starting on 18th June seems awful early but I am not a fitness coach or manager. Surely due to late finishing of season could start back training at start of July and played cup semi final and final and still be at 100% come 30th July? I know when Meadow used to end up playing into June when got to Evening Times / West Cup Finals players would get extra couple of weeks off over summer so not starting back training until later in July but then did have luxury of League cup games to use for fitness before league started later in August.
  3. When is WOSFL AGM? Will it be decided on definite relegation from Premier League eg 3 definitely down as a bit unfair if a team finish 4th or 5th bottom but end up going down if Caley Braves etc have a poor season or just have to get used to that every season and look at West teams in Lowland League to work out if 4th bottom stays up? Also will we know what is happening with 3rd and 4th Division too after then?
  4. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scottish-sixth-tier-side-rossvale-26184240 I am sure they also had a post about asking potential players to pay for trials with Rossvale and the Gibraltar team - Europa Point - soon after this tie up but post was taken down from Twitter due to folk giving negative comments and I think they must have decided against it?
  5. Inside Central Station on BBC Scotland gave a bit of an insight into some of the over promoted, jobsworth and cliquey individuals employed by ScotRail. I am sure most of the drivers aren't as bad but the Central Station staff around 8.5 out of 10 of them seem like complete bangers. They have been big adverts for train drivers in last few years but only a few made it through their selection process. Surely should have simply took on far more drivers when selecting candidates to allow for fall off with retirements / sick leave / holiday covers / late night train cover etc.
  6. Yeah probably need rules for all the different scenarios so teams know if definitely 3 down from Premier - change relegation following season - or it could change to just 2 or 4/5 teams down next season so no teams end up 4th bottom thinking safe then go down or a team may finish 3rd bottom and hope West Premier winners win play off and save them? Aye complicated [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Though it could be 5 if both go down and West of Scotland Premier League winners don't win the play off or could be just 2 if West winners win the play off and no West sides come down - most likely scenario.
  8. What if Cumbernauld Colts and/or Caledonian Braves are relegated from Lowland League? Does this increase relegation to 4 or 5 spots or just increase numbers in Premier League with more relegation following season?
  9. I noticed they didn't do a poll for increased relegation vote though I wonder why!
  10. Talbot don't have to charge £14 in 2 years team if they got to League Two could be around £10 mark. For example Albion Rovers around £12 and £7 for concessions and under 16s £2.
  11. Are any other North Region Super League / Junior teams licensed or looking to get their license apart from Banks O Dee? Midlands League - is it just Lochee at license stage - Scottish Cup next season? North Caledonian League - Golspie only? Just for any future play offs with bottom Highland League teams?
  12. Would he have consulted tier 6 teams? I have my doubts as didn't before he left the board. Broomhill still voted for the Colts this time around and was nothing stopping him consulting with tier 6 clubs and putting a proposal forward to the board for 18 teams with no Colt teams. George could have consulted with tier 6 clubs before his team voted for Colt teams again but choose the £ from Old Firm again as did 10 other teams. Lowland League needs binned and booted out the pyramid but won't happen. What a shambles.
  13. The bottom 5 look to be struggling or running out of games but 6th and 7th bottom could be any of 5 or 6 teams perhaps more! Glenafton and Kilbirnie picking up massive wins today that could drag others into the relegation battle. Benburb looking like they are almost safe after a 3-2 win over Largs today. Predictions?
  14. You guys are right moany fuckers, try losing to you 5 times a season, out all the cups plus selling our best player to you in March!! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Tucker didn't have to do much scouting for sure on Wardrope would have known him well!
  15. Will always be 9 or so teams scared of relegation in my opinion in a 16 team league. East Stirling and Berwick might be for 3 up and 3 down now for example but once end up a bottom half team they won't vote for it.
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