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  1. Newmacher home or away please for Meadow [emoji106][emoji16]. We were awful lucky today v Arbroath Victoria. Didn't perform until scored from equaliser from a free kick with about 20 mins to go, then all Meadow and got a 4-1 win. Take that and in to the hat for next round.
  2. There needs to be at least 2 if not 3 promotion spots into the Lowland League and even then will be 5 years until it has the best non league teams south of the Tay in the league. The criticism is always we were late to the party so that's it and its too bad there and we can't dictate their relegation spots. When Lowland League was formed the party hadn't started and no one we knew well were going so why would we join them. Getting rid of the dividing line at the Tay potentially in exchange for Colt teams is madness and hopefully doesn't pass but Rod Petrie holds grudges and wants to piss off the Lowland League board any way he can. The teams in top 10 of both East & West League would easily be battling for top 3 spots in Lowland League in my opinion and it's frustrating it will take so long to change as teams are scared to plummet down the leagues. If Cumbernauld Colts or Caledonian Braves do eventually get relegated it also means an extra team in our league like potentially Largs, Troon, Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, or even us at Meadow could go down if in 8th bottom or 4th bottom from next season which would be a bit pish!
  3. You can shout and swear if you want just don't be a bam or use racist or sectarian language etc. Same as Somerset Park or every football ground.
  4. There is street parking at James Crescent end. The best place to park on a normal match day is the new Circuit Car Park at end of Wilson Avenue but even that may be full on Saturday, but plenty spaces if early enough or if you don't mind a walk the parking area over the wall from Aldi is huge, not in Aldi car park as you will get one of those non enforceable fines.
  5. Depends if there is a pub inside the ground or not as in lower leagues [emoji23][emoji108]
  6. I reckon we have perhaps 250-300 home support regulars and another 200-300 come out for bigger games. Will depend on the casual supporters with no Rangers and Celtic playing Saturday plus Killie and Ayr away should get a few more for both teams. We did have 1100 - 1200 for both Arbroath and Livingston games in Scottish Cup but that was a good few years ago now. I reckon 1300 would be a very good crowd.
  7. One of the few things left for SJFA left to do is run the Scottish Junior Cup or whatever they wish to rename it as and as had been said Midland and North Region Leagues. It seems to me like a political battle between SJFA and South Region Challenge Cup to see who becomes the main Scottish National Non League Trophy. I can see a number of teams in West like my team Irvine Meadow playing in both until a winner is decided [emoji23]
  8. Is it possible the vaccine passport won't get through the Scottish Parliament as Greens are opposed to it as well as all other opposition parties so would be 64 - 64?!
  9. When would any replays of drawn games be played? Would it be the following Saturday or midweek or up to clubs to decide?
  10. The Lowland League were quick enough to propose and vote for Colt teams but havent even spoke about more promotion spots for 3 feeder leagues below! [emoji849][emoji849] The SPFL gets called out for being a Self preservation league when Lowland League probably even worse with potential for 0 or just 1 team relegated from currently an 18 team league! Why not propose for 18 team league going forward and automatic promotion from East, West & South leagues as mentioned in podcast with 3 up and 3 down. From the outside I really don't think Lowland League teams are interested in making the league more competitive as will be harder for team at top for promotion to SPFL once top East & West teams are promoted although I'd like to think Bonnyrigg and Bo'ness would love to get their local rivalries back with East teams plus renewing rivalries against likes of Talbot, Clydebank, Meadow would add a lot. For teams like Edinburgh Uni, Stirling Uni and Cumbernauld Colts they don't want to mention extra relegation spots as more likely to be relegated not just to tier 6 but tier 7 or below once they do eventually go down in a few years time. So they know once out Lowland League they likely won't be back at that level.. When moving senior West Teams should really have asked for automatic promotion as part of joining the pyramid as Lowland League teams obviously really don't want to risk chance of dropping down the leagues while West Premier Division teams have 6 or 7 relegated this season and East Premier Division teams 4 relegated from their respective top divisions.
  11. The game v Meadow will be changed due to Senior Scottish Cup entry but a few tough games in late September / October.
  12. Surely not?? What did the league spend it on??
  13. As has been said now Brechin is in the Highland League I really don't get who would be pushing for a boundary change? Just Rod Petrie being a d#ck..? Arbroath and Montrose are both well away from League 2 and very good part time clubs. Forfar look like promotion contenders in League 2. Would the Highland League not also be unhappy if a "League 3" or expanded Lowland League is formed?
  14. The Marymass Derby. Add 1 win now for Meadow but wee section in the programme. "There have been 94 Marymass matches so far. The first was played in 1921, and apart from a five year gap during the Second World War, there has been a game played on the Marymass Friday evening ever since until last season in 2020. There wasn’t much to chose between the teams before the war with Meadow winning ten and Vics seven with two draws. However since 1945 Meadow have dominated the fixture. In the following years Vics have only increased their total to 15 wins, but Meadow now stand on 74 victories, with 5 drawn games. Victoria’s longest winning run is 3 matches, between 1934 and 1936, although they were unbeaten in four as the 1933 game was a 1-1 draw. Meadow’s longest winning run is 15 games between 1979 and 1993. However they had a 20 game unbeaten run between 1955 and 1974, with only the 1969 game being a 1-1 draw. Since 2006 Meadow and Victoria have contested the Irvine Herald Trophy. This replaced the John Martin Memorial Shield which was played for between 1982 and 2005. The Herald results are as follows:- 2006 Meadow 3 v 4 Victoria H.T. 2-3 Meadow scorers; Reid, Kerr (2 inc a pen). Vics scorers; Graham (2), McIlroy, Gibson 2007 Victoria 0 v 4 Meadow H.T. 0-3 Meadow scorers; Armstrong, McGinty, Turner (2) 2008 Meadow 1 v 0 Victoria H.T. 1-0 Meadow scorer; C Robertson 2009 Victoria 0 v 1 Meadow H.T. 0-1 Meadow scorer; Boyle 2010 Meadow 3 v 1 Victoria H.T. 1-1 Meadow scorers; Strain, Ryan, McGeown. Vics scorer; Baird 2011 Victoria 4 v 6 Meadow H.T. 4-1 Victoria scorers; McAvoy (2), McGregor, Colligan. Meadow scorers; Ryan, Miller, McGuinness, Barr, Turner, Eeles. This game is the highest aggregate score in the fixture's history to date. 2012 Meadow 3 v 1 Victoria H.T. 2-1 Meadow scorers; Eeles, Hughes, McClymont. Vics Scorer; G Russell 2013 Victoria 0 v 1 Meadow H.T. 0-0 Meadow scorer; Thomson (pen) 2014 Meadow 4 v 4 Victoria H.T. 1-2 Meadow scorers; Hall, Sawyers (2 inc a pen), Thomson. Vics Scorers; Adam (2 pens), Ablorh (2). Meadow won the trophy 3-2 on penalties. Meadow penalty scorers; Sawyers, McParland, McCann. Vics penalty scorers; Adam, Davidson 2015 Victoria 1 v 4 Meadow H.T. 1-0 Vics scorer; Ablorh. Meadow scorers; McPherson (2 inc a pen), Twaddle, G McCann 2016 Meadow 4 v 3 Victoria H.T. 1-2 Meadow scorers; Hannah, Begley, Vernon (2). Vics scorers; Adam (2 inc a pen), Craig 2017 Victoria 3 v 1 Meadow H.T. 2-0 Victoria scorers; Mears, Adam (2 inc a pen). Meadow scorer; Connolly 2018 Meadow 4 v 3 Irvine Victoria Meadow scorers: Devlin, David MacKay, Begley & Graham Boyd Victoria scorers: Roddy Patterson 3 2019 Victoria 1 v 4 Irvine Meadow Victoria scorers: Ryan Morrow Meadow scorers: McLaughlin, Slooves, McTernan & Pearson The 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2016 matches were also League Cup group games; the rest were stand alone Herald Cup ties." Why it started: "Up until 1921 both clubs had enjoyed free Marymass Saturdays to allow the people of the town head out to Irvine Moor for the races. However, in 1921 the Irvine rivals were given a league fixture for that weekend and the decision was taken to play it on the Friday evening. The decision turned out to be a great success, as The Irvine Herald reported, “Fortunately the night was ideal and there was a great crowd in Meadow Park as the teams took the field”. The teams who took part on the first Marymass Derby were (in the 2-3-5 formation of the time): Irvine Meadow XI: Syme; Paton and Wilson; Wylie, Bobbins and McDonald; Ness, Page, Scott, Ferguson and Leiper." Irvine Victoria: McKenzie; Wilson and Dickson; Craig, Dunlop and Gibson; McLaughlan, Galloway, Knox, Livingston and Beaton.
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