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  1. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few MSPs, even a cabinet minister who likes football or Jason Leitch pops onto this thread now & again.
  2. Sounds to me like Celtic got told to use 4 dressing rooms at St Johnstone as couldn't physically distance properly but the management & players decided to cram in the 1 dressing room. Likely did same at Hamilton Accies too.
  3. 40 deaths in Scotland for people 15-45 years old from covid since the start of the pandemic Around 50 deaths every week for same age group for other causes. Quite interesting stats here. https://www.nrscotland.gov.uk/covid19stats
  4. Right let's just stop all of Scottish football now mid season as Talbot and their fans don't fancy playing this season or maybe next season too...? I am sure Talbot will have fun in tier 9 playing Ardeer once they come back when everyone has been vaccinated and it's safe. How many covid cases have came from teams at our level playing in Scotland? Very few.
  5. What is happening for Dundee 'Junior' clubs? I see Brechin are currently bottom of SPFL ..
  6. Both teams streamed the game on their own Facebook pages.
  7. Largs could have just as easily got fined or at least took a bashing on here as Darvel had done in the summer if they didn't follow all the rules and protocols. The volunteer has come on here and said it has stressed him out and no need for any volunteer at any of our clubs to get grief. Be Kind ? Anyway it's done and Largs is always a great day out. Looking forward to getting back there next season as always a game I look out for when fixtures come out although they have won quite easily last two games at Barrfields. Hopefully this Saturdays game will be closer.
  8. They have said it will be totally fine for Meadow to stream the game live if we are able to. Should confirm that we will soon as hopefully Aaron hasn't made other plans. Largs are streaming the game live too though. They just weren't sure of the rules a couple of weeks ago.
  9. I am sure could get agreement from all top league clubs that bottom club at least goes into play off with conference winners. I thought initially even bottom 3 v 3 conference winners to play off for place in top league but all teams may not have agreed to that but surely would to bottom team going into a promotion / relegation play off especially since 7 down next season!
  10. I am sure the Premiership clubs may not be opposed to even just 1 relegation place or even if finish bottom that club goes into play off with 3 champions from conferences for place in top division.
  11. Back on topic I expect Broxburn to be a far better team than the one we played 3 years ago in Scottish Junior Cup that we defeated 5-2. They will be strong favourites on their home ground and with our poor away form on 4g over last 2-3 years I really don't expect an upset. It will be good to play one of the top East teams again in cup competitions as that was always something I looked forward to was drawing a team east of Shotts. I really cant see Creetown causing an upset v Broxburn?
  12. I've heard the moans on podcasts I have listened to during our extended covid break and on here that SPFL should have automatic relegation and open up more relegation spots. I totally agree with that but Lowland League needs to have an even stronger 16 team league to make the League Two teams take notice. I would like to get it to the stage that any team that drops out of League Two will be battling to stay in Lowland League and that could be case once top 5 teams in East and West come up but that will take at least 10 years.... I only posted rant as seen posts above on that 1 team will be relegated for foreseeable future from Lowland League which is disappointing but not surprised.
  13. We have many in the Lowland League complaining that SPFL Two don't open up automatic relegation spots while at the same time having only 1 down from 16 into three premier regional leagues with 40 clubs in total - West of 20 and East of 16 and South of 14. Either lead by example and open up more promotion / relegation spots or quit moaning about SPFL Two when Lowland League is exactly the same closed shop mentality. Or at least look to open up more in 2 or 3 years to have 2nd or 3rd bottom into at least play offs against top licensed West / East / South teams. All the while 7 teams go down in West of Scotland Premiership this season and teams just have to deal with it [emoji849]
  14. So no crowds for friendlies in September but will they even be allowed in from start of league season? No reason can't have crowds now and have everyone socially distanced plus encourage everyone that can to wear face coverings.
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