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  1. Weather watch

    4 games in West Region Premiership on 4g- Cumnock, Largs, Petershill and Renfrew will all be on. I don't know if luck of good scheduling by Kennie to have as many games at this time of year as possible in top league on 4g pitches. Also ourselves at Meadow should be okay and Hurlford as above 0 and no snow according to BBC weather....
  2. Uefa nations league

    I am starting to understand the Nations League and is a much better format than meaningless friendlies. But what if for example all group A teams qualify through normal Euro qualification (top 2) which is in my opinion quite likely who then plays off for the group A qualification spot?! Does it go to teams in group B?! Or even if just two in group A don't qualify do they just play off? Totally agree best way for Scotland to qualify will be to beat Israel then a home semi final game so very big game for us. Or would have to finish second in 5/6 team Euro qualification group.
  3. Todays scores 17/11

    Shot auto corrects on my new phone to shit! Surprised not happened before now..I thought I had deleted it quickly enough!
  4. West Region Fixture Update

    Right why is a thread about a good job the West Region fixture secretary is doing which he certainly is with number of months notice of fixtures, great communication plus now increased hospitality & new faces I have seen today at Meadow game today now being altered into yet another pyramid / E.O.S / South of Scotland thread. Fed up seeing stuff about them on our Juniors forum. West Region leagues are really exciting and a really good standard. West will be joining pyramid and I am looking forward to it. A bit fed up seeing same East Region teams fans posting in topics that has nothing to do with them and making topic go off track once again.
  5. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    Earlier in the season we got a few very soft red cards one that was a second yellow for talking to the ref in Largs game. All that was said was "your having a laugh / joke". Even last week we had a player booked for moaning about being fouled that led to a red for him few minutes later. Unfortunately you can't say anything to a ref now but I do think captains should be able to talk to ref without swearing or being aggressive and not be booked.
  6. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    2nd half highlights. Two reds in first 3 mins of YouTube highlights. I thought first red was a high tackle and deserved. Indiscipline I think definitely cost Cambuslang yesterday.
  7. Meadow v Ladeside

    Kilbirnie favourites with McBookie. 19/20 while Meadow are 6/4. Will be a very tight game, hopefully we keep up our performances of last couple of weeks.
  8. Continued Lack of Officials

    Girvan will be further to travel so I think them Kello, Craigmark and Kilsyth to a lesser extent more likely to not have assistants as will not want to give assistants 50-60 mile round trips each week for what is around £25/30?! That would annoy them and have them potentially leaving the game when need to keep as many happy as possible to go to games on a Saturday. Most West Region potential assistants will be based where most of population is in central Glasgow, Paisley, bigger Ayrshire towns so will be a long drive to Girvan for all but a few of the assistants who would prefer for example Rutherglen, Arthurlie, Irvine Victoria grounds as easier for them to get to. Perhaps assistants been assigned to Girvan then email sent to refs and assistants to confirm then one calls / emails the appointments office unhappy so then assistants appointed closer to their home. We really need a push to make ref / assistant ref jobs more attractive as it's a tough job for little pay & can't be much fun. West Region has lost priority for assistants due to Lowland League too.
  9. When looking at Twitter this afternoon to see the ties for Junior Cup 3rd Round. I noticed a couple of Dundee East Craigie fans saying their team are the oldest Junior team According to Wikipedia: Dundee East Craigie have played unbroken since their formation, and lay claim to being the oldest Junior club in Scotland although this is disputed by other clubs such as Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, Larkhall Thistle and Vale of Clyde.... Who is correct? All 4 teams formed around 1879 / 1880? I always thought Larkhall were oldest Junior team just through reading of their programme & history on their website. Who is right? Anyone know or care?
  10. West Fixtures

    If weather anything like last few years then be very few games on 29th December anyway.
  11. Oh Kez!!!

    Yeah sounds like a simple apology could have sorted this years ago! Really don't enjoy some of the staunch uber Nationalists led by Wings over Scotland. Doesnt do any good to floating voters and independence cause in my opinion. Keiza comes across far better than they guys ever will and I will always vote SNP / independence supporting parties. Nope I have never voted Labour just get feeling she is a decent person and Wings I just don't trust unfortunately.
  12. Oh Kez!!!

    What did the Tweet say if can be reposted without any legal action??
  13. Oh Kez!!!

    What is the script with her and this defamacation case against Wings over Scotland? She having to pay legal bills now as Labour won't anymore, that correct? Already 90k and now Daily Record will pay rest is this the just of it as Labour ran out of £?!!! Personally I think she seems a very decent person & nice individual especially for a Labour politician and I have been very pro SNP and anti Labour since I was 18...What's it all aboot and why is it dragging on costing so much?! Maybe as I compare her to the rest of Labour I just feel she is a one of few decent ones that actually hates the Tories and their policies plus Brexit shenanigans just as much as SNP do.
  14. Irvine Victoria 2018/19

    If your boy was the number 4 tonight he was excellent at the back and I thought he was a defender until I read this! Vics manager got the front pairing spot on in my opinion with 3 goals scored between them and your lad seems talented and done great in defence. Should be happy he is playing and probably good experience in different positions and doing well. Vics were unlucky and indiscipline from the two Singletons cost you the win in my opinion plus bit of dodgy goalkeeping. Meadow kept going and did score 4 goals from 4 different players. Need to perform far better to stay up in top league.
  15. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    The traditional Friday night Marymass Derby has been going since 1920s, it has often been league cup game but due to earlier start to league now it's a 'friendly'. It helps gets local supporters interested in the two teams in our town and usually very well attended. Either games played at later date or Monday / Wednesday after.