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  1. Talbot 3 v 2 Meadow was a cracking Scottish Junior cup tie. Thought Meadow could and should have took it to penalties if defended a bit better. But good performance and a bit unlucky with our chances at 2-2. South Challenge Cup doesn't come anywhere near Junior Cup and supporters don't turn out in same numbers as they do a big Junior Cup tie like today. Only Scottish Cup brings out more punters.
  2. Cheers for the highlights [emoji106][emoji122][emoji460]
  3. Talbot v Meadow next week. Are you enforcing 500 maximum capacity? Or just call it 499 [emoji106][emoji23]. Don't know why didn't schedule it until after end of any outside restrictions in a couple of weeks...would only be 600-800 maximum there anyway...bit of a pain!
  4. Irvine Meadow currently 9th in table defeated table toppers from East Region Penicuik in South Challenge Cup and also defeated Musselburgh in Scottish Cup who are currently in 4th spot. In my opinion top 10 of West, top 4 in East plus top 4 Lowland League teams would make a right good league. Pity we won't have that for a long time. Should be 3 up and 3 down from tier 5 down with 16 team leagues if numbers add up.
  5. Will WOSFL continue as normal as likely only Talbot, Pollok and Clydebank would be regularly affected by 500 limit capacity and all could survive with max 500 fans for 3 weeks??... If is 3 weeks..
  6. Quite a few players 'injured' played for their English Premiership club teams during the weekend, while Tierney and Robertson both dropped out after injuring themselves giving 100% for Scotland on Monday.
  7. Yeah for all the Junior Cups faults both the prize money is still very decent and that both teams share gate money makes sense. So for West teams with big or even half decent supports you don't get penalised for away cup draws. Also Junior Cup is a well known competition, I was asked a few times yesterday what competition Meadow were playing in yesterday as it's not got well known history and prestige of Scottish Junior Cup and local neutrals and once a year supporters don't come out for it as they do the Junior Cup or Scottish Cup. With Talbot and Meadow drawing each other potentially in next round big chance for a Conference team or bottom half West Premiership team to get to semi or final and earn before gate money etc £5,000 or £12,000 while I don't think Challenge Cup is near these amounts?
  8. If West Premiership can have 6 or 7 down from 20 for one season no reason Lowland League can't have 6 down and 6 up for a season to sort things out but of course they won't. Even having 3 up and 3 down with automatic promotion for East, West and South league winners would be much better but would still be 7 to 10 years before tier 5 has genuine 16 best teams in the Lowland League area.
  9. Having seen Meadow v Penicuik and Musselburgh this season if the West League winner turns up and at full strength for the play off they should win and be promoted. But if ends up one game play off away to top East team then could see an upset.
  10. Could Drumchapel and St Cadoc's be denied promotion then or is that just for Division 4 teams moving into Division 3 next season?
  11. Have Drumchapel and St Cadoc's been given timescales on dates to have their ground up to standard for? If paying spectators have not been allowed in Drumchapels ground since it opened plus facilities not up to scratch at Donald Dewar how did they manage to get into West of Scotland Football League as surely that is one of the main criteria to new teams at our level that paying spectators can get into the ground? Are all Division 4 teams grounds compliant or is ground sharing allowed for them as on 4g pitches?
  12. Superb episode [emoji122]. Enjoyed ripping into the Lowland League that everyone else seems feart to do or don't give a f**k about and probably the later [emoji23][emoji23]. Also Arbroath are brilliant as is Cumnock away [emoji16] Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  13. Newmacher home or away please for Meadow [emoji106][emoji16]. We were awful lucky today v Arbroath Victoria. Didn't perform until scored from equaliser from a free kick with about 20 mins to go, then all Meadow and got a 4-1 win. Take that and in to the hat for next round.
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