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  1. Totally agree. No need to bring folks personal information and any family problems they may or may not have into football threads ever.
  2. Their young team sang about Talbot for most of the game you would have thought they were playing them [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Yeah I am thinking SJFA may be thinking of an earlier date for Junior Cup Final for earlier in May this season so have more options to use a suitable senior ground that's willing to host it as SPFL season wont be finished yet.
  4. That wage bill is absolutely mental for what is now a Lowland League team. I would reckon most other clubs not going for promotion would be £40-80k a year in total. As an outside looking in unless promoted you are probably needing to cut the wage bill in half...!?
  5. Surely opening up 2 or even 3 automatic spots from a 16 team Lowland league like most other leagues of the same size as in West Juniors have would mean a better standard of team in Lowland League more quickly then the SPFL League Two would then be more willing to open up automatic relegation too. Replacing the teams near the bottom of Lowland League with Boness, Camelon, Penicuik, Hill of Beath, if West join Talbot, Buffs etc would make it a far more appealing league.
  6. I am sure I have had the exact same ticket inspector in last week as got the same smiley face and really nice cheerfulness on a recent train journey back into Ayrshire from Glasgow.
  7. You would think after beating Kilwinning Rangers and Ardrossan Winton Rovers they would have been content with their Junior Cup progress this season, even if they had a few players unavailable due to stag do and went out to Fauldhouse United. Would have been no disgrace at all. The weather forecast looks freezing come this weekend so could genuinely be off and tie not played until later in December now that means Fauldhouse fall behind in league games played.
  8. Irvine Meadow v Glenafton. 325
  9. It was a good listen and interesting to find out more about other clubs and different opinions on Junior game. Also agree with injury situation in the Juniors, a number of players out with long term injuries at Meadow and other clubs. Too many games at start of season may have played a part, although other reasons too. Although Talbot seemed to have coped well and don't seem to have too many injuries to their top players? Is it luck? I know at Meadow I think all of our players have got injured during a game due to tackle or challenge. I didn't agree with the chat about the refs staying in Juniors longer though and as due to senior refs retiring the refs have to be moved up. Also with Lowland League we are now getting situation where won't be enough assistant refs to go round West Region Premiership games as well as Championship. This will make games a lottery when comes to offside decisions. We need to encourage refs and stop some of the shocking abuse they can get for not much more than travelling expenses. Also ex players don't want to become refs, if they did they could easily do the courses. Maybe the courses should be promoted better to ex players on Social Media? I did see a BBC documentary on refs moving up through English pyramid and the ex player who became a ref chucked it. The farming out of SPFL players to Junior teams doesn't happen now as Rangers and Celtic will have their best youngsters in lower leagues in England, Scottish Championship, League one and League Two and Lowland League all before Juniors. A large number of Old Firm youths are out on loan but Juniors is now too low a level for them. It would be Ayr United, Hamilton, Partick youngsters etc that may get loaned out to Junior teams in the West. It's totally different from 40-50-60 years ago when Old Firm relied on Junior teams for recruitment
  10. Irvine Meadow Squad updated. Goalkeepers: Shaun Newman Patrick O'Neil Adam McLean Defenders: James Latta Mark McLennan Lee McCrea Jared Willet Darren Miller Callum Gow Neil Slooves Liam Wells (on loan at Girvan) Midfielders: Ben Carson (captain) Rhys Devlin Colin Spence Jordan McGuire Reece Pearson Ryan Carnwath Paddy Woods Strikers Eddie McTernan Adam Forsyth Darren Jones Brendan Sharpe Andy McLaughlin
  11. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85] New rules down Darvel way folks, first 7 minutes don't count....!
  12. Try messaging their Twitter for details of their squad?
  13. I just screenshot then edit the league tables as copy and pasting just created a mess of a 5 page league table. I'd like to see individual club results back good for each week to see how your opponents are performing at home / away and any upsets or big results they have had this season etc.
  14. The league table is a bit false at the moment with Talbot so many games behind everyone else and will need to see how they do when caught up with their games. Quite happy with Meadows start to the season. If we keep battling away we can hopefully stay in top 3/4 and challenge for as long as possible and go far in a cup competition (West or Scottish) then a successful season. I would love to see us challenge but don't think we have the strength in depth as got a couple of important midfielders out for the season. At the bottom I do think Rob Roy will unfortunately go down, the 5 years of waiting for the new ground to be built and ground sharing has finally taken its toll I feel and looks like Cumbernauld have benefited and coming up to top league for first time I can remember? Then other two relegation spots could be any of 5 or 6....I do think Benburb looked excellent yesterday against Meadow and likely could have drawn. Just their defence let them down on occasions.
  15. The Scottish Green Party really are attention seeking fuds. I understand them standing in Glasgow & Edinburgh to an extent....but marginal SNP held seat Perth? The Tories will be delighted with them. The climate crisis is a big deal but better putting resources into campaigning into set Scottish Parliament elections rather than another UK general election.... They are a party I did have a lot of sympathy for and one I could well have voted for in an independent Scotland but not now. Will be no Green deal in a unionist Conservative led majority that will be taking powers away from Scotland.
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