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  1. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    We did finish in 5th spot and 6th spot- who were Troon also made play offs. We were just one point behind second place Cambuslang and missed out on automatic promotion (4th) on goal difference. But totally agree this time last year play offs seemed a long way away and now could finish top half of Premiership if we can keep up our current form. As Stuart says Renfrew are a bit of a bogey team, not beat them since 1969 in a competitive game! Hopefully we can change that on Saturday!
  2. Hunted

    He thought Livingston FC had something to do with the doorstep murder of the banker in Nairn! Seems a very odd and implausible thing to come up with.. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/3491948/peter-bleksley-hunted-livingston-fc-alistair-wilson-murder-nairn-banker/amp/
  3. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Very good ground. Cover and wee social club too. Plenty of good pubs in the town. All walking distance from train station as is the ground.
  4. Hunted

    First time watching this during this season and I find it such an infuriating watch but keep wanting to see the next episode to see who makes it and the tactics the hunter have. Really don't enjoy the Hunters all cheering and celebrating like their team won the Champions League when catch someone. Also the Hunters taking phones from people who help the contestsnts that just doesn't seem fair at all and should be telt to f**k off! Plus its in the rules how the contestants have to contact their family, go home and also get to an extraction point too. The Hunters make it sound like the contestants are daft and how clever they are they are aware they are heading home, but of course they will if that is in the rules that they have to do this at some point!! I think if they could go camping in a remote locations for 4 weeks then far more would get to the end but too many rules like moving 5 miles a day and not staying in same location for 48 hours so you can't just find a safe house of a random person and stay put for most of the show getting high and mwi or go camping up north for a holiday. I thought the ex squaddie should have got to the end but was way too cocky wanting to let the Hunters tyres down, as if that would happen or wouldn't get caught doing that. The two brothers have done really well and I think they will get to the end. Seeing that next week them having to phone for extraction point then give away their location pissed me right off for some reason. Just feels unfair....as hunters will know the roads they will have to travel on so should have a good chance of finding them now.
  5. How's the grounds looking?

    The Troon Twitter seems to think have a good chance as precautionary inspection. Do they have undersoil heating or a micro climate? My gardens still frozen and snow from 2-3 days ago still lying, can't see Meadow game being on and usually we have one of best chances for grass pitch. It is -2 to -3 at the moment and not to rise above freezing until 11am or later.
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    Blackburn United are struggling to finish above the Uni teams of Heriott Watt University, Stirling University and St Andrews in the new East of Scotland Group C so could well be a tier 7 or even tier 8 team next year or two so there clearly there is some resentment if top Juniors like Lochee ever were to get in at tier 6 and have better crowds and 'easier' future access to Lowland League.
  7. Scottish Junior Cup Final Venue?

    I don't think the date of the final has been confirmed this year so I think the SJFA will be looking at possibility of an earlier than normal Junior Cup Final depending on venues available and who is in the semis / final. If Ayrshire teams got a feeling be Rugby Park again. St Mirren would be good for a change and is perfect capacity on a decent grass surface in my opinion.
  8. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    3d golf went bankrupt nearly 10 years ago. Meadow were a successful and much respected Junior team for many decades before and since have still managed to get promotion last season and then be competitive in the Premiership after a poor start. We have a great team spirit and a squad of players who have given 110% every game for last couple of seasons. We probably still need a win or two for safety but hoping we can finish in top half of table.
  9. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    I started the thread after we got beat by Talbot. If your not interested in Meadow then don't reply it's clearly a thread on Irvine Meadow. The support have stuck by our team, was a healthy away support at our big losses and been rewarded with watching Meadow climb the table but cause we didn't come on here to create a thread greeting about it we are pathetic [emoji23] [emoji23] . There was plenty of moaning on our Facebook page and forum etc if you wanted to read Meadow fans moaning to get your kicks batter in on there. Personally I don't see point coming on to a public forum and slating my own team every week, rather go and continue to watch them every week and get behind the team as every team in the top league can turn there season around with a few wins in a row like we have. Been an enjoyable turnaround after watching a few big losses at start of season, massive credit to all our players and management for turnaround plus the promotion last season too after another great run of form for 5/6 months at end of last season too.
  10. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    That's an embarrassing result for a team that think they should be top 3. Not far in front of Irvine Vic's whose players are on expenses if even that.
  11. Relegation

    When will the Glenafton v Cambuslang Rangers points deduction / fine be decided? So the rest of teams know where they stand before big few months ahead?
  12. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    It is Dan McKay (striker) from Meadows team last season that moved to Troon. Div MacKay (David MacKay) Meadow left back has not got a new club as far as I know but not been at games / training or in our squads since about September. Jared Willet is our current first choice left back. David MacKay put in some very good performances for few games last season in particularly v Glencairn away but Jared established himself at left back position and been very consistent there.
  13. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    Not been a thread on Irvine Meadow this season. Since the Kilwinning Rangers game where we won 1-0 after 1 point from our first 8 games we have turned our season around and up to respectable 9th place from bottom. A few defeats in a row and any team from mid table could get sucked back into relegation zone so hopefully we can keep picking up points. I reckon we still need 3 or 4 more wins in 10 games to guarantee safety. 40 points is total I would like to see Meadow to get to hopefully. Remaining Fixtures subject to change due to Scottish Junior Cup and postponements. Saturday 12th January Ardagh Group West of Scotland Cup 2nd Round Beith v Irvine Meadow (1.30pm) Saturday 19th January McBookie West Region Premiership Kilwinning Rangers v Irvine Meadow (1.45pm) Saturday 26th January McBookie West Region Premiership Irvine Meadow v Petershill (1.45pm) Saturday 2nd February McBookie West Region Premiership Irvine Meadow v Cumnock (2pm) Saturday 9th February McBookie West Region Premiership Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Irvine Meadow (2pm) Saturday 16th February McBookie West Region Premiership Irvine Meadow v Renfrew (2pm) Saturday 23rd February McBookie West Region Premiership Irvine Meadow v Largs Thistle (2pm) Saturday 2nd March McBookie West Region Premiership Glenafton v Irvine Meadow (2pm) Saturday 9th March McBookie West Region Premiership Irvine Meadow v Cambuslang Rangers (2pm) Saturday 16th March McBookie West Region Premiership Auchinleck Talbot v Irvine Meadow (2pm) Saturday 23rd March McBookie West Region Premiership Irvine Meadow v Beith (2pm) Current Playing Squad: Goalkeepers: Shaun Newman Michael White Defenders: Mark McLennan Callum Gow James Latta Darren Miller Jared Willet Midfielders Rhys Devlin Ben Carson Reece Pearson Ryan Carnwath Colin Spence Jordan McGuire Andy McLaughlin Strikers Graham Boyd Eddie McTernan Ciaron Smith Aaron Connolly Darren Jones Roddy Paterson Brendan Sharpe (on loan from Queens Park) Dual Contracts with under 19 team Liam Wells Paddy Woods
  14. 2018 Report Card

    Agree with most of this. I think Callum Gow has been excellent for Meadow in 2018 as well as Jared Willet. I think Shaun Newman one of best and a very under rated young keepers in the 'Juniors'. Best players in opposition teams: Thomas Collins @ Beith is a stand out any time I have seen Beith always pacy, direct, can beat his man and scores goals. Exactly what you look for in an attacking player. Not played Talbot yet but Shankland is always a player who sticks out in the highlights.
  15. Today’s games

    Updated correctly now. That was quick. Well done.