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  1. Was just coming on to post exactly this. It isn't even particularly good viewing seeing batsmen able to leave most deliveries from seamers as there's so little movement and spinners get clubbed all around the ground.
  2. I was thinking this also. Surely though if viaplay take the Edinburgh derby the beeb take st Johnstone v rangers as their first pick? Then you're looking at something slightly different for their 2nd pick?
  3. Do we think Sneddon has reestablished himself as our first choice keeper again?
  4. Also Jofra Archer bowled in the lions v england warm up match in Dubai today. He has also signed up to play in the new SA T20 competition this winter. I reckon he'll be injured again by February.
  5. Can't wait, irrespective of the doing they get, for the media to talk up England as 6 nations and world cup favourites after the game tonight.
  6. Croft and Hill desperately trying to find excuses for Hamilton to not get a penalty for not respecting red flags
  7. They don't even have a home following. It's considerably worse if the senior side are playing at home as well.
  8. Don't know why we're all worrying. Having a new third kit which is a replica of the one 10 years ago will sort everything out
  9. Aren't all the autumn internationals on amazon?
  10. I partially agree with Giffnock. Concerns were raised at a league meeting by the clubs to investigate merging the 4 leagues. The executive Committee then seemingly independently gave the proverbial two fingers to two of the leagues and decided to go and seek the support of just the central scottish. Trying to stop any merger though is just holding back the ammy game imho.
  11. Far too sensible and progressive. Will never happen [emoji17]
  12. Russell is apparently being omitted from the squad. He's unavailable for the Australia game anyway and his partner is due a baby fairly soon so it may all be completely innocent.
  13. Sky's overhyping of their own fighters is really tedious. Up there with their Lewis Hamilton love in.
  14. Goatifi up to 20th in the driver standings with his points today
  15. Aren't Auchinleck more concerned with staying out of the relegation zone than what Darvel are doing?
  16. Wrong. The only thistle are the ones in red and yellow. The other mob are caley
  17. I see there was a huge hoo-ha over rumours ineos made an approach for Evanepoel. I think he's probably ineos only prospect of getting someone who could challenge for the tour.
  18. Should make for a really interesting race provided they don't insist on starting behind a safety car.
  19. Turkey just lost to the faroes, I know they won their group but I don't think they're a team to fear.
  20. Any time the final touch is in the penalty area if play is restarted with a drop ball then it goes to the defending teams gk, irrespective of who had the final touch before the ball went dead.
  21. Long been an advocate of fewer leagues with the best teams all in one place but one interesting point I think that's being missed here is why has the wosfl had apparently such a massive detrimental effect on the game in the west compared to the mass migration in the east that occurred several years prior in comparison to the leagues through in that part of the country? I suspect there will still be too many people who are too concerned with wearing a blazer to Hampden once in a blue moon for meaningful change to occur but we live in hope. Otherwise what will happen, not that it's any concern for the amateur game, is the already largely dreadful standards in West division 4 will drop even further.
  22. What is the fascination with playing Ryan Jack? Haven't ranjurrz fans figured out yet that when he's out the team they are winning by 3 or more goals and it's more often than not a solitary goal win when he does play. He's too slow on the ball and just not an international class player by any stretch. Not that Kenny McLean is but I just don't get the clamour for Jack.
  23. Scoring 5 tries away from home and still not winning is the Scottish way right enough.
  24. 3 races in America confirmed [emoji17] Miami track is a stinker although no doubt good corporately.
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