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  1. If they play for the senior side they aren't allowed to play for the B side in the same window is my understanding. Given the lowland league was over it was irrelevant
  2. Doesn't Hester have off field issues still surrounding him also? Could be signing a player you never get to see play. Of course that is the case for any player as they might get a bad injury for example.
  3. Think it shows how close this league has been in the most that until last week Rob Roy were in relegation danger and could finish the season as high as 6th
  4. I think Glencairn have to win on Saturday to have any chance of staying up. They are more than capable of winning on Saturday but my opinion is they will have to and then hope Glenafton don't pick up 10 points from their remaining fixtures.
  5. No surprises at all in the released list. Including that we're still talking to Robbie Crawford
  6. Finn Russell, behave.
  7. That's a mighty fine ITT victory for Yates. He has been saying that bianchi TT bike is a major help to him. Interesting when dumoulin and Roglic were smashing the peloton in time trials they were using the same brand. I know the top time triallists maybe aren't there but the improvement from Yates in a short period of time is something.
  8. Presumably sky's coverage is used in the US ordinarily that's why they have had Andretti and Danica Patrick involved?
  9. I don't think the title will be the be all and end all next season. I think a higher league finish and a cup run will be the aims next season. It looks like we'll be having a fairly substantial clear out of squad players at the end of the season so we need to improve the quality of who we bring in as, as I said earlier, our squad depth is what has really killed us. Barring central midfield we need strengthening in every department.
  10. Agreed that it's the best GT. Few flat stages middle of the race but can the pure sprinters get there? Blockhaus finish a massive time limit barrier to them. Also Ewen is nailed on for the tour so wouldn't expect him to finish the giro.
  11. Sadly the video when the players return to the pitch after ht there is very clear sectarian abuse directed at Foster. The culprit(s) are not visible in the footage but they have rightly been called out by the vast majority of jags fans.
  12. I would like to have seen how he preformed against djokovic on the clay. Just to see how close to his best he might have been
  13. I think it's been long decided who is and isn't staying by the manager, at least who he wants to stay. I think the one player there's some doubt over is Hendrie who may choose to go somewhere he's likely to be first choice/more money. I think of the out of contract players only Crawford is likely to be offered a contract apart from Hendrie as he's a very McCall type player plus he has a love of playing central midfielders out wide.
  14. Andy withdraws from Madrid feeling unwell.
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