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  1. I don't think you can describe his tenure in paisley as a failure. Won a league cup and kept them in the league season upon season playing decent football.
  2. This has all the same hallmarks as the corresponding fixture at EEP last season except without being on TV for us to play extra shite.
  3. At what point does the manager's jacket start to get shakey?
  4. That is a magnificent catch from Burns
  5. Got to knock off these last two wickets pronto. Pleased Woakes has a wicket, and a huge one at that.
  6. Yes, I feel, a lot like Wood (and possibly Archer), you either get him causing the opposition no end of bother or no bother at all. There's no middle ground. Brilliant or expensive.
  7. Roglic just looking imperious. A thoroughly deserved victory in the making. Be interesting to see how he does if he goes up against a real big hitter like Froome, Bernal or Nibali next season
  8. The apocalypse would truly have been here if mitch Marsh had a 5 for and Sam Curran a hat trick in the same test
  9. Be surprised if Smith doesn't get close to that total on his own. Looks a belter of a batting pitch
  10. An interesting thought looking ahead is who the 4 bowlers should be for the winter tours. NZ is as close to English conditions as you'll get on tour so you'd imagine Anderson and Broad are shoe-ins. That leaves, potentially, Wood, Archer, Woakes, Overton, Curran, Ali and Leach fighting it out for 2 spots
  11. If Buttler can get a score in this test I think it'll put Bairstow out the side for the winter tour. Get Sibley in at the top with Burns, Denly at 3, Root, Roy, Stokes and Buttler and then your 4 bowlers. Let's see how that works out.
  12. Roy and Overton dropped for Woakes and Curran. Stokes playing as a specialist batsman as expected
  13. I agree with your team but I think there is room for an argument over Archers inclusion. The one England bowler to have caused the best batsman in the series problems
  14. I hate to disappoint but I highly doubt Gayfield will be packed. The fact this is a Friday 7.05pm kick off, it's on free to air TV and we're stinking the place out mean it won't be a big travelling support
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