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  1. Scoring 5 tries away from home and still not winning is the Scottish way right enough.
  2. 3 races in America confirmed [emoji17] Miami track is a stinker although no doubt good corporately.
  3. Ineos suffering somewhat of an identity crisis currently. They've signed well in terms of quality with Arensman and Connor Swift recently but they aren't riders who are going to add to a GC leaders chances. Think the Vuelta showed that Rodriguez is still a good bit away from being a GC contender and Martinez flatters to deceive a lot. That's them lost arguably their 3 best lieutenants in Yates, van Baarle and Porte this season.
  4. This is the kind of match which will show how far we've developed from last season. We've already seen against a limited Hamilton side that we didn't do enough to win which was very reminiscent of last season. This is another game like that. Cove have had a poor start to the season so this is the kind of game we need to take 3 points from, performance is almost secondary, just win.
  5. Be good to see how ferrari manage to mess up a victory for le clerc tomorrow with him on pole and no immediate pressure from the red bulls. They'll probably do something mental like start him on hards.
  6. Is there any test side worse than England at using their reviews?
  7. Just figured out who Ryan Rickelton reminds me of with his stance. Not a good thing but it's Rory Burns
  8. Yeah I agree, just interested in why Brundle isn't there? Obviously he's missed a few race weekends over the past few years
  9. Is Brundle unavailable through being away racing or do sky just like mixing it up?
  10. Another show of strength from Evenepoel today. Big tests ahead but he's built himself a really decent buffer.
  11. I do feel a bit for Sneddon. I've never been his biggest fan but to be dropped for someone who doesn't appear to be any better than him seemingly for the long hall is surprising.
  12. Just about the toughest draw in the opening round for Raducanu in her title defence at the US Open
  13. Whoever it was you claimed Zak Crawley has compromising pictures of people must be spot on! How is he still in the England side?
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