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  1. According to ranjurrz supporting mate we played them in a bounce game at Murray Park this morning. Anyone any idea of the team?
  2. Question. If there is a unification bout and Joshua wins is he a great? On wilder, if he wants to get in the mix for a world title again then he's going to have to beat someone like Usyk to get in that mix. On the basis of last night I struggle to see that happening
  3. When was the last time we won a game against dunfermline? We've had some horror shows against them so, combined with our general shiteness lately delighted this is off.
  4. India bowled out for 165 by the black caps. Pitch looks a lot less green today than yesterday
  5. I haven't seen anything on the international stage from Harris to suggest he belongs there, Jones, admittedly not at his best, is still a far better option
  6. Just wanted to say how shite we've been tonight. Rovers thoroughly deserve to get to the final on tonight's performances
  7. I think a shake up in the amateur game is a great idea, especially having a super league type idea where all the best teams play. However, there are a lot of good clubs, with good people behind them who already struggle to attract enough, or suitably able players to play week in week out. If they found themselves in the bottom tier then I fear they would be forced out the game. The best and bigger teams will get bigger and better and the standard lower down will be diluted would be my worry.
  8. So looking like sibley, Crawley, jennings, root, stokes, pope and foakes for a top 7? Actually don't mind the idea of Jennings at 3, he averages over 44 in Asia and that was as an opener. But, if it's about playing the long game and getting ready for an ashes series down under don't really see what he brings to the table
  9. Some of his win percentage can be attributed to the summer tours to North America and the likes of NZ and SA not seeing us as attractive enough opposition in the autumn and us filling up the schedule with games against Fiji and Tonga etc
  10. I think the initial foul was by Muirhead, he checked cardle and made no attempt to play the ball. What cardle then did was stupid and as clear a red card as you'll ever see. He also had a kick out at an ayr player earlier in the match off the ball
  11. So absolutely no defensive cover at all on the bench
  12. Kiriyenka retires on medical advice after a coronary condition
  13. 1st wicket gone. Malan goes straight after drinks, edging woakes to Stokes in the slips. Van der Dussen then over turns an lbw whilst on 0 3 balls later
  14. Porte wins the traditional first event on the calendar of the tour down under but was beaten for the first time in 7 years on Willunga Hill by Brit Matthew Holmes who takes his first pro victory at World tour level
  15. Will this be Root's first tour victory as captain?
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