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  1. Todays Aberdeen v St Mirren programme. Passing time on train home.
  2. Programme from tonight’s Lothian Thistle Hutchinson Vale v Penicuik Athletic match.
  3. Lothian Thistle Hutchinson Vale 1-2 Penicuik Athletic. Entertaining game just edged by 10 man Penicuik. Pleasant evening for watching football so a bit disappointing only around 100 came out to see it.
  4. Bit surprised we have brought in another wide player. Would have thought a creative central midfielder and defensive cover were more of of a priority.
  5. I will counter balance you not being there by being there. Boring 0-0 it is.
  6. Suspect you are right and they will be behind the goals which will leave you with running track and high jump area between the fans and the pitch. The equipment boxes for the athletics will block part of the view if they are left where they were last night but not sure where they could be moved to.
  7. Not really. Went round that side tonight at Leith game and dugouts block the view of the goals. View was not goad at all. Also looks like some fans will be behind the goals which is a long way from the pitch. No chance I would be paying £18. Ground just does not look fit for league football.
  8. Leith Athletic 2-1 Rosyth. Leith staging late come back to snatch victory which sparked a mini pitch invasion from the Leith youth players. Decent crowd in attendance. Walked round to area on opposite side to see view the visiting fans will have in league 1. Shite is being kind.
  9. Musselburgh Athletic 2-4 Crossgates Primrose. 30 minute delay in kick off due to Crossgates being delayed on bypass by an accident. Musselburgh in for a long season based on this showing. All over the shop at the back and looked like conceding every time Crossgates got the ball into their half.
  10. There is a barrier on opposite side of pitch from stand that ran along grass strip at Leith game last week. Didn’t look much room between it and fence for folk to stand.
  11. Going to be interesting to see how we do against better standard of opposition. Might be watching something else by half time.
  12. Programme from todays Leith Athletic v Edinburgh United friendly.
  13. Leith Athletic 1-0 Edinburgh United. Managed first half of game at new Meadowbank. No idea how this has been passed fit for league football. Fine facility for non league football but not league club who could have 4 figure crowds.
  14. Todays Stirling Albion v Aberdeen programme. Double issue for game against Peterhead.
  15. Todays Dundee United v Sunderland programme. Total rip off at £3.
  16. Dundee United 0-2 Sunderland. Comedy own goal for 2nd by Charlie Mulgrew.
  17. Cheers. Makes sense for it to be a double issue. Will look out for it next week.
  18. Do Stirling issue a programme for the league cup games?
  19. Agreed. Saw him play a couple of times when on loan last season at Peterhead and he was best player on the pitch each time. Have high hopes for him.
  20. Really odd decision to change the club name and bang on about it differentiates the club from the big two clubs in the city then climb into bed with one of them. Surely defeats the purpose. Assuming season ticket sales are not going well as got an email from the club today as I had bought tickets through Fanbase app to ask if I had considered buying a season ticket as offer of a cheap top for first 50 was still available.
  21. Stranraer 2-5 Queens Park. Enjoyable cup tie with loads of goals. Nice Steak pie as well.
  22. You seen the list of alternatives. None of them can seriously be described as even vaguely competent.
  23. Jute


    Kings of Leon tonight for me. First gig in a while.
  24. Seattle cruising to 3-0 win over Sporting KC just now.
  25. Programme from Dunbar United v Raith Rovers friendly today.
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