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  1. McGregor is the best keeper by some way. Also the biggest c**t. Purely based on his performances against the Dons would say Siegrist is best of the rest. Joe Lewis has not been as good as previous seasons but still think he is in top 5 with Marciano and Alnwick.
  2. Can I enquire what you are drinking and does it come in pints?
  3. Taylor is fit which is a surprise. Looks like a 4-5-1.
  4. Got the impression from the press conference yesterday that Taylor might not be fit for today.
  5. Room for one more. As someone else has said no pressure Ethan but if you could take on the creative role for the entire team and maybe score a couple as well that would be grand.
  6. Is according to the DR. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/fraser-hornby-agrees-aberdeen-loan-23416568
  7. He was on the field for couple of minutes when it fell to him and from memory it was his first touch. I would say that made it harder than it looked.
  8. 6 goals in two games against Andorra and San Marino.
  9. Hornby has looked decent for U21s in the games I have been to. Holds the ball up well and decent touch. Only draw back is he rarely looks like scoring.
  10. Ah f**k thought I had edited that before anyone would see it. Carry on.
  11. £2m for a striker who has scored 6 goals in last calendar year 4 of them penalties. Take it and run.
  12. According to reports in press County are in talks with Sunderland about him going there.
  13. I would fully expect all the clubs to be looking into this. Just we are being open and transparent about it where as others will not be.
  14. Is the one on the far left wearing a wrestling mask?
  15. That was a great game and well worth sitting up to watch. Looking forward to second semi final tonight.
  16. Nigel Reo-Coker mentioned the artificial surface not being his favourite. 2-0 River now. 3-2 on aggregate with 45 to go.
  17. 2nd leg of the Palmeiras v River Copa Libertadores semi final on BBC iPlayer just now. Palmeiras 3-0 up from the first leg. Been good game so far. 1-0 River now. 3-1 on agg.
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