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  1. As HarleyQuinn says I really wouldn’t get sacking McInnes just to replace him with Glass. His record at Atlanta is hardly inspiring. Appointing Glass would just increase my doubts about Cormack. I am also still surprised at sacking McInnes to allow an interim team to try to win the cup. Can understand sacking him if the intention was to give the new team a run at the cup but if we are just going with the interim team we would have been as well sticking with McInnes to the summer.
  2. Had to happen but thought it would be summer before he went.
  3. McGregor is the best keeper by some way. Also the biggest c**t. Purely based on his performances against the Dons would say Siegrist is best of the rest. Joe Lewis has not been as good as previous seasons but still think he is in top 5 with Marciano and Alnwick.
  4. Can I enquire what you are drinking and does it come in pints?
  5. Taylor is fit which is a surprise. Looks like a 4-5-1.
  6. Got the impression from the press conference yesterday that Taylor might not be fit for today.
  7. Room for one more. As someone else has said no pressure Ethan but if you could take on the creative role for the entire team and maybe score a couple as well that would be grand.
  8. Is according to the DR. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/fraser-hornby-agrees-aberdeen-loan-23416568
  9. He was on the field for couple of minutes when it fell to him and from memory it was his first touch. I would say that made it harder than it looked.
  10. 6 goals in two games against Andorra and San Marino.
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