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  1. No complaints about that. McInnes made a complete tit of the substitutions and tactical change after we went 1-0 down but the lack of any real quality in our team was real reason we lost. Been too many games this season like that.
  2. Supposed to a collection points at various places around the ground including outside the away end.
  3. Never saw us getting anything out of tonight especially after our gutless inept first 35 minutes. First goal was totally against the run of play but it seemed to throw the Tribute Act off their stride. Good point in the end. Boyd raging on Sky just now is an added bonus.
  4. Now had two SNP flyers still nothing from anybody else.
  5. Jute

    Week 13

    Jealous much. This is some game.
  6. Edinburgh East 1 Lib Dem that wife had stuck in the bin before I got home and nothing else so far.
  7. As an independent nation we will be able to set Policies that will correct those issues.
  8. Jute

    Week 11

    And 9ers D finish game with a fumble recovery and a TD.
  9. Jute

    Week 11

    9ers D with massive turnover. That’s the game.
  10. Jute

    Week 11

    9ers D with a massive stop.
  11. Jute

    Week 11

    That’s another interception.
  12. Jute

    Week 11

    And fail to convert the 2 point conversion. That is going to come back and haunt us.
  13. Jute

    Week 11

    Bourne actually holds on to a pass TD 9ers.
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