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  1. Are we just going to field a team of midfielders?
  2. Does he apologise for calling one of our players who was a victim of racism a liar or or is it swept under the carpet again.
  3. Played 90 league games for Brentford. ETA: With Gurr clearing waivers that means not only did Atlanta not think he was good enough but none of the other teams in the MLS did either.
  4. Very possibly as not going to be buying a Dons season ticket while Brown and Gallagher are there.
  5. Cheers. I never moved down until well after that so that explains why I hadn’t seen it.
  6. When did they play in the green one. Can remember the other 3 but not that one.
  7. Saw that but even a 50% cut would still be sitting above what we pay normally.
  8. Would think his wages would be an issue as well as list published by MLS has them being USD 775,000 before bonuses.
  9. Extended in January. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/aberdeen-winger-connor-mclennan-targets-trophies-after-signing-contract-extension/
  10. Anyone who doesn’t think this will just be a stepping stone to the Glasgow teams getting their Colts into the pyramid permanently is delusional. I usually attend Lowland League games when I cannot attend a Dons game but this will stop if they go ahead with this.
  11. That’s pretty much my thought on it. I didn’t think it was a penalty or a foul but would expect Gollum to have flashed a red and given a foul if it was the other way round. Same with Turnbull incident. If that is McGeouch kicking out at Turnbull he would have been off.
  12. Was just away to ask that or back 3 of Hoban, Considine and McCrorie.
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