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  1. Rangers vs Aberdeen Sun 28th

    Do we have 11 fit players?
  2. Dreadful game of football but good 3 points for a team missing arguably our best players. No idea why Killie tried to engage us in a physical battle. Greeting from their fans when their bully boy tactics never worked was hilarious.
  3. Finished 2-0 to Sunderland. Sunderland were much better team in first half and deservedly 2-0 up at half time with Lewis Morgan getting the first with shot from edge of box. Bit more even in the 2nd half
  4. Most I spoke to on Sunday after the game would disagree. With the injuries this will be a very difficult game. Letting Anderson and especially Wright go on loan really coming back to bite us on the arse now.
  5. Heading to Bonnyrigg v Bo’ness in East of Scotland Conference B today or I will be if bus gets there in time. ETA: Finished 3-1 to Bo’ness. Comfortable victory for Bo’ness with them even being able to miss a penalty in the second half. Suspect Bonnyrigg will not be overly concerned as they will be keeping something in reserve for play offs.
  6. NFL General Discussion

    Hoping so as wanting to get trip booked soon as flight prices keep rising.
  7. NFL General Discussion

    Has anyone any idea when the 2019 schedule will be announced.
  8. Tickets booked for Sunderland v Doncaster next Friday. Had hoped to do a double header with Gateshead v Chesterfield but no Metro trains stopping at Gateshead Stadium station due to engineering work so cannot make both games.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It would be if the b*****ds weren't going to drag the rest of us down as they do it.
  10. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Was Campbell the number 4 for Bo’ness? Thought he had a great game.
  11. ETA Finished 8-7 to Bo’ness on penalties after being 2-2 aet. Enjoyable game.
  12. Heading to Newtongrange Star v Bo’ness tonight in the East of Scotland League Cup.
  13. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    Was it not Candeias who they tried to appeal a second yellow for.
  14. He is more than a bit didsapointing. Livingston away aside he has been a complete flop and a waste of money.