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  1. SSN reporting crush outside the games has left 6 folk dead.
  2. Should not be loaning players unless there is an option to buy. Otherwise just developing someone else’s player. Better giving that game time to one of our own youngsters in that case. As for Johnston his injury record raises too many red flags for me.
  3. If Bucs win tomorrow I agree that it will be unlikely 9ers make it but if it’s the Rams they are a team that 9ers have beaten twice this season already and the 9ers games in LA are usually as good as home games. As for Bengals Burrows has the talent to get them there if his offensive line don’t get him killed first.
  4. At least next week will be somewhere warm. Last time the Bengals won a divisional game they lost to 49ers in the super bowl. Just saying….
  5. That was only way we would get a TD. However it gives Rodgers 4 minutes.
  6. Jimmy G and offence really need to take chances D keep giving them.
  7. 9ers D bailing out Jimmy and the offence again.
  8. That’s your fault you said he was playing well.
  9. Doesn’t matter. 9ers Oline is not providing any protection.
  10. In my totally biased opinion that is correct call.
  11. Not such a good start by 9ers.
  12. Leith Ath 0-0 Haddington Ath (1-4 on penalties)
  13. Bosa cleared concussion protocols and is good to go.
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