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  1. Didn't realise the Hacienda one was from Williams Bros, will give it a bash the next time I'm in.
  2. I wonder how many people actually keep the subscription going as everyone I know has always cancelled after receiving their first 'free' box.
  3. I'd imagine that if it was closed door games then rosters would be pretty Brit heavy this season. Although streaming would provide a source of revenue I don't think it would be enough to fund a full roster of imports.
  4. I can see there not being an EIHL league this season, or at best a half season starting in January. Clan still haven't appointed a head coach or signed up any players as of yet (understandable with the uncertainty going about).
  5. Don't even get chips and cheese out the Blue Lagoon in Glasgow when you're pished then!
  6. I know this is a PC based thread but there are some great discounts to be had using other countries PSN and Xbox live stores. Can be abit of a faff to set up the first time but well worth it, I picked up the Assassins Creed Odyssey Ultimate Edition on Turkish Psn for about £19 the other month.
  7. Think the issue would have been with the cost of testing every player and member of staff twice a week and any other changes that would require to be implemented to make it 'safe'.
  8. Taken with a camera from the 1890's as well I think.
  9. Got a feeling that Ryan Fraser will end up there next season.
  10. Emily Dean comes across as having a very high opinion of herself any time I've listened to it. It's the only show on Absolut Radio that I'll turn over when I hear it is on.
  11. Is there any benefit to always fighting for Spartan or Athens in each area? Or is purely down to how much good gear you want each time?
  12. I saw that aswell but surely if you've scored a goal (that's not an OG or some other freak goal) then surely you've had a shot on target?
  13. Plus whatever fee they've paid Shanghai to allow him to come on loan.
  14. Not sure why everyone has got so excited about Ighalo at Utd, claiming his signing has been a success, he's scored a couple of goals in the Europa League and had a few cameo appearances in the league in which he's failed to score.
  15. At least 50mil of that price tag is because he's English, not because he's any good.
  16. Players that lie on the ground injured for ages until either the ref stops the game or it eventually goes out of play, then the ref goes over to them, they moan to the ref then get up and get on with it without needing any other treatment. I know there's a certain amount of gamesmanship involved but it annoys the life out of me.
  17. I think they all knelt down but some seemed to stand up before the whistle blew (not sure if there's an agreed time for them to be kneeling).
  18. They're prob not as 'sexy' a brewery as other big Scottish ones like Brewdog, West and Innes and Gunn, but they prob have by far the best range of beers.
  19. Dier and Sanchez are the centre halfs (halves?) for Spurs against Man Utd, I genuinely fear for them tonight.
  20. Some beers for tonight and rum for tomorrow!
  21. Think Ozil will be away but Torreira was just coming back from a bad ankle injury which might explain his absence.
  22. What was the sky presenter saying there? If arsenal don't make their subs at half time then they need to make them all at the same time in the second half?
  23. It's amazing he's commanded over £100 million in transfer fees over his career so far.
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