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  1. Benchwarmers- 2/10 Terrible terrible terrible!!! Expected it to be one of those films that is so amateurish and bad that it is funny, however its just a terrible film!!! Harold adn Kumar Get The Munchies - 7/10 Quite funny, along the same lines as Jay and Silent Bob and Road Trip and stuff!!! Few laugh out loud moments!!!
  2. My sister got a suitcase from Matalan a few months back, sure it was pretty cheap!!
  3. Pan's Labyrinth-8/10 Not quite what I was expecting from it but still a quality film. Good to gave something abit differant now and again instead of all the Hollywood pish!!!
  4. Watched Apocalypto earlier - 8/10 Very good film, very graphic but not really excessive!! Very good, go see it!!!
  5. My Cousin Vinny 8/10 Good film considerin it was a comedy based in a courtroom!!! Some genuinely laugh out loud minutes!!
  6. The Butterfly Effect - 8/10 Not what I expected, but was alot better than I expected. ABit far fetched but if you overlook that then it was a pretty good film.
  7. Blades of Glory - 7.5 out of 10 Funnier than Talladega Nights but not a patch on Anchorman!!! Good film , plenty of stupid laughs in it. As long as you arent expectin anything more than a stupid comedy then you wont be disappointed.
  8. The 300 - 9/10 Pretty damn good!!!! Think of a mix between Gladiators action and Sin Citys visual style and your not too far off the 300. Good to see a proper mans man playing the lead role in these films instead of Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt. Film doesnt need alot of thinking and is a pretty easy watch. Def recommend it tho!!
  9. The Pursuit of Happyness - 7/10 Pretty decent film with Will Smith and his son. Abit slow in places but overall a pretty good film for pretty much all ages!
  10. If you liked Oldboy then get A Bittersweet Life, another Korean film. Id say prob better than Oldboy, but the ending is extremely strange!! You'll know what I mean if you've seen it!!!
  11. Beerfest. I think I have just been robbed of the last hour and half of my life by this film!!! From the same people who brought you Supertroopers, and starring the same people who were in Supertroopers. But it was rank rotten. Had a couple of funny bits, but you know that way that you've watched so much of the film that its too late to switch it off and u just want it to hurry up and end, well that is most of Beerfest!! 1/10
  12. Snakes On A Plane 3/10 Jesus this film is so bad, its boring as hell too!!! Once you've seen one person get bitten by a snake you dont nedd to see everyone else on the plane get bitten aswell!! The Man Who Wasn't There 8/10 Fantastic film by the Cohen brothers. Billy Bob Thornton is superb in it. Its shot n black and white which makes it a little bit differant and may not be to everyones taste, but I would recommend anyone to go see this film.
  13. When you buy tickets for concerts or gigs for your mates and they either: 1.Dont give you the money for the tickets, or if they do it takes them about 3 months!!! or 2. Tell you about 2 or 3 hours before the gig starts that they forgot all about it and that they are working!!
  14. Quality film, although you can kinda guess the twist at the end half way throught the film dont you think?
  15. Assault on Precinct 13 (the new one) 8/10 Not a bad film, some dodgy actin in it tho but still very watchable!!!
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