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  1. Just been for my first ever Five Guys (sorry no pics), and whilst it was really good it would have been the best part of £35 for burger, chips and a soft drink for the two of us if it wasnt for the government half price offer.
  2. Aldi's version of Pepsi Max, Lilt and Fanta taste everybit as good as the proper versions.
  3. You got a recipe for the ox cheek? I've got some in the freezer but not entirely sure what do with them! (other than that they will need to be slow cooked).
  4. Is that def real? Must be the only Adidas kit this year that doesn't have that horrible neck line!
  5. Took advantage of Boris's eat out offer and went to Mamasan in Glasgow tonight. Had the Thai Sausage Bao Bun followed by the beef brisket masaman curry. It was sublime!
  6. If anyone gets/has a new TV and wants some demo material to test it out then I'd recommend a series called Tiny Creatures. It's a very American style nature documentary which seems abit staged however the picture quality is absolutely sublime, prob the best looking programme I've seen on Netflix.
  7. Turns out Polony is just what you hear the Americans referring to as Baloney. I always assumed this was really cheap processed meat (like Billy Bear without the bear shape) and I think I might have been spot on.
  8. Wee selection from Lidl to try over the weekend.
  9. I'm now about 50 hours and whilst I have enjoyed it, it's now feeling like a bit of a grind, it's like playing the same 6-8 hour game, over and over again, which is fine if it wasn't for the fact that it'll likely take over 100 hours to play through. I actually enjoy some of the story quests but there's far too many side quests that are just annoying fetch missions (I've stopped even looking at quests on message boards) and the thought of having to find the 40 odd cult members isn't exactly encouraging me to keep going.
  10. Got onto their site and 'purchased' it with absolutely no issues. Likely to remain in my library unplayed but good to have it!
  11. To be honest I've never been able to get into any of these games, always wanted to but always seemed abit too complex for me.
  12. Total War: Troy is getting released tomorrow and is free on the epic games store for 24 hours only. Not sure if their servers will cope with demand tho!
  13. Season 2 has alot less nudity, just to prepare you!
  14. Businesses get charged by banks for depositing cash though don't they? Not sure how much it is tho.
  15. What exactly is a vegatable naan?
  16. Think he's back on board for the 3rd film.
  17. Rumours on twitter saying Dean Holden has been offered the managers job Bristol City.
  18. Benjamin Zephaniah currently on QI killing the vibe and telling Sandi Toksvig she's wrong!
  19. spud131


    Similar to Budapest where they've got about 20 or so brass shoes as a monument on the side of the river to show that the nazis got the Jews to remove their shows before them shot them into the river as the shoes had some value.
  20. Anyone playing Fall Guys? Downloaded it earlier, its a cracking laugh and it's surprising how much you get into it.
  21. spud131


    We just got the train from the airport to the city centre and back (I'm sure our return flight was super early but the trains start around 4am). We booked an Auschwitz tour on viator, I'll look and see if I still have any emails with details of the exact one. We done a food tour on the first night: https://www.deliciouspoland.com/krakow-food-tour Which was really good, there were only 4 of us on it and got plenty of food as well as a couple of beer and vodkas to taste. The girl who ran the tour was very easy on the eye as well! Black Duck was one the restauarants I remember we went to which was really good, sure we had 3 courses each and some wine and it was like £35/40 for everything. Starka restaurant was another one which was really good, we went for lunch one day and really enjoyed it and tried to get back their for dinner on our last night but it was fully booked.
  22. House went on the market at 4pm on Monday and sold by lunchtime today!
  23. Fairly new to drinking red wine but this stuff is incredibly nice!
  24. Clan announcing their first 3 import signings later tonight. Have to say I'm surprised we're announcing import signings considering there's still so much uncertainty over whether the league will go ahead this season.
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