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    FM 2020

    Installed this earlier after downloading it for free from the Epic game store. Its the first FM I've played since about 2012ish (after having the FM addiction that most of us have faced). Have to say I'm abit overwhelmed by it all, seems to options for absolutely everything nowadays and it's all abit cramped in on my laptop screen. Will keep with it for a few days and see if I can get used to it!
  2. The UK store is usually pretty dire but a Turkish or Indonesian account and a Revolut card will save you a few quid.
  3. Bandsfc.com are releasing this in collaboration with the band The Twilight Sad with the profits going to charity. Have to say its an absolute belter and better than most of the real strips on here.
  4. Looks like Football Manager 2020 has been added as one of the free Epic Store free games for this week. Their site seems to be down just now tho.
  5. Unfortunately not the wife only had a small handbag with her and we were going elsewhere for lunch afterwards!
  6. Had a pint if T from the tank in The Citizen in Glasgow earlier this week. Meant to be fresher tasting than normal T due to it not being pasteurised, cant say I noticed much of a difference other than a fancy glass and it costing an extra quid!
  7. The new Spiderman, Horizon and Sackboy games are all being released on ps4 aswell as ps5 and will receive a free upgrade if you purchase the PS4 versions (digital or disc). http://www.ign.com//articles/2020/09/16/ps5-horizon-forbidden-west-spider-man-miles-morales-ps4
  8. After a quick Google it appears that the only difference is the lack of a disc drive. I much prefer digital and very rarely buy a game at full price but I still think that Sony needs to have some competition in the digital market like selling digital codes for games via other retailers that the retailers can set the prices for (obviously would be based on what price Sony 'sell' them the codes for).
  9. No details yet (as far as I've seen) as to whether the digital version is exactly the same minus the disc drive or whether it's a slightly spec'd down version of the main console (like the xbox).
  10. What channel/streaming service is it on?
  11. Downloaded this last night and have to say its great fun. Def worth doing the tutorial as I was just button mashing my way through it for the first hour or so.
  12. spud131

    The Walking Dead

    Apparently been confirmed and there will then be 2 spin off shows after it. The first featuring Daryll and Carol.
  13. Just reached the Umbrella Lab in the Leon story. Is there enough of a difference in Leon and Claire's stories to warrant playing one immediately after the other?
  14. Wife has started watching Married at First Sight Australia. Its absolutely brain rotting stuff, makes Love Island look high brow. There also seems to be about a million episodes per series as well!
  15. Just seen the last 10 mins of soccer aid (didn't even know it was on), have they just put any English born person with a foreign sounding name into the world xi? Ore Oduba, Kem Cetinay, Serge Pizzorno and Santan Dave (real name David Orobosa Omoregie)?
  16. Started Resident Evil 2 remake this afternoon and about 2 hours in so far. Really enjoying it so far, was always too scared to play the original when it came out (was prob about 13 at the time). It's amazing how quickly your ammo and health packs can get used up and leaving you fearing a zombie encounter everytime you enter a new area.
  17. But the difference in content and depth between a NES and a PS1/PS2 would be quite significant anyway I would imagine.
  18. Didn't realise that it was only episodes 1-3 that were being released today and the rest is being released weekly.
  19. Apparently there's a meeting with all the club owners on 15th September when they will decide whether or not the league will start as planned in December, cant see it happening to be honest. Clan have apparently told any players under contract for the upcoming season to consider alternative employment.
  20. Camden Market in London is a total dump and is massively over rated.
  21. She had not been heard from in 4 days in the run up to her death therefor its possible that she has died (of any number of things) and that the baby hasn't been fed for 3 or 4 days therefor it was malnourished when it was found.
  22. I'm pretty sure it will be transferable as long as you sign into your ps5 using the same account.
  23. It's a great book, read it on holiday a few years ago. I've been waiting for his follow up Year of the Locust to come out but it's had several release dates that keep getting pushed back.
  24. Street Fighter V and PUBG for September.
  25. Whilst there are obviously alot of questions to be asked in relation to her death I don't think the cause of death has been revealed. The baby was described as being malnourished but not seen anything saying she had starved to death.
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