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  1. Since the wife is about 8 and a half months pregnant there's no booze for me. Decided to try some no alcohol beer and was pleasantly surprised by these, don't think you would know by the taste that they are alcohol free. Apparently Brooklyn brewery have started an alcohol free range so might try and pick some up over the next wee while to try.
  2. People who have companies selling 'fragrances that smell exactly like your favourites but at a quarter of the price'. I don't have a problem with them selling them, it's the fact that they always say they're not copies or fakes they just happen to smell exactly like the real ones and come in boxes very similar also!
  3. My experience with Wild Beer Co is that they generally sound better than they taste.
  4. Little Nightmares free steam key from Bandai Namco. https://store.bandainamcoent.eu/uk/product/437890/little-nightmares-pc-download
  5. Not sure why Neville keeps saying Shaw misses the ball, he gets a touch on the ball but it's his studs up follow through that's the issue.
  6. I know Villa had 9 first team players out because of coronavirus but were the remaining first team players told to isolate, otherwise it seems abit weird bit to include any of the other 16 players that would be in the first team squad (appreciate it was a cup game not the league).
  7. Anyone know what butchers use that make their steak pie taste different from just stew with pastry? Is it just the fact they prob use proper stock as opposed to a couple of stock cubes?
  8. If you go through uswitch website they have that same virgin deal but you also get £200 credited to your account, we signed up for it and just waiting for an engineer to come out and do the install. We had virgin in our old house and found it to be pretty good, some people seem to complain about their Internet constantly going down but we never had any major issues with it. If you've had virgin in your house before then you can prob do a self install otherwise you'll need an engineer to come out.
  9. Been playing Anno 1800 after picking it up for £6 from the Epic Store with a voucher. Really enjoying it so far, definitely one of those games where your constantly spinning plates but not overwhelming you at the same time thankfully. As an aside I signed up for Geforce Now (£25 for 6 months) and have to say I'm pretty impressed with it so far, using it on my laptop which usually struggles with all but the most basic games due to on board graphics but get fantastic results with Geforce Now, Anno 1800 and Kingdom Come Deliverance play great. Hopefully they'll expand the game library over time.
  10. People walking on the wrong side of the pavement. Been out for walks with the wife the last few days since the weather's been nice and the amount of people who walk on the right hand side of the path and don't move as they come towards you. Surely the correct side of the path to walk on is the left side since it's the side we drive etc.
  11. Was just coming on to question how she has managed to stay 'current' for the last 17 years on the back of one decent song and getting pumped by a couple of second rate footballer!
  12. Think that just showed how much it has fallen in the last 20 years or so. Very few of the non football sketches have ever been particularly funny.
  13. Watched a fair few tutorial/beginner guides on YouTube before I actually started playing this. Been playing for a couple of afternoons now and have to say, I still don't have a fucking clue what's going on.
  14. Got a bottle of this for Xmas (amongst others), wasn't expecting much but actually tastes exactly like banana bread!
  15. Whenever I'm making dinner the wife will generally sit on her phone checking Facebook etc, it's not until everything is ready and I'm juggling hot trays out the oven and trying to sort things on the hob at the same time that she'll start telling me some inane fucking story that she could have told me at any point during the day but has decided that this is the best time to tell me it. Every fucking day!
  16. Not been screened in the UK yet.
  17. I've started watching some tutorials for this (since it's free) looks like my type of game but looks totally overwhelming and the small part of the tutorial I've played so far hasn't helped!
  18. Ubisoft giving away some games as well including Anno 1701 historical edition, trials rising. https://register.ubisoft.com/happyholidays2020-lastchance/en-US
  19. Epic store giving away a different game everyday for 15 days (started on Thursday). This is apparently the leaked list which has been correct with the first 2 so far. New game everyday at 4pm.
  20. Anyone else's Amazon stream for the Liverpool game gone down?
  21. I think this is part of their Southampton route, Glasgow-Edinburgh-Southampton. A few of the airlines have been doing this lately with the likes of Air Transat doing Glasgow-Manchester-Toronto.
  22. Pretty sure you can play digital and physical games on it. Think there is a handful of titles (fairly obscure ones) that won't play on the PS5 tho.
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