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  1. Charlton currently 5/2 away to Wigan on Saturday. Seems good odds for teams at opposite ends of the table!
  2. Another statement that doesn't really tell us anything.
  3. Any reason East Fife (top of the table) are priced at evens away to Montrose (bottom of the table)? Seems a very good price.
  4. Cracking restaurant called Mincovna set in the old Prague Mint next to the Cartier shop on the main square. Slightly above average prices but really good food (and not a tourist rip off despite being on the main square).
  5. And that's why no one likes the English!
  6. Something like the pixel 2/2xl would prob be a decent bet if you could pick one up at a decent price. Both still really fast phones with really good cameras. Will both get updates from Google for the foreseeable since they are first party handsets.
  7. Charlie Hull, female golfer. I know absolutely nothing about her but she's on the sky advert for the Solheim cup and just looks like a smug c**t.
  8. England - 2 at home to Kosovo is currently 6/5 on bet365. Cant really see past a comfortable England win!
  9. I think November will be off season for the majority of Turkey and the weather is likely to be abit hit and miss. Somewhere like the Canaries or Cape Verde would prob be your best best at that time of the year if you're looking for almost guaranteed good weather.
  10. New Netflix show The Spy starring Sacha Baron Cohen looks really good. Only thing is that Cohen's character looks alot like Borat which may be abit off putting in a serious program!
  11. Sounds like last night was even worse! Hopefully it's just a case of new player settling in and everyone getting used to the new systems etc.
  12. Not sure if it's the same ones you mean but Nationwide have 'stand up comedians' on their adverts just now. I'm pretty sure Nationwide are on a crusade to get as many shite adverts out in a row as possible, from the poetry, to the annoying singing sisters to rubbish stand up comedians!
  13. Rudden signs for Plymouth on a 6 month loan.
  14. It's the amount of pundits that don't understand how VAR is being implemented. Holloway and a few others going on about the man city handball not being a clear and obvious mistake, I thought it was pretty common knowledge that VAR automatically reviews all goals and will therefor highlight any missed offences.
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