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  1. Adebayo Akinfenwa has come out and said he was called a 'fat water buffalo' by a member of Fleetwood towns staff and believes this to be a racist comment as a water buffalo is dark skinned like him.
  2. I think the difference with the stadiums is when they are renamed, it's a new build stadium and it's given a corporate name in the first year or so I don't think it's so bad as it is generally only known by that name, and would prob be known by that name (emirates or etihad) even when any sponsorship deal ends.
  3. 2nd attempt at bread, looks much better this time, bigger score on the top seems to have fixed the 'blow out' from last time. Some homemade pork and chorizo rolls as well (shop bought pastry tho).
  4. I honestly don't think most clubs will care, also I don't think he refused to play, he just said he wasn't going to be signing an extension past his contract expiry on 30th June and Eddie Howe decided not to play him after the season restarted.
  5. Angel's piss, a tramp's piss....doesnt matter who's piss it is, its still piss!
  6. Think this week was just the first week.
  7. Would suggest prob not if you've contacted them and cancelled the holiday. If the final balance was just outstanding and the holiday hadn't been cancelled then I'd imagine you'd get it back.
  8. Got these for tonight. Not tried any of them before.
  9. Loch Lomond Southern Summit is a really good beer for easy drinking on a summers day.
  10. Aldi doing another Scottish Beer Festival at the moment, they've got the Williams Bros Tin Man and Che Guevara lager for £1.79. I have a pdf of their leaflet with all the beer includes but it won't allow me to upload it.
  11. My response was in direct reply to Thistles post and not the article as I've not had the chance to read it all yet. Toure was (rightly) regarded as the best powerful, direct midfielder in the league (possibly the world) at that time, its not unreasonable that commentators/pundits would highlight these attributes in his play over say his technical ability, which whilst being very good was bettered by other players in the league.
  12. But can you think of a 'white' player with the same characteristics and style of play playing in the EPL? I genuinely can't off the top of my head.
  13. Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is available for £4.99 on the Psn store just now. Cracking game, not sure how much of a multilayer community there still is but well worth it for the single player alone.
  14. I had put a small cross on the top obviously not big enough. How deep to I want to score it next time?
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