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  1. Soutter is an absolute giant compared to the Nepalese
  2. It's pricey in Australia if you're converting pounds to AUD, so you probably want to get a job pretty quickly. By all accounts, some of the farm work is akin to slave labour so be careful if you do any. Melbs is a great city though, you'll have a lot of fun there!
  3. Nice town Port Fairy. Worth visiting Tower Hill just outside of it, a great chance to see native wildlife, including snakes (relatively safely) !
  4. 2 defensive howlers by the Aussie's. Otherwise they were much the better team.
  5. Arnold knows Australia's failings well enough but what can he do? What annoyes me about the Asian confederation is that the good teams are not that good but the bad teams are bad. Most games are so one sided but no good team can really break down the parked bus.
  6. Same old story with Australia. No creativity and no decent striker.
  7. St Kilda is a bit of a backpacker hole. North of the river is more hipster and better for a night out, especially Fitzroy. Carlton, Brunswick and Richmond are fun too with fantastic food options. Definitely the best city in Australia by a mile! Oh, and Ramsey Street is doable by tram (or an official tour)!
  8. The addition of the panel has been bad. I'll give it a few more weeks but it's ruined whatnwasna great podcast.
  9. Gave the first couple of episodes of the Totally Scottish Football show a listen... They need to find some decent pundits quickly. The non OF ones were bearable but the Celtic and especially the Rangers fan sounded like barely coherent ned's. In fact they seemed to resemble the Only an Excuse old firm stereotypes. 'Barca Jim' for his sake. Is it really that hard to find a Scottish pundit who can speak intelligently and thoughtfully about the game and doesn't sound like they've had a lungful of helium? The Terrace is way better at the moment.
  10. The lure of working under and learning from Muscat will prove too hard to resist.
  11. You might have bent the derailleur hanger. There's plenty of videos online to help diagnose this. I had something similar where the derailleur chainrings were very worn causing the chain to rattle and skip off. Check to see if this is causing it. Replacements can be bought cheaply and are pretty easy to replace.
  12. It was one of the most one sided games I've seen. Australia had to win by 5 or 6 to qualify automatically and they should have! Thailand were horrific that night. I think Thailand have a boy who's half Welsh playing for them too. Indonesia (and the Philippines to a lesser extent) are the interesting countries to keep an eye on. Massive interest in the game and big crowds and if they could ever manage to get a decent team together it would be very interesting.
  13. Minor champions means virtually nothing though. All the news is about Victory's 4th title. No one will remember Sydney were top by a mile. Same thing happens in the Aussie rules.
  14. I agree. I always enjoy watching the random countries in Asia playing each other but after watching Australia against Syria and Thailand, there is a big gulf in quality. Australia could easily have hit double figures against the Thais for example. I'm worried that in Australia's group, the 3 other teams will park the bus and time waste all match making the games terrible to watch. The knock outs are always great to watch in the Asian Cup though. Anyone remember the Iran v Iraq game in the last tournament? That was some game!
  15. The goal certainly was dodgy. Feel bad for Newcastle as they had a great 1st half and could have had a couple of goals. It shows how unfair the Australian play off system is that a team that finishes 4th is the champions. It's the same across all Australian sports I guess.
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