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  1. Watt ended up lying in the goalmouth with a defender standing over him and he then booted the defender from the ground. Unfortunately the linesman was also watching so a straight red was forthcoming and deserved too. Apart from that it was a fun match to watch with East Fife maybe just shading it, but the Blues were also impressive. Stranraer seemed to just slightly lack the ability to turn possession into a few more meaningful attacks. First time seeing the Blues in the flesh for a couple of years, so seeing Stair Park wreathed in sunshine was fantastic. Oh, and our keeper is absolutely tiny!
  2. It hasn't stopped you spouting nonsense however. Australia (excluding WA) has adopted a living with covid approach months ago once 80 to 90% of the population was double vaccinated, including opening international borders. This approach has held firm despite the recent Omicron surge. The Australian 'aim' is perfectly clear. WA, by dint of its isolated location, has resisted Covid so far. Everyone knows that an Omicron outbreak is inevitable, indeed it looks like it it's happening now. Despite being the laughing stock of Australia, most people in WA support the border closures arguing they have spent most of the last 2 years living a normal life, mostly mask and lockdown free, but not being allowed to return to the state of they leave. They'll have a few lockdown as cases rise, but once the cases hit a few thousand a day that'll stop and the borders will reopen. There's just not the political capital to be gained by opening the borders before a major outbreak.
  3. That was my first earthquake too, what a weird feeling it was.
  4. I suspect it's more to do with potential backlashes to these restrictions - there will be a federal election in the next 10 months and everything is framed around that. The travel restrictions mean travel is something for rich or famous people only and eventually that will have political implications.
  5. Love Gianluca Vialli popping up celebrating!
  6. Ange would be a really interesting appointment. He loves a passing, build from the back game and religiously stuck with it with the Australian national team, trusting it to get results in pressure situations. He did an amazing job with Brisbane, won the Asian Cup with Australia and the J League too. A great record and I excited to see what he can do if he gets the job
  7. It's legal in Victoria, Australia to cycle on the hard shoulder on motorways outside of urban areas. It certainly feels like a weird thing to do the first couple of times but there is a fair bit of a draught when a couple of B doubles blaze past. Only problem is the amount of debris present on the shoulders. Most of my punctures have happened on them, usually caused the thin wire inside of burst tires which seems to litter the shoulders. I once had to ride in lane 1 to get past a car that had just caught fire on the shoulder. The other option was long grass on the verge which looked like prime snake territory so I decide to chance it in the traffic.
  8. All I can say is that the bike is definitely entry level going by the specs. If you got into riding a lot then you'd be looking at buying a new bike rather than upgrading this one. My worry is that the components are poor and break quickly forcing you to buy new ones. Personally I'd be checking out decathlon if you're looking in that price range. If you do buy it, let us know what it's like as I'd be keen to know!
  9. That's a bad situation to be in, and she won't even be able to go back to Australia either. Unless she plays tennis...
  10. The Victorian scale is a bit weird, don't think there are many pubs you would order a schooner in, apart from wanky bars who'll charge the same price as a pint. A pot or a pint is the general measurement here.
  11. Anyone else loathe pressfit bottom brackets? 14 months in and it's started to creak, usually after 20kms. Anyone had much luck fixing these without resorting to replacement?
  12. What speed is it? Count the cogs on the cassette to find out. A quick search if your bike says it might be an 8 speed. You should be able to pick up KMC 8 speed chain cheaply.
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