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  1. All I can say is that the bike is definitely entry level going by the specs. If you got into riding a lot then you'd be looking at buying a new bike rather than upgrading this one. My worry is that the components are poor and break quickly forcing you to buy new ones. Personally I'd be checking out decathlon if you're looking in that price range. If you do buy it, let us know what it's like as I'd be keen to know!
  2. That's a bad situation to be in, and she won't even be able to go back to Australia either. Unless she plays tennis...
  3. The Victorian scale is a bit weird, don't think there are many pubs you would order a schooner in, apart from wanky bars who'll charge the same price as a pint. A pot or a pint is the general measurement here.
  4. Anyone else loathe pressfit bottom brackets? 14 months in and it's started to creak, usually after 20kms. Anyone had much luck fixing these without resorting to replacement?
  5. What speed is it? Count the cogs on the cassette to find out. A quick search if your bike says it might be an 8 speed. You should be able to pick up KMC 8 speed chain cheaply.
  6. Some strike from big Allan. Brings back the memories. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I'm really enjoying the Football Ramble Greatest Games. Speller is the pick of the bunch of the FR presenters and there's been a wide variety of games to keep it interesting. The Boca one with the great Martin Palermo was brilliant. Late 90s was such a great time to watch Argentinian football with all the famous youngsters, especially if you played CM.
  8. I vaguely remember someone claimed to be sleeping in a flat in Dundee and was woken by noises outside the window. On opening the curtains, they had a closeup view of a woman being assfucked against the window. Only in Dundee...
  9. Soutter is an absolute giant compared to the Nepalese
  10. It's pricey in Australia if you're converting pounds to AUD, so you probably want to get a job pretty quickly. By all accounts, some of the farm work is akin to slave labour so be careful if you do any. Melbs is a great city though, you'll have a lot of fun there!
  11. Nice town Port Fairy. Worth visiting Tower Hill just outside of it, a great chance to see native wildlife, including snakes (relatively safely) !
  12. 2 defensive howlers by the Aussie's. Otherwise they were much the better team.
  13. Arnold knows Australia's failings well enough but what can he do? What annoyes me about the Asian confederation is that the good teams are not that good but the bad teams are bad. Most games are so one sided but no good team can really break down the parked bus.
  14. Same old story with Australia. No creativity and no decent striker.
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