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  1. What's the rules,if Jack wanted to cancel his loan at Hartlepool with no game time and go out on loan elsewhere before October 1st
  2. I still think we need 2 strikers,and hopefully soon,get this team up the other end of the park,take the pressure off the defence.
  3. Arbroath have one young striker at the club that is it, hopefully we can add a couple of strikers today.
  4. I think he needs to go out on loan to the championship till January,like Nouble
  5. 4 mistake s from Arbroath, which is very unlike us.Hopefully a striker or two to come in yet as we don t really have a striker,and a midfielder.I thought Arbroath done well against the favourite s for the league.
  6. Would love to see Kevin McDonald in an Arbroath shirt.Just been released by Dundee United,local aswell.
  7. Bring Dylan Easton back you mean,played 4 or 5 games for Arbroath
  8. Took in game,thought Forfar had most of the chances,with Stenny having slightly more of the ball,but not troubling the Forfar keeper much apart from Euan O Reilly s shot,he should have scored.How did the Forfar player miss that header maybe 4 yards out in first half.Never seen Craig Slater before live, impressed by him.
  9. I think Taylor s lost the plot there .Hamilton have been the biggest time wasters I ve seen all season
  10. Every part time club in Scotland is hybrid then,all have atleast one full time player on loan
  11. Poor last night but can t say too much players have been outstanding this season.If Hamilton had concentrated on trying to win the game instead of time wasting they probably would have won.What were the Hamilton players doing at both penalty s when the ball was on the spot ,pushing players ,moving the ball,trying everything to disrupt the game.
  12. How can O Reilly not be registered,I thought he signed a new deal.
  13. I still can t believe,4 days ago Hamilton couldn't get any players together,COVID/injuries then a miracle happens,18 players ok for Sunday , praise the lord.
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