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  1. Could be a good appointment if Stenny go for Maurice Ross,he s not new to management having spent the last 4 years as manager of clubs in Norway and Faroe Islands.I m sure Maurice won a league and a couple of his clubs played European football qualifiers.
  2. Brechin City 2018 /19

    I think Maurice has been a manager since 2013,in Norway/Faroes,so he s not new to management.Is Maurice not from Dundee,so will be quite local,and will probably have good contacts in Scotland/England for loan players.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Ross
  3. Arbroath vs Edinburgh City

    Well beaten by a very good Edinburgh side.We lost the midfield battle with the changes,which brought the pressure on our defence.Still never a penalty for Edinburgh 3rd a great dive by Shepherd,will the same thing happen to Shepherd which happens to Kilmarnock s Jones [emoji12]
  4. League Cup 18/19 Group A

    I think Arbroath are down to 13 player s with 3 being on holiday and one still injured,and still some signings to be made.Hopefully we take a decent crowd,and give United a good game.
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    Scott Martin and Blair Yule s replacement maybe.
  6. The Arbroath Thread

    I seen somewhere,someone posted,Scott Robertson maybe joining from Raith.Working with Dundee United during the week playing for Arbroath on a Saturday.
  7. The Arbroath Thread

    Could that be the game where Paddy Deane makes his return
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    Looks like we're at home to Huntly on Sat July 7th http://www.huntlyfc.co.uk/index.php/news/club-news/1632-friendly-match-update-huntly-to-travel-to-face-league-one-side Also Falkirk V Aberdeen at Gayfield Wed July 3rd
  9. Arbroath vs Forfar

    The Forfar fans before yesterday s game
  10. In the Daily Record today.Clyde and Edinburgh looking to sign sons of former Celtic players,Chris McStay and Ray Grant.
  11. Michael McKenna will he be a good signing for Arbroath
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I think Davos got photo s of most referee s.
  13. The Arbroath Thread

    I wonder if Dick will go for Paul Woods,tried to get Woods a few times,at Queens Park and with Stranraer letting players go,
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Can t believe Davidson only on 5 yellow cards,should have been sent off twice v Arbroath.