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  1. Daniel Armstrong released by Ross County,was decent at Raith Rovers last year.Would take Armstrong at Arbroath.
  2. What about Keith Gibson,young local manager.Done good things with Broughty,where now Montrose manager Stewart Petrie was his assistant,played for all the Angus teams bar Brechin,knows the league's,players,local junior s and now assistant at Elgin.
  3. Anyone know the score last night,any trialist playing.
  4. Same here I thought Wilson done quite well.James Murphy was on trial at Dundee last week,USA U20,I agree looked similar to Whatley.
  5. Dom Thomas and Innes Cameron from Kilmarnock and Harry Paton from Ross County would be good loan signings.
  6. I m sure Euan Murray played 45 mins as a trialist for Arbroath away to Berwick,but had a mare before he joined Raith Rovers.
  7. Could be a good appointment if Stenny go for Maurice Ross,he s not new to management having spent the last 4 years as manager of clubs in Norway and Faroe Islands.I m sure Maurice won a league and a couple of his clubs played European football qualifiers.
  8. I think Maurice has been a manager since 2013,in Norway/Faroes,so he s not new to management.Is Maurice not from Dundee,so will be quite local,and will probably have good contacts in Scotland/England for loan players.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Ross
  9. Well beaten by a very good Edinburgh side.We lost the midfield battle with the changes,which brought the pressure on our defence.Still never a penalty for Edinburgh 3rd a great dive by Shepherd,will the same thing happen to Shepherd which happens to Kilmarnock s Jones [emoji12]
  10. I think Arbroath are down to 13 player s with 3 being on holiday and one still injured,and still some signings to be made.Hopefully we take a decent crowd,and give United a good game.
  11. Scott Martin and Blair Yule s replacement maybe.
  12. I seen somewhere,someone posted,Scott Robertson maybe joining from Raith.Working with Dundee United during the week playing for Arbroath on a Saturday.
  13. Could that be the game where Paddy Deane makes his return
  14. Looks like we're at home to Huntly on Sat July 7th http://www.huntlyfc.co.uk/index.php/news/club-news/1632-friendly-match-update-huntly-to-travel-to-face-league-one-side Also Falkirk V Aberdeen at Gayfield Wed July 3rd
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