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  1. 8/10 for Wednesday. Disappointed that my pub quiz team last night wouldn't let me call them The Homeless Hunchbacks. 'Too soon', apparently. Desert snowflakes
  2. 10/10 for Thursday. I'm not 100% convinced that all those answers are strictly 'correct' though
  3. 8/10 for Wednesday, bloody sports-related questions doing me in again. Overthought the mascot one ....
  4. 8/10 for Monday, them gangs got me twice 9/10 for Tuesday, and I was having second thoughts about the tsar
  5. Typical innit, the establishment close ranks to stick it to the up and coming new kids on the block. We shall overcome! You may knock us down, but we shall get up again. You're never going to keep us down!
  6. Delayed quizzing this week due to moving house, working too hard and drinking too much. 10/10 for Thursday, and 9/10 for Friday. Not a bad quiz, but needs more obscure Australian politicians to moan about
  7. Friday brunch means never having to keep count
  8. Who didn't though? I'm with Rugster , f**k Disney and all his bloody princesses. 9/10