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  1. I'm not late, I'm just trying to make The Cardinals job easier 🙄 Monday: 9, bloody Egyptians Tuesday: 8, bloody backrubbing bears Wednesday: 6, bloody ... everything, really Thursday: 9, no fun with flegs Friday: 9: bloody Heroes
  2. Well, I'd forgotten what it was like to be really, really cold, so today was a learning experience in that respect, at least. What I sadly didn't learn was what sport Accies #99 plays, but he certainly didn't look very interested in football yesterday. Mind you, very little football was evident anyway. The strategy seemed to be 'dither for 5 minutes taking a bye kick, lump the ball up the park, fail to control it, Livi player picks up the loose ball and tries to start an attack. Interspersed with occasional "run with the ball until it either gets caught between my feet, or just run straight into a Livi player". The steak pie was nice, the bovril was hot. The sun set behind the hill right before kick off, which was very considerate. Accies were clearly happy to play for 0-0, which is pretty depressing and its no wonder the away fans were pretty low key today, given so little ambition from the team. Highlight of the game was the Dykes glove heist, Willie Collum was disappointing in the first half but really tried to make up for it with baffling decisions in the second, Southwood looked comfortable and he might become a good player one he gets his inner ear problem sorted out.
  3. Oh, and Willie Collum is on! That's it decided, how could I pass this up! Get another pot of bovril on the boil, I'll be taking it intravenously today ....
  4. I'm not cuddling a Livi fan, diddy alliance or no. Is St John's A&E open on a weekend these days, and how is it for treating hypothermia?
  5. One of the rare advantages of being an Accies fan was knowing you could just turn up in day, hand over your cash and see us getting cuffed in a smooth and paunless transaction. Now its all "online portals" and "e tickets" and "porn hub" .... oops, wrong tab. Are Accies fans no longer away in the far corner of the ground? The Livi ticket site seems to want to put me in the main stand. I dont like the main stand. We lost a cup final sitting there. And some eejit had a bloody drum last time I was there.
  6. I'm sittin in the raiway station, got a ticket for my destination.... Well, theres a train station in Kuala Lumpur airport. And I'm making good use of my time by searching for this weeks quiz questions 10 for Wed, 9 for Thu and 8 for Friday. Looks like I've been flying my Russian flag upside down, never hear of that film and 'break 10's' sounds like something a surfer dude would do. Ah well, homeward bound
  7. If this is Tuesday, it must be KL. Time to catch up: Monday: better living through chemistry 10/10 Tuesday: slightly fading living through Olympics 9/10 Cup Quiz: He's 'aving a larf, inne?
  8. Awright, gies a brek min, its ma burthday, I was celebrating, Or it was my burfday yesterday. But today is now tomorrow. Time is complicated. And I telt ye I wis celebrating. You ready for this? You sure? 10/10 for Friday . ANd ye can stick a candle in that and get me to blow it out (as the non-gender specific thespian said to the clergyman)
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