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  1. So, I went to bed before half time. Did we turn it around in the second half?
  2. 9/10 for Wednesday. Strong sense of deja vu with a lot of these today, including the cycling one which I got wrong
  3. 8/10 for the league on Monday. Teletubby and I never belonged to the BBs. I shall give the Cup its due respect by waiting until I finish work before failing in it.
  4. So, you might say ... this is Scotland's Waterloo A poor 7 for the last day of the league, clearly distracted by the glory of the cup .... And a crash-and-burn 5 for the cup. Suddenly, I feel like the Imperial Guard
  5. 8/10 for Thursday, singer and dead president. "Orion" makes slightly less sense than what I thought the lyrics were
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