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  1. Thursdays quiz brought on a shiver For question 2, I was guessing the river By Question 5, I sat head in hands I ain't got an album from any of those bands So I guessed, hit 'submit', for my score I did wait .. Ooops, broke the rhyme, I recorded a ten.
  2. In lockdown in ol' Abu Dhabi Some quizzing, I thought would be fabby But maths held me at bay and the cards lead me astray Still an eight, which ain't all that shabby
  3. A nice 4 hours in the newly opened pub and back home before curfew. Figured out how to drink while wearing a mask - you dont, you take the mask off. So obvious now. Thus fuelled up, I attempted the Joe quiz and managed a 22. Not bad, off to listen to some live music on facebook. Viva the new normal.
  4. A spiffing 10/10 to round off the week, and a table booked at the newly reopened pub this afternoon. Just got to figure how to drink a pint while wearing a face mask... (Band was a guess btw)
  5. If I were you, I would just slip it in to a post in a passive aggressive manner, thus covering all bases. No such qualms for me, I fully support our enlightened league management team who did a sterling job under very difficult circumstances last season. I'll have a top league 9 for Monday, please
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