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  1. Never seen that clip of him ''off camera'', whilst he's in no way orray ; he sounds a lot more Dundonian than he does on mic.
  2. How did you get on, Leicester? Nicky Low is an interesting player. From what I've seen of him, he's been brilliant. I know he's had issues with injuries, but how can you go from East Stirling to strolling (OK, maybe a bit OTT, but doing very well) in the Championship for the leaders. Yes, we're still top!
  3. Boak central! ''Beef'. I don't even need to Google her, she's a neocon Dem and Hilary is her hero!
  4. The big hoose must stay open. Not really, tbh. I'd miss it for its coverage of Scottish football (no matter how much of a shambles it can be) and possibly election night when the least worst beat the worst.
  5. Can ye imagine! Scores 10 goals for Arbroath, gets us up etc.. OK, time to relax a bit. Didn't see anything today apart from HT 1-0 and then FT 1-2. Nae words apart from beautiful!
  6. Sounds awful from us so far. Hopefully the proverbial rocket up the jacksie.
  7. Always thought we would lose JL, but a bit of a bummer in Dowds going back as well.
  8. Now I mind why I haven't bought a steam in donkeys. Shite, TBH.
  9. Yikes! My AFC TV link is taking an age to not load.
  10. Kejan


    Blasted through the lot this last week. S1 &S2 were brilliant. S3 was a bit meh right up to the last two and probably good (for me) there's a break. The character arcs are so interesting. Shiv is just awful, awful. Deeply unlikable. Tom is a fud, they could have made him worse than Shiv yet cos she's awful you end up liking him, or I did at least. This sounds pish, but I know someone who's in the Iceland episode and he said Jeremy Strong didn't even say Hi or acknowledge him and was in 'character' the whole day shooting Go on! How many have tried doing the soft Dundee/US ''f**k off'' Logan accent? And have you mastered it? Coming from that area, mines still sounds a bit too orary but getting there Wonder how much of Cox's lines are off the cuff/improv? Some of his comebacks seem to be too funny/quick for a writer to write in a room with other failed comedians. The acting is superb. Shiv, Tom (at the start it's a bit ropey, then so was Gandolfini's in Sopranos at the start) accents are brilliant for not being from there. Gerri is also in another great underated program from a few years back called Rectify too, if you're missing her over Xmas. And, Carl, you just loves his big brazzen puss and mannerisms. BEST thing I've seen in donkeys, probably since Rectify.
  11. Does anyone have celiac or any other issues with their gut and eat a gluten-free diet? What do you do to when out and about or eating out? Not officially diagnosed yet, so won't say yay or nay and wait til then (hopefully early next year) but strangely most of my symptoms were on the decline or even almost gone after 17 days gluten-free e.g toilet issues, reflux, bloating/puffyness, itching/dermatitis, bumps on scalp, and hugely brain fog completely gone! I'm fortunate that my brain fog wasn't too awful, could still function but at it's worst really mundane shite like deciding on eggs or fish for tea or something could be a challenge at its worst. More like, the tiny proportion of creativity in my brain had gone too at times. Ended up eating gluten again - need to anyway for the tests - in the middle of last week and noticed all of the above are back albeit to a lesser extent. I like bread. I don't eat it every day but usually buy a nice loaf once a week from the bakery, love pastries and cakes etc too again more a treat than a daily occurance. And what about beer? Again, not a huge drinker but enjoy a pint every now and again. There are gluten-free beers but not sure how many are sold in pubs from a keg? Does anyone knows a good gf bread that doesn't crumble in to a shambles as soon as you touch it, I would appreciate that too. I ken it's not the end of the world if I do have this, but even things like going to the football and getting a pie/tea at HT are some of the wee things I love about fitba. Also, restaurants etc (don't eat out too often but occasionally) cringe at being the "pretentious' "my food needs to be completely gluten free" type too. Anyhoos, would love to hear anyone with this or gluten sensitivity or even just follows a GF diet for lifestyle (Aye, right Djokovic ya wee fud, surely some advanced PEDs hidden in your lettuce wrap burgers too helped as well). Havering now, but cheers. PS if there is already a thread. Mods, feel free to punt this post in there.
  12. I don't know if I have ever FELT this good about the team. Up to about 12 I lived in the town, and went regularly. Moved to close to Dundee and didn't get back as much, before not getting back much at all. Started working weekends when I was 19 and maybe got to 4-5 games a year. Ended up abroad traveling, working, and so on and haven't lived in Angus for 12 years but would always try and fit a trip home with a home game (not been to an away game in donkeys, decades even!). These last five years have been just amazing. And tonight, I don't think I can recall feeling this 'high' even about the team. Walking up the brae too, everyone chatting to each other and just smiling away! That winner too, in quite an ugly game, its almost impossible to explain that ecstasy to non-football fans, then looking at the scores going our way. Simply amazing.
  13. Sounding like a big sook ; but you guys have been excellent this year as well from what I've seen. This 2 leagues of 5 the Championship has shaped into is fantastic entertainment.
  14. I've not been to Gayfield in two years - mostly due to Covid and living away. That was absolutely brilliant. The game itself was quite poor and very difficult to see for long periods, but the last 25 mins were magic and the way results were going. We were quite close to the Morton fans (how many 80?) when they equalized and quite righly they were going wild, but doing it back 10 mins later or so and to know soon after ''we are top o' the league noo'' was JUST AMAZING. Walking away at the end, everyone was bouncing! Magnificent seeing so many younger lads showing an interest in the team, and a healthy-ish crowd. I didn't even know the Campbells were out and super Rab on the bench/coaching/in those magnificent shorts on a baltic December day. Very hard to try and figure out who was good or bad, but from where I was. Nouble was very good in the second half, this might sound harsh but that wee bit of skill he lacks/running the ball out or poor final ball/decision is probably why he is not at a bigger team or playing at a higher level. I hope to God somehow we can keep him on, he's a great lad as well. Dowds did well. Linn was a bit disappointing, but nothing to warrant major criticism of. It wasn't a classic performance, but the drive and commitment at 1-1 from Arbroath to go on and win that was amazing. Even when they equalised, and we weren't playing THAT great, I just felt another goal was coming, even if can struggle to score. To think McKenna, Tam and The Campbells' were missing too. Honestly, just been absolutely buzzing. I really hope to get back more next year. I have no idea what will happen, but with 50% of the season done, Arbroath are top of the Championship! There's no one in this league we should fear. ICT started well but toiling a wee bit ; Killie have been a bit meh, and it'll be interesting to see what they do without Wright (TBH, I think they should be top with their squad) Thistle seem a bit stop-start ; from the highlights I've seen of Raith, McGlynn is doing great there with a good squad, YET, we shouldn't fear any of them! Not too be a greedy guts ; but to think it could be even better! Heard we should have won at least two games we drew at Gayfield this season. I've told about 10 people tonight, many who have no interest in Arbroath or even Scottish fitba ; but f**k it, shouting it from the rooftops. Mon the Lichties!
  15. McKenna staying on is a superb news. My first trip to Gayfield in two years on Saturday and cannae wait! What a season so far, and not too be greedy ; but it could have been so much better. At least two games I seen, where we just couldn't score and ended up drawing. Still, what a ride. And who knows what will happen now we have two leagues of 5!
  16. It's so fucking tragic. Spending all your day and weekend on this forum, I couldn't give a shit if you like Sturgeon or vote Yes etc ; but its not even funny. At least Kincy could be funny in his gin-soaked rants about Scottish exceptionalism and how we are the worst people in the world. This is just boring pish. In the words of Alan Partridge "Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend?"
  17. Watch what you eat! You might need him later on!
  18. TBH, I think she was alright there and pretty clear. e.g be sensible really.
  19. They're horrible months anyway. TBH, let's live it up and then have a 8 week lock down from the 4th of Jan.
  20. You seem obsessed with her and new liberalism, I thought you might have known this.
  21. "Looking for the treasury to act" Aye, she'll be told to bolt.
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