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  1. Hate the BTC Maxi crew, but even as an altcoin person, genuine want to see all of us to do well in this, but the Saylor 21k pish will be funny to see him spin it. Sure everyone is, but if not be ready for the "Heard yer Bitcoins were doon, mate".
  2. Bobby Linn is and always will be an Arbroath legend!
  3. Pretty gutted. To have followed these last few seasons has been an absolute pleasure, I don't know if I will ever see anything like this ever again! The squad is decent though and if it can stick together and add a few gems of signings like DC has a recent history of doing for us, then who knows, we might have a great chance of the playoffs again next season, but to see Gayfield absolutely hoaching, huge interest in the club not just locally, and with tons of new and older fans returning through the turnstile together - probably not seen since the McGrain days? They started my interest in the team, this team will be doing the same for hundreds of people too ; and even if this surge in gate numbers is temporary the money made from it is going towards the future of the team. Every single Arab or Dee I've met in recent years (after a drink) always admit they LOVE Arbroath too, and the thought of playing against Dundee again (and beating them!) along with a possible chance to win away at McDiarmid (hope ICT go up, tbh but think Saints will waltz it over two legs)is exciting enough. Another season in the Championship? f**k, Aye!
  4. A very good start from us (Arbroath) but never really troubled Ridgers (I've seen us put three past him before and him take banter in good spirit) barring that Low freekick. ICT look disjointed the times I've seen us play them, they finished a clear third not down to any proper real winning form, just the rest were all shite. Near the end though, I was happy to take a draw though and Gaston made 2 excellent saves to keep it a draw. Roll on Friday! Thinking extra time, penalties maybe? Anyhoos cannae wait and great going in to a final for both of us optimist about going through. Decent number of Arbroath fans and I thought they had a fair amount of noise on my shitty wee stream, great to hear Lichtie chants just on TV even.
  5. Sammy The Red is biling and calling the Alliance Party a smallnationalist party.
  6. From what I've seen SF - no doubt a very good and historic result for them. Similar to the SNP's win in 2007, it is a bit of a historic moment and tbh, if there is a new NI executive. DUP - some predictions on the radio earlier have them ending up 23-25 seats, and SF on 29. So, not the humping that some polls predicted (I'm sure I seen them on 13, 14, 16% in 2022 polls at one point) but they've definitely lost a lot of votes. Alliance - the 'big' winners of this election, looking like they'll double their seats! Massive and I'm sure they won councillors in areas in Derry, Fermanagh in the recent NI council elections and seem to be quite popular with younger/Reddit types (along with SF) Most of their vote is from liberal protestants, but they have a growing number of fans and voters from nationalist areas. A few more votes in Derry for them and a DUP-gained vote in Carrickfergus is probably good for any future form of northern Ireland. UUP - again, don't know enough ; but I think Mike Nisbet and Doug Beattie are decent guys and sadly it seems not to be clicking with unionism, as their vote just seems to get worse every election. Heard a bit of Jeffrey Donaldson blethering on about shared unionist candidates etc in areas where DUP/UUP battles are both losing, managed decline really, like the Scottish Lib Dems really. SDLP - seemed to gain those 2 lost Westminster seats to SF, and their excuse this time seems to be their vote has temporarily gone to SF for the historic moment of her potentially being FM. Don't think it is, tbh ; like the UUP their vote seems to slip every Stormont poll. Both seen as the softer version of SF/DUP ; a think a lot of young nationalists who aren't that fussed by a united Ireland are probably even going for Alliance or the Greens over them. TUV - I'm going to see if someone will take my punt of the TUV being the biggest unionist party in Ireland in 15 years. As the SDLP and UUP lose small n's and u's to the Alliance and Greens ; the TUV are gaining the disgruntled ex DUP vote in big numbers. They've got a chance of getting 3 MLAs ; they've only ever had one who looks a bit like a healthier-living Alan Brazil, a bit like Farage under UKIP? But a good 20-30% chunk of the DUP vote has gone to them!
  7. A guy I know quite well, is from a very nationalist area of Derry, although lives in Belfast (after a wee spell in Scotland)and is now both a GAA and Northern Irish fitba team (as his first Irish side! He supports both).
  8. NI, I hardly knew ye ; but Chris Donnelly now looks like a less glamorous Jim Cornett!
  9. Mary Lou looks like a character from Arthur. Wonder if a bookie will take my punt - TUV will be the biggest unionist party in Ireland by 2035?
  10. Interesting. I think the DUP will come second but if Alliance can do it, would be interesting and funny to see the William Orangeman types
  11. Is that possible? I thought the admin had to have a Nationalist/Unionist FM/dFM. Wonder if the DUP will even form part of the new executive? Seem to be bumping their gums about the EU protocol.
  12. Not even any radio coverage on Radio Jocko. Very little NI coverage too.
  13. Seeing the Tories getting scelped across Scotland will never get boring
  14. Aff the cuff, gut prediction : SF 25% DUP 18% Alliance 17% UUP 14% SDLP 11% Greens best of the rest on 6%
  15. You are a good lad, jamma. Doing that cup double is an amazing achievement, think if Arbroath did it tonight, would be right up there for us.
  16. Can't complain, started brilliant and got the goal and sat back (we all would). Never at any point did Killie really threaten, yet at the same time thought Arbroath defended brilliantly and Gaston had been excellent. Bang, a goal and then a struggle to get back in to it, and bang another goal to the deserved winners and well done Kilmarnock! Arbroath - what a season. We could have won it, we had shitey spells of points dropped (at home too) the same time, they always seemed to bounce back with a unfanicied win here and there whilst Killie were stumbling around pished in the dark ballsing it up at the same time. The playoffs will be tough, and you never know. Not too sound pessimist, but everything about this felt like a cup final today for Arbroath. Getting an extra few games off for them is a nice reward but potentially beating an SPFL team over two-legs, whilst doable feels like a bit of a mammoth task, tbh. This team has a spirit though and I'll never put anything past them. Hugely gutted. Will probably never see that again, tbh, so there's an element of so close...but once that falls away in a few days, it's the playoffs, I put nothing past this team and to sound even more goon like, watch them play another cup final(s) in front of a packed-out Gayfield ; a three-digit away support ; more media exposure for not just the team, fans and club, but my home town that doesn't get too favorable press these days outwith the local Angus/Dundee area, IME. No matter what happens, I know fans of the club who have been through thick and think - luckily I did a bit of traveling/living abroad at this time - didn't experience much of the major lows ; apart from the Queens Park Div 3 playoff home loss in 07? And even that, was a bit of a cup final. To have gone from that, to the last 5-6 years is just unthinkable and brought some amazing highs. If it feels good for me (a bit-part fan) I can't imagine how it feels for the folks who have gone to every game for decades! Havering enough, but Lichties, have a great night tonight. Killie fans, you too ; but Lichties mostly.
  17. Last couple of days couldn't have gone better for Arbroath, and really just waiting now til Friday. McInnes had a habit at Aberdeen of choking/not get the job done - Europe ; Old Firm games ; Cup semi/finals - so hoping more of the same on Friday. Just magic though, and what a season, what a season!
  18. WOOHOO! Watching on a pishy stream, but looked like shocking goalkeeping!
  19. 100% Nouble was superb, but you could see why he never made it at a higher level. I thought Jack was good the first time around then tailed off a bit, but he's been magnificent in this second spell. Shiting it a bit for the second half. All these QOTS fans saying ''game over'' isn't making it any easier too!
  20. Won't get to the game unfortunately, but I hope every Lichtie who can make it goes down. What a huge game. Not to jump ahead, QOTS are a decent side and I'm still to see us beat them at Gayfield!
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