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  1. Mark Kerr's hair at home (and away) is unacceptable and he should take full responsibility for it.
  2. Another marvelous win.. 1-0 to the Ars.....broath. I thought Hammy had a very good game today. He's often the forgotten man, and whilst he's not a superstar, he more often than not does his job.. Midfield was excellent. Moore was superb when he came on, helped Hammy as well. Fantastic win at a very difficult place. The league is so tight, a couple of wins and you never know playoffs? Then again if Alloa pick up and we start to lose could go the other way. Still, 8 games now! Well done and already buzzing for next week
  3. Looking at that old match report, Ricky Little is Irish?! Is Kane Hester Welsh too?! Learn something new and all that. For anyone out and about or no access to the game, Bet 365 have Championship games on their site - works best full screen on the phone rather than a lappy or a tablet. I'm a bit unsure about today. We are certainly in great form of late, and TBH, would take a 1-1 ; whilst Ayr seem to be a bit off the boil. No reason why we cannot win here considering the form of the side of late though. Mon the Lichties! 2-1 Arbroath! Looking forward to seeing what Carlo can offer.
  4. Grew up there, and all the wannabe "cool" ones who thought they were gangsters spoke with Dundee accents and pretended they were in the Fleet or the Young ****. Off topic, but I went to a party a few years ago and was sitting with 3-4 people from Snootie then spoke to a group from Arbroath - it was quite amazing hearing the difference in accent, probably what 5-6 miles. Carnoustie is still probably Angus-ish to Dundonains, but it sounded more oray than Arbroath - sounded way more teuchtery. Although Weegie with me said you all sound like teuchters!
  5. Brilliant win, and another game undefeated. Some run they are on just now. Tam O'Brien is an absolute beast. Just a brilliant defender, no doubt IMO, he could play for someone like Utd, St Johnstone if he really wanted to do. Jason Thomson has been brilliant of late as well, such a solid right back and what a vital touch that was to nick it away from the Raith striker. I repeat myself every week, but Bobby Linn, start him every single week. As fit as a fiddle, causes havoc and chaos every single week for the opposition. Hilson works his socks off, and not to knock him, but that is exactly why I wasn't that keen on him as a 'goalscorer'. He misses too many chances like that ; but he does his bit, just like the whole team does. Moore looked terrific there in his 10 minutes. Delighted for Doolan, fingers crossed for more. Buzzing, just fantastic, still on that wee run and 3pts. We've been decent all season, TBH. The only game I thought we were mince was the opener at Starks Park. A long way to go, and we've had some very unlucky losses e.g East End Park and squandered some should have been wins (Alloa, ICT) but IF, and that's a HUGE IF, we stay up, then I reckon that 2-0 comeback at QOTS is the game that turned it around! Fantastic!
  6. Is this a Fife thing? Moaning about a bit of wind?
  7. Watching this with a non-native English speaker, ''are they speaking the old language?" 😀 Solid stuff, and again, repeating myself, but Bobby Linn needs to start EVERY game even at 36.
  8. Kincardine/Rangers. That's all you need to know
  9. I was really hope they would go extinct in Scotland but seems there's 4-5% hardcore supporters that will always vote for them. PS Of the Northern Isles, where are the SNP bigger? I assumed it would be Orkney due it being closer to the mainland but IIR, their vote share was higher in Shetland than Orkney last few polls?
  10. Aye, right you are. Hopefully two on Saturday for 5/5
  11. Every game feels a huge one for Arbroath, but this is again. We have improved tenfold since the disaster on the first day of the season. We really need to be aiming to win these games, as good as Raith have done coming straight up. We've done well of late, but squandered a few points whilst remaining undefeated for the last few games. Craigan being out, I'd probably just do a straight swap with Stewart coming in. The team right now sort of picks itself without suspensions or injuries. Mon big Jack at get your 4th goal in 4th league game! P.S Just had a wee look at Hamilton's wiki and amazingly, there's more information in German about him than English. Says 1 in 1 on his Wiki page, but I believe (might be wrong) he's scored 3 out of 3 so far in his league starts.
  12. Lip-syncing videos (or whatever they are called) when some, usually hugely smug-looking 'comedian' syncs the words to a song or a speech. Now that Trump is gone, the likes of Sarah Cooper (absolutely crazy she got a program out of it) will no doubt be hard up for material. Also, that in the other room guy too - who pretends to be Johnson or some idiot's speechwriter. Another idea like Cold War Steve that was mildy amusing once upon time, been piledrived in to the ground. Fair dues to the folk behind it though, nice way to make some money on the back of morons who lap it up.
  13. Think it might be the Mad magazine lookalike Andrew Bowie, he seems to be put up on programs and no doubt as a 'proud Scot' just to show us Jockos - we can get big jobs in the union. He's utterly hopeless, so hopefully it is him.
  14. Absolutely. Everyone becoming an expert or whatever the latest issue is as well, when they've read/heard a phrase somewhere and repeated it.
  15. People talking about books they have never read e.g 1984, Brave New World.
  16. Quite and odd feeling at the end of the match. First half, that along with the Ayr performance before Christmas is probably the best the Lichties have played all season. Just brilliant, and only complaint is again, not creating enough goal scoring chances. Hilson really has come on to a game of late, I want everyone to do well , but I really thought after 5-6 games it was a level too high for him, but he's been superb of late. Jason Thomson again was outstanding, like he was against Dunfermline. TOB quite rightly gets a lot of plaudits and is a brilliant defender, but feel Jason is a bit overlooked and he's usually does his job and is versatile. Not for me too tell DC what to do, but isn't that 5 games now with Linn starting and undefeated? He is such an asset to the club and whilst he might get taken off with 20-25 to go, what an absolute legend for the club and still looks like he could play for a few more years yet! That was hard to take though, but fair dues to Alloa - they really stepped up their game when down to ten men - and we squandered/did a lot with the ball but didn't finish it off. If offered 1-1 before the game, I might well have taken it , but as always losing a goal like that in a game we were so dominant in for 65 minutes or so is really hard to take , but nae excuses here and credit to the Wasps for digging in and grabbing a point. I thought Alloa TV was decent. I had the headphones in and heard both the commentators fine enough. Informed, nice commentary and very clued up about both teams, the league and football in general. Well done. Said it before, but would really love both us to stay up - met good Wasps fans at Gayfield and the one trip I took down there, I enjoyed it and got chatting to a few Alloa fans who were sound.
  17. Angus South SNP constituency / Greens on the list.
  18. The stream was a mare, but stick it down to 540, works fine.
  19. Outstanding first half again. I repeated this almost every week, but Linn offers so much even at 36. Fair dues to Hilson too, didn't think he could do it or rated him early on ; but in Hamilton he's found a great partner to bounce along with and he's been excellent in the past three/four matches. Credit to Hamilton too, that really is a cool finish even if it was a near enough open goal. Williamson playing very well, McKenna too. Saying that, Alloa really should have scored that chance, so just shows you can dominate etc but takes just one chance. Interesting to hear the commentators saying ''we seem to always start so slow, like we're giving the away team an extra man,'' so see want happens next half. As for only hearing one commentator, stick your headphones on - you'll hear Peter Grant a hundred words a second barking and the odd shout fae Iain Campbell - along with both commentators.
  20. Bandage boy with a huge chance there. Should have scored!
  21. Who's the co-commentator? Is that a Clackmannan accent? It sounds a bit Dundee/Angus even at times. Got the headphones on and surprised at the lack of bad language! Peter Grant fair mouths off, but shocked even at the lack of bad language.
  22. Did Hamilton miss way left? The camera/ball is pish ; so no idea. Long live Arbroath TV.
  23. Well done the Wasps, Now to sound like a big sook, but can't we both stay up - part timers - and always had a good time down there or meeting Alloa fans at Gayfield. I'll buy the game, hopefully Alloa TV is good value. Speaking of Scougall, what happened to him? I mind John Collins raving about him 7-8 years ago being the most skilful and talented player he's ever seen. Lichties fans - Jack Hamilton is/was 10/3 anytime scorer ; but the bargain to be had is TOB 16/2 any time.
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