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  1. I'm thinking it's between us and Alloa for 9th and 10th. - and I'd put Alloa as favourites right now for ninth going on grinding out results. A lot can happen, but the lack of goals is a huge issue. Just repeating myself, but we have not played bad at all this year, and even since the Alloa game, we've looked pretty decent. Not sure how I feel about the cup game next week. A distraction if they win and go on a run? Then again, maybe just enjoy the ride.
  2. A bit of a cliché but tomorrow is a HUGE game, really needing 3 points! I want to see Linn play at some point tomorrow. I was at the 3-0 thundering in which Mark Ridgers got a lot of abuse (and took it in good spirit, so he's a top man in my books), but I'd take a honking 1-0 right now. The games are fair cracking on, and barring the Raith game - I've seen most games this season - they have not looked bad at all, and fairly unlucky. The big issue is goals. I thought last week they were excellent, and TOB - whilst a bit of a stuttering start to the season - has come on to a game again, and looked solid again. Hearts was always going to be difficult away, and I turned it off after the third goal (aye, I know...) but felt it was going to be 7 or so. Mon the Lichties! And itching for tomorrow. Linn and Ruth to play at least for 20 mins, please!
  3. A brilliant performance, best I've seen Arbroath all season. The stream was brilliant and enjoyed the commentary, both obviously fans and kent their stuff plus the odd joke , and very respectful to the Honest Men. Couldn't really fault anyone in a maroon shirt. O'Brien was back to last season's form and crunching tackles, winning every header, and just wish he had a crack when he ran those 50 yards ; Hilson - I've not rated him too much this year, but yesterday was an outstanding performance and well done, he worked hard and some neat touches, touches and was dangerous ; but for cool hand Luke, what a game. He ran his heart out, great linkup play with Hilson and McKenna. Some big tackles too, and he got back at times, for what he lacks in natural ability he makes up in his work rate and application, if he could score more goals, he really would be a striker wanted by everyone. Miko is such an asset as well. Bossed his role, and again, huge and vital tackles, can do both the defensive midfielder role and can spot a pass forward too. He'll surely go on to play for Aberdeen next year. Just an honour being able to have him at Arbroath and watching him. He had been a wee bity off the boil last few weeks, but heard him say he had been injured with Finland U21s, so hopefully he can push on. There's no denying it, a win yesterday was huge. Keep themselves in the hunt to stay up, especially with two very difficult games coming up - Pars (a) and Hertz (a) then again, if they put that type of performance in then who well knows, then that Caley game at home, if we get 0-1 pts from the next 2 games, is another massive game. A fine repeat of the 3-0 and performance to boot would be fantastic. And fair dues to the Ayr fans on here, thought the commentary was good too - obviously very pro Arbroath, but respectful to opponents. The replay, missing the goal was the only low point of the streaming, but if you compare yesterday to the early ball-following camera SPFL stuff, it was well worth the £!2.
  4. Brilliant first half performance. Bit of luck with the wind, but Miko has been good, TOB back to his best, Hilson (not been a huge fan) has done well too ; but POTH for me, has been Donnelly - although he really should have scored to make it 3 - he's worked his arse off, and made some clever wee runs, balls with the odd mistake, love his work rate and hopefully we'll get another chance and a goal for him.
  5. Very good start from Arbroath - although with the wind. We really need to get a shot on target.
  6. Just noticed Ayr have a Finnish keeper. The first team in a Scottish game a Finn has been in each team's starting line up?! Riveting
  7. I missed last week's game, but not sure about Smith and Ruth on the bench. To state the obvious, need a result here!
  8. New Poll Independence : Yes 56% No 44%. Holyrood (Constituency Vote) : SNP 54% Tory 22% Labour 15% Lib Dems 6% Greens 1% Others 2% List vote : SNP 45% Tory 21% Labour 16% Greens 7% Libs 6%
  9. I had a Neil Oliver video suggested in my YouTube algorithm, fecking YIKES! Look at the nick of him! Stirling-On-Safari look. The long pauses and almost fake accent, to make him look and sound like the house Jock in chief.
  10. Who's the older - slightly posher - sounding commentator? I didn't mind the two young lads the last time. Aulder lad seems fine too.
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