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  1. Aigh, aigh that's a good method. Planaichean surely comes from that.
  2. Hahaha, even my mum said that too!
  3. Aye, I can see their point but still, if it wasn't for SMO Gàidhlig or luchd-ionnsachaidh Gàidhlig , what position would it be in. There's finally a wee bity o' momentum finally behind the language. It's a huge battle and lots of mis management/Bord na G etc but people learning at school is up 64% from 2010 and just like I don't like hearing us lose some Scots words , it's better the language survives rather than dies out through stubbornness. Some Gaels are their own worst enemy, my grandfather moves to Glasgow for work (from Barra/Jura) yet didn't think his kids would need it on the "tir mor". I do the helicopter pad thing as I've heard it described, using English words if I forget/don't know the word. It keeps the conversation going if not diluted a bit, until I learn it for next time. A thidsear, ciamar a chanas thu 'helicopter pad' sa' Ghàidhlig?
  4. I know 5 people (yes, very Partridge) but they're voting SNP who didn't vote or vote for them in 2017. Soon find out who turns out as no doubt plenty of others going the other way.
  5. Aye, that's pretty good. Perfectly understandble too. Each to their own as well with their pronunciation - as long as its close enough/understood. Nothing more soul destroying of trying to learn a language and every second word is corrected and often it'll be because they haven't heard what your ''native'' accent sounds like talking a different language. I go with Jeh-luh-an ; Jeh-maarsht ; Jeh-kay-deen ; Jeh-doon ; Jeh-hoonya ; Jeh-sah-hurn-ye ; Jeh-don-eich/ Lah-nah-sah-behch (bitch almost
  6. Tomorrow (well, now I suppose) is Latha na Sàbaid (Day of the Sabbath)or Didòmhnaich, if you prefer. I'm not religious at all, but if I talking about a Sunday, I intermingle them and say LNS more than I thought I would. Another day I tended and still occasionally have to think about is Diardaoin/Dihaoine -Thursday/Friday. If I was slightly baffled and not 100% sure often end up saying the first four days of the week to remember. I've heard from some Nordic people than they tended to mix Tuesday and Thursday up when learning English.
  7. Ayr on a dreich December. How many brave Lichties going down for that?
  8. Aye, I've never seen this, but I enjoyed it. Especially the ''What time do you get up? I get up at 4 go for a slash and then back to bed again."
  9. Tories win a small majority of 10-20. They'll get over the line, but there will be some scelpings and a few big names/veterans will go e.g Duncan Smith ; Redwood. Labour will get over 212 MPs although not quite sure if it will be much more than that. Hearing a lot of Labour heartlands in north England etc wanting Brexit over with it etc. Many will vote for the Brexit Party, but I still think they'll keep a good chunk of their seats there. Lib Dems might take a few scelps e.g Raab or someone in the plush People's Vote areas ; but will flatter to deceive overall. End up with about 22 MPs at the very most and a vote share of 12% Unfortunately I think Swinson will keep her seat ; it might be ticht, but she'll squeak in by a 2-3% win. Somehow they'll paint this up as vote up/gaining seats, but we'll all be able to see behind the propaganda they will be disappointed. Scotland SNP 39% - I think they'll win back 2/3 of the North East seats they lost in 2017 but the Tories will hang on to a fair bit of them. I don't think they'll win back all those Labour seats either. They will most likely gain seats but it might just be 40-43. Some of those NE seats will be very, very close but I fear the Tories will just edge them. The SNP also have wafer-thin majorities in about 1/3 of seats in Scotland ; so there will be surprises both gaining and losing seats. Be lovely if they could get Mundell's seat, but no doubt he'll end up with an increased majority. Tories 26% - they'll lose 3 seats at the most. The Brexit Party shiting it and not standing in Tory seats will probably save 70% of the Tories in Scotland. Whilst Brexit Party voters can easily vote Tory ; the pro-EU pro-UK Liberal/Labour voters are a harder sell for the SNP. The SNP will be very close in many seats, and on a good day, they'll hopefully take those Tory seats but fear the Tories will do relatively 'well' in Scotland. They'll drop a percentage or two at the most from 2017, and they'll be beaming Murdo Fraser, Ruth Davidson, Jackson Carlaw pusses on TVs on election night. Labour 19% - they might do better than expected and get 3-5 of their current seats. I think they might end up getting votes in areas they haven't a scoob of winning in. They'll poll terribly (for Scotland) and it'll be their worst ever election night in Scotland ; but strangely they may end up with more MPs than 2015 where they received 24% of the vote and 1 MP. They'll get about 17-21% of the vote. Lib Dems - might pick up a surprise seat somewhere. NE Fife, I'm not 100% convinced about, it'll most likely go Lib Dem but Gethins seems to have quite wide support with non-SNP types ; but then again it just takes 1000 Tory gobshites who hate the SNP more than the Lib Dems for him to be gone. They'll get about 12% of the vote. Greens - 2.5% of the vote. And no doubt, they'll be blamed for standing in some seat that the Tories won by 300 votes compared to the Greens 545 etc. Brexit - I might try and find a bookie, but if there's a bookie offering under 2% in Scotland. An absolute shambles from the start in this campaign. From standing in every constituency to 'only these ones' to 4 of their MEPs quiting to vote Conservative to Farage going through the motions. All their potential support has gone to the Tories anyway, I reckon they'll poll about 1.3% Wales Labour probably the biggest party by about 4-5% but the Tories will take some previous Labour strongholds. Plaid will be static, but may keep their 4 MPs (hope so I've got Ceredigon on as a bet) Brexit Party will get about 8% of the vote. NI There's pacts in about 10 seats there, so it may well be the most exciting area for results. Some seats only have 3 candidates. I expect the DUP to lose at least 2 seats, but it might be more. And on the other side, the UUP are the only unionist candidate in majority nationalist Fermanagh. SDLP should win back Derry from SF. North Down - Lady Hermon ex DUP/was independent against Brexit- might be interesting ; might Alliance win that? Hopefully I'm way out and Tories shite their majority losing tons of arseholes like Raab, Patel, IDS, Redwood ; the SNP wIn 45 plus seats ; and Johnson even loses his seat! Soon see I suppose.
  10. A decent crowd, what was the number, surely 3k? Game of two halves, Arbroath were superb in the first half. Miko is a class act, absolutely brilliant on and off the ball ; it'll be interesting to see where he goes in his career, but he looks a class act (albeit in a league he shouldn't be in). McKenna did well too, and for someone who I know has a few doubters, Hammy did well enough and certainly looks good enough for this level. Possibly the best I've seen Scott Stewart play, he's one pass/ball/shot away from being the first name on the team sheet. Overall a sound performance and wee Omar did well too. Hemmings huffing and puffing up front, I know Dees love him, but he didn't look too great today although a great finish. Looked much better when McGowan came on. Johnson was it? Balding guy, number 18 went down way too easily and maybe there's a player there going from my limited viewing today. Fair result overall. When was the last time we got a ticket at Gayfield? Anyhoos, got in for a tenner as they didn't have change ; so cannae complain. Looking good for staying up, even with a bit of form an outside playoff run. I live outwith the country and try to get to as many games as I can when back home, but that's 9 games in 2 years and 5 wins 4 draws and loss (0-2 to Raith before Christmas last year).
  11. I know 4 folk in Angus who either didn't vote or voted for someone else in 2017 have now gone SNP. Two were SNP in 15 and for some reason didn't vote in 2017 (think they were fed up of it all) but after 2 years of this shite, they're voting SNP. The other one was Labour ; and the fourth person moved from Dundee to Elliot. So that's 8 between us Fingers crossed it sees her out. Looking at that last poll : SNP 44% Tory 28%. It'll be close in a lot of the old SNP heartland seats - if the SNP can poll 45-46% on the day and Tories slip a point or two ; could well end up seeing all those seats going to the SNP.
  12. Agree but many Torys in Scotland claimed they couldn't support the party if Johnson was leader or if Brexit happened, yet their returning like the sleekit rats they are. They always would. They said the same about May as well. Once the bluster has worn off, they become accustomed and starting voting again. Like there is 30% hardcore nationalists ; there is 30% hardcore unionists. It's all about the fleg. That's why you see Tory councillors in Shettleston, Fife, and so on. Like the Coke Zero version of NI - we all live together ; get on mostly, but when it comes to voting many of the people have picked their "side."
  13. Interesting. I subscribe to Talkback as a podcast - stumbled upon it and pick/choose episodes - but heard one about the North Belfast. There are only three candidates SF, DUP, Alliance. One of the guests was an ex-SDLP MLA Alban McGuinness who sounded very hesitant to say he would vote SF/ he's voting for the remain candidate ; and if I had to guess what he would do with his vote he would vote Alliance or spoil it (going by the way he spoke on the program). I did the political tour last year in Belfast (you start at Falls Rd and end up down the Shankhill) and the nationalist tour guide said SF and SDLP really dislike each other and he called them Stoop Down Low Party. I was surprised, TBH and how much it sounded they disliked each other! So I'm not sure going on from that, if every SDLP will transfer over to SF. Foyle will be very interesting as well. Is Eastwood liked? Maybe not so much a case of being liked, and rather needs must and folk wanting an MP to go and vote in Westminster? I know two folk from there (aye, I know, a pinch of salt required) they are soft n nationalists/even describe themselves as Northern Irish - think one voted SF in 2017 and other for Eamonn McCann's party? - both are voting SDLP. SDLP are 4/11 to win the seat. I'm havering on a fair bit now, but UUP good value in West Tyrone/Fermanagh? Only Unionist candidate albeit in a big nationalist area! Still, last few elections have had 4 ; 300 odd and 1000 votes in it! UUP at 5/1 looks a good wee stake bet.
  14. Apologies for another thread on the election ; but considering we have betting ; polls ; leaflets - how about what you feel/think will happen a week tonight? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the result? Do you have an interesting prediction or live in area and heard/seen some movement as to an upset or something happening? Is there a chance that the Tories blow it ; could Dominic Raab, even Boris Johnson lose their seat? Get your predictions in here!
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