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  1. Indeed. That nugget Lineker was moaning about the third place. It makes these last group games so exciting
  2. He's rubbered us two or three times. Get him to f**k.
  3. Honestly, you need to watch this on ESPN for proper analysis between the actual two teams playing.
  4. What a fúcking blow. Nightmare man, no offence to them but how could it not have been someone like Liam Cooper, or McLaughlin. We really are hilarious. Portugal and Holland had two players out pre-tournament with Covid. Also, to go full yer Da - is our medical team not as professional as others? "No close contacts," so I'm guessing it must have happened over the weekend? I think they had a free day on Saturday.
  5. Kejan

    Third place

    Turkey won't be any mugs either. They are playing basically at home - although little good that did against Wales. There's a very slight chance they might even go through with 3pts. If us and Croatia draw ; Belgium hammer Finland ; Portugal get humped by France etc. Yes, most likely they are oot, but stranger things have happened. Hopefully a 1-0 for the Turks today, or a draw.
  6. Same team, but if it's level at HT. Bring on Nisbit quicker!
  7. Delighted for him. Magnificent performance from the big yin after a lot of unfair criticism, IMO from the first game. Well done and has to start v Croatia
  8. Worst game of the tournament so far. No surprise when you see Sweden v Slovakia.
  9. North England full of gammon. Also why are people from these islands so ugly? Seriously, people over 50 look mostly horrendous.
  10. What's the name for hooverhand when its actually touching the other person? Even in that pose, look at the lassie's right hand like its trying to get away.
  11. Annie Wells and that inbred looking councillor with the specs - The Weegie politicians for the Ranjurs staunch vote.
  12. "They're laughing at us," I was howling at that clip aka 'They've took our prisons'.
  13. I thought you were from Northern Ireland? You are entitled to an Irish passport.
  14. One of the best things from the weekend is the LDs relegated in to the Scottish Lowland League.
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