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  1. One consistently thing in the polls we are seeing is the Tory vote shipping, and fingers crossed it does to some of those polls number e.g that Sky one would be magical 20% plus 17% or so on the list. They'll probably do better than that, but really seeing them getting a shoeing would be ootstanding. I think an SNP majority is a bit too optimistic. The polls overstated their support in 2016 and 2017, but then again in 2019 they seemed to overperform - most polls had them on around 41-42% and they received 45% in the election. So, there's definitely a shy SNP factor of 5% - that can go either way. If the SNP could win only one constituency from a current unionist MSP, I'd go for the Cole Hamilton one. Even ahead of that Aberdeen West oddball, Jackie Baillie, heck even gobshite Jackson Carlaw. ACH losing his seat and seeing his count would be almost as epic as Murphy or Swinson losing theirs. Havering on here, but at the state of things the now, I'd say SNP on about similar to what they are on ; Tories down about 6-10 seats depending on their night ; Labour gain 3-4 seats ; Greens up 2-3 seats ; Lib Dems possibly up 1-2 and Alba, if they win a seat, it'll be 1-2 max.
  2. After that official name change, they've gone from strength to strength. Also fair dues to Pandev. He's 37, 38 in the summer and has played at high level most of his career, he could have well have chucked the national team, but he didn't, and looking forward to their first appearance at a major tournament in the summer. Just Kosovo from the ex-Yugoslavian nations to compete at a finals!
  3. Why read, when you can listen to her here. Jeez, I lasted about 10 minutes. Her accent is quite odd, but sounds like she's from our neck of the woods - Dundee/Angus South.
  4. Story of the season with Arbroath - really struggling to break down teams in the last third ; no attacking presence at all. Almost too panicy or trying too much at times. J Hamilton has been off the boil for a few weeks now. Hillson is a good wee worker, and does his bit, but can't rely to him to score goals. It's not the end of the world and I reckon it'll be between us, Alloa, Morton and Ayr for the bottom two. The lack of cutting edge is a real worry for the rest of the season especially with Boab being oot for 6-8 weeks. Not a scooby about the two loanees ; players from East Stirling and Berwick seems a tad desperate.
  5. Anyone who has the cheek to moan about fermer and Euan on Arbroath TV, christ listen to these two. The second guy *INSERT THAT ACCENT GIF* horrific!
  6. Ireland did alright. A tough game and fairly unlucky not to grab a point there. Maybe its turning around for Kenny. After praising the keeper in the first half, he might hae done better for the second and third goal.
  7. Watching both Wales and Ireland, so probably missing both games ; but that keeper looks alright for Ireland. Serbia a lot of huff and puff, but they look the better side. Kenny did well with the Irish U21s. A point would be a very good result here, plus the Serbs having to come to Dublin later - with potentially at least some form of a crowd. I've got Lukaku for 2+ goals, so mon the bigman in the next 45.
  8. The Tories have really shot themselves in both feet with the VONC come the debates. Anytime the Sturgeon-Salmond committee is brought up, they'll have to stutter and stumble their way through saying they respect the QC etc but the FM wasn't truthful etc, then of course they'll have to minter their way through Patel, Johnson and all the lying they did.
  9. I bought the last stream and missed the goal too. For anyone who doesn't want to fork out for this, its on bet 365 albeit using the Pixelot - much easier and better to watch on your phone though.
  10. Reckon it'll go down to the wire. I'm got a feeling Ayr might end up 9th!
  11. Thought it was an excellent performance from us. Carlo did very well, and I believe he was playing a position he is not used to, looks another great wee loanee signing. Williamson did well and looked to be back to form. TOB is just immense, I've said it before but he really could be playing in the Premiership for someone like Dundee Utd, St Johnstone, an absolute brilliant, no-nonsense defender. I thought Craigen was disappointing, TBH. He worked hard, but he wasted a lot of passes and seemed a bit trigger happy. Hilson was ace again when he came on, put in a tremendous shift. Arbroath fully deserved their point yesterday. With a wee bit of luck, we could have won that ; but then again that spell of pressure they had near the end, really feared they were going to score, but some excellent defending, how about Little's scrambled header! Phew! A very crucial point considering Alloa lost on Friday, keep grinding away and I think we could avoid the playoffs! Not particularly looking forward to the Falkirk game - tend to say this every season when it comes to the cup, but with Covid etc, even the draw of Celtic, meh.. maybe come Wed or Thur I'll be up for it, but much rather focus on the league to state the obvious.
  12. Hearts should be strolling the league, but Nielson tends to lose 'silly' games. Mon the Lichties 1-0! Linn has to start, even if he's replaced after 65 minutes.
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