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  1. Being in Cardiff and seeing us win could potentially be the best feeling in the world! Being in Cardiff and seeing us lose would without doubt be the worst feeling the world!
  2. Oh... Bolivia now 2-0 up! I would never be mad enough to say I have a CONMEBOL team, but I've always loved Bolivia for some reason, and whilst they (we.. nah, haha, a few pints in I might try it, *MINTER*) probably need some results to go their way, they are now up to 12pts.
  3. They are a tidy wee side. Charles De Ketelaere - I have seen him twice now, and would easily spend 25mil on him on the back of those two performances v PSG and tonight. Balanta and Sobol are two excellent players, Lang and Rits were brilliant too - maybe Lang a tad too ball greedy, but that's a minor complaint. And Bas Dost is in the squad too. I know a Celtic fan who once said 'Jack Hendry is the worst defender I have ever seen a Celtic shirt,' he may well have been, but he's certainly pulling up daisies in a Brugge shirt, another very good display - although wasn't it him that almost caused that penalty review/when the keeper punched the ball away.
  4. Like wise. Brugges are brilliant. I really like that big striker up top, he looks great.
  5. I really enjoyed that. Living abroad and seeing it on tv here for the first time was superb, even had a few pals here say 'isnt that your town/team/area(even) haha', so slowly making the name Kent. It's a bit tiring hearing the wind cliché in the mainstream media. We've heard throughout the years on here but for them to consistently joke about Arbroath somehow being the only place in Scotland with wind is just pish poor,TBH. Nouble is too good for this league. He's a joy to watch and to support, not just seeing him waltzing through players and nearly scoring twice! But his personality, I seen that wee fist bump with the fan at the corner flag, the way he was right over to TOB when he went down, smiling and chatting to people along with that interview, he sounds a great person to have as a hero. I really hope Low isn't out too long, he's been brilliant, another huge gamble signing which is looking like an absolute gem of a signing, what was he doing playing for East Stirling (no offence ES folk). What a player. Cant fault anyone really. Chris Hamilton did very well I thought, McKenna had some nice moments and Craigen looks better every time I see him. We need to hope we can hold on to Nouble til January, I'm scared Livi might recall him earlier especially how pish they've been ahd not scoring. Maybe I'm getting carried away but he could be the difference between eh ye ken that word I'll no even dare teh say a loud or simply just staying in the league. PS I didn't realise Colin Hamilton had tattoos until know! I was half surprised when he ruffled his top and seen a huge tattoo on his back. To quote an auld dear I ken, he didnae look the type. Mon the Lichties!
  6. Give to those Tory bumpkins in the borders since they love her so much.
  7. Has anyone tried the Auto Immune Protocol Diet? Basically 30-60 days of a very restrictive diet meant to kick start and relive inflation, bacteria, leaky gut etc. No dairy, wheat, gluten etc. If anyone has, and would love to share their experience or even just a gluten free, or paleo diet, would love to hear your thoughts? I'm reasonably fit, but I really need to cut my sugar and caffeine intakes and tend to blow up after in the face/gut after too much dairy, pizza etc. Cheers.
  8. Haha, I thought the exact same about using FJM as an example, as he's a fud but only example I could think of.
  9. Does anyone have experience with micro dosing, or using small amounts of cannabis? I have been listening to a documentary podcast about folk microdosing LSD, mushrooms, cannabis gummy/edibles for depression? Famous case is Father John Misty, who has microdosed LSD in the past for depression. Its quite a one-sided listen, so of course its just painting everything as good and rosey, but it certainly sounds interesting. Heard also of small doses of ketamine given to long term people struggling with depression.
  10. Yes, I would say that would be a big sign of depression. Although you hear some horror stories of people going on medication and feeling the exact same as you are describing. I knew a very nice man who I would sometimes speak to on our bus journey in to town, he told me when he was on medication, he just felt nothing. He wasn't depressed any more, but things weren't funny either, then again he didn't get angry or as frustrated - almost like being stoned without the high, I remember him saying. Generally a lack of interest in things you used to love doing, feeling dull, etc can be major signs of depression. Then again, I'm in my late 30s now, and I've started to feel a bit meh-ish about things I used to love and not sure if it's a mild depression or just a mellowing/aging. I have just bought my first house, so I am on a bit of a high right now, looking forward to its location, detached bungalow (after 15 years of living in basement, lofts, studio apartments and the current 1 bed basement flat), so it could be me moving in to the 'next chapter' of life, and the general dull/meh feeling was me secretly sighing to the end of my youth? Jesus, that's a bit psychobable for now, but all the best to Mrs F and yourself. I also know many people who have been on medications and they have improved tenfold.
  11. Who cares if Norwich fans don't rate him. As long as he plays like he did in September for us, then all is well.
  12. Haha, I caught him on CBC yesterday on what looked like a farm/scrapyard. Fav comment I seen online was ´´A frat boy who forgot to take his Adderall, a stuttering mess!" CBC's coverage reminded me a lot of BBC Scotland's Holyrood election in May. Then again, imagine most countries follow the same format these days with the graphs, charts, swingometer etc. I really should Google this, but what is the reason for the voting regions (what we'd call constituencies) being called Ridings? Also, I seen a few comments online about middle Canada (Alberta etc) won't be happy. I take it, that's the Tory heartlands in Canada much like the Borders are in Scotland. And a very last thing, to my untrained ears, Trudeau speaks both French and English brilliantly.
  13. I watched a wee bit last night, and seems like Atlantic Canada was a bit of an outlier? Amazingly, that O'Toole guy is one year younger than Trudeau! I don't know enough about Canadian politics, but seemed like there was a lot of NDP supporters were shiting their breeks at their early scores, and whilst the Greens vote tanked - did they not gain a seat by the end of it all? I've only lived in 'wee' countries with one time zone, but its pretty bizarre really that they can make projections and stuff like they do in the USA when large parts of the country etc are still voting. I take it the PP?! are the UKIP/Trumpsters of Canada? Also, heard the pundits saying that the Bloc Quebecois' leader did well in the English debate? What did they say or do to 'win' that or was it just he was the least worst of them all? Take it the NDP won't be as daft as to go in to a coalition with the Liberals? PS Have the Bloc ever supported a (for want of a better word unionist) party, or do they have no interest in Canada outside Quebec or governing it?
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