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  1. Jaysus! I'm more distressed at the Churchill dog anchor just nodding away. Watching Super Tuesday was horrendous seeing the likes of Dana Bash, Chuck Todd smiling from ear-to-ear at him eating in to Bernie's lead. Quite ironic that (whilst they will never vote for him) Fox at least give Bernie a balance of neutrality when reporting/interviewing him. I don't have a clue though how this will go. I've jumped from Trump winning again ; to Biden winning ; to Cuomo coming in at the convention 45/1 and stuck a fiver on that - either way - I can shrug and say 'telt you Democrats, stop putting up shite candidates ; 'really? This might be funnier than Trump' to ''Och well, that should be pay a holiday.'
  2. A belter. Hink I'll fire it up on my Bang and Olufsen's the noo, like.
  3. For numbers, you'll often hear very competent Gaelic speakers even saying them in English, especially the years.
  4. No better time to get cracking on with the Gàidhlig.
  5. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fthumbs.gfycat.com%2FInbornGlaringIbis-size_restricted.gif&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fgfycat.com%2Finbornglaringibis-partridge-breakdown-meltdown-outburst&tbnid=BQcR8dgXU5SedM&vet=12ahUKEwi6t8j77KvoAhVGO-wKHeujAV0QMygBegUIARDJAQ..i&docid=0SPsyaBn22hH5M&w=480&h=368&q=up yours alan partridge&ved=2ahUKEwi6t8j77KvoAhVGO-wKHeujAV0QMygBegUIARDJAQ
  6. Believe so. Tim Martin has banned it from all his Weatherpoons.
  7. Aye, 100% The only good thing about this shite is we hopefully reconsider everything. We restart, we were consuming too much and became too way egotistical. The return of wildlife has really made me smile.
  8. @Menzel You live in Czechia don't you? Seems there could be (although, a week old Tweet) free money for you?
  9. If it wasn't already over, then that's it tonight. There's nothing coming back unless Biden is admitted. f**k you Pete and Amy pulling out on the Monday before Super Tuesday. f**k you too Obama. I watched the debate and was hoping for something even though its not in Bernie's nature, just something ; but Biden was coherent and lied enough (a lot) to get through it. I'm sad we won't ever see even just Candidate Sanders but President Sanders. Overblown and so on, but that video at the end of the debate with Bernie basically saying 'thanks, but see youse later ' was terrific. Dana Bash didn't even look up to acknowledge him. God bless you Bernie and if we shitebags Jocks ever vote for a nation, I'd hope you'd somehow be an honorary citizen through your brother. America doesn't deserve you. I think Biden might actually win come November, he's winning the right areas in the primaries (then again, he wasn't Hillary) but he may well win the likes of Penn ; NC ; Wisconsin from the independents who've had their fun with Trump. Then again, a long way to go til November and a lot of Corona too. Still, watch this, and if this doesn't tug at your heart strings or ''democratic'' sides then you are most likely American. God bless you Bernie! What a man!
  10. What's he saying ? Basically this is going to be a c**t of a thing but in much more inspiring and moving words.
  11. Aye, time for me to catch up with the Azeri, Kazakh, and Hungarian - Soccerway sites - to get a coupon on!
  12. Cheers Waspie, maybe Alba could do a wee program about the history of Aberdour considering its location. Probably should try and get to the final too and the ceilidh as well.
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