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  1. The 50th birthday stuff is cringe as f**k, BUT it winds up all the right people so I'm all for it. Happy 50th Nicola!
  2. Any ideas when (or if) new strip and merchandise will be out?
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-53379657 Unless you are in to this type of thing, it must be hellish being stuck there (especially now with Covid) and having to put up with this pish every year.
  4. It is very cringe, but if it riles up the right (WRONG even) people then I'm all for it happening!
  5. Carlaw really is the stereotypical Jack(son) of all, master of none, salesman types. Hopefully he stays in post and him along with Johnson in London,gets the Tories back to pulling under 20% in elections.
  6. Been reading and following East Belfast GAA on Twitter. Guy set it up I think as a bit of a joke whilst bored on a Sunday morning watching The Marr Show on BBC and it's gone from strength to strength. Seems to be trying to make it a cross community club and open to players of all abilities, ages and skills. I've always fancied the football but never played it, shame don't live there as it seems this would be the perfect club for anyone who's never played or knew anything about the sport. Any news on when the season gets back? I've always enjoyed watching bits of it but never got round to following it regularly.
  7. What's the plan for the last European spot? Does it go to Aberdeen if the cup is scrapped?
  8. Got the bloods back and everything was fine. ''Very good'' even he said. Only issue was I need a bit more iron. I've ran three times this week, I used to run 10km reguarly, but slowly getting that back up. I was convinced it was something to do with my thyroid - the areas I've gained weight in e.g cheeks, neck, moobs and love handles (rest is all skinny)- but I'll stick to this new routine, fasting and see if I can shed the 15-20 pounds I need to. Working shifts and being lazy on the diet, e.g pizzas after I finish at 11pm etc plus Covid19 made me go the opposite from I need to get fit to Ah, who gives a féck no one is going to see me, just pig out and enjoy some beer. Anyhoos on with the show!
  9. Always seems to happen, a solid or decent poll for Yes followed by Scotland in Union giving a 60-40 against one the week later. Be interesting to see what the results are of that. I guess if we don't hear anything of it, it'll be too ticht or a Yes win!
  10. I never got the Goldie love-in either. Knew a couple of SNP and Labour voters who liked her for her personality etc. She was basically just an older, slightly less abrasive Ruth Davidson. I thought McLetchie was quite funny.
  11. Aye. When you seen the nick of them too. They are far removed from being any master race. They all look like King Kong Buddy after a car crash. Wee dumpy bald men with skinny arms/legs and possible thyroid issues.
  12. Not to judge a book and so on , but you just know anyone who retweets Karol Sikara is a loonball
  13. I'm going back next week so will find out, cheers.
  14. Agree 63% seems awfae high - sure there will be the aye bring it on to vote No and finish it forever - but sure the last few polls were almost 40/40 split on this question of it being held in the near future. I know of one person who's now a Yes. I don't think he was political before - he might even been one of the 15% who didn't vote in Indyref - but he's seen enough he says etc. Hypothetical etc, but I knew of 4 people who voted SNP in December (in Angus, who didn't in 2017 - 2 returning SNP voters ; 1 non-voter and a Labour-switcher/now indy supporter). Hopefully the UK government's arrogance and ineptness of Covid has pushed a few more % over to Yes. And barring a disaster or a huge amount of amnesia, the SNP with/out the Greens should get a majority of seats in 2021. The UK govt will rubber the request, then what happens? Nothing? Or a big long, drawn out legal process?
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