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  1. You maybe need to remember back to when McGruther told Massone he'd take legal action against him when he tried to block the CVA saying he was a major creditor, so he suddenly dropped it, still tried to put the club out of existance after running it into the ground, but hey, you're right it wasn't his fault, it was the trusts.
  2. I'm saying Massone had over 2M in debt, so for you to say he was reducing it and it was all the trusts fault he went into admin is pish, everyone knows he was a fruit loop, he hardly paid anyone, so he should've been able to pay the rent and tax man, WTF did he do with any money coming in, paid the players, although late, that was about it. Had the neck to come into functions looking like the big time charlie taking drink from behind the bar and looking all happy towards everyone, incl staff who was working for sod all, as they hadn't been paid for months, even had the cheek to offer a lass some champaign when he was in a niteclub, a lass who worked at the stadium and hadn't been paid for months, she told him she'd rather he paid her the wages she was owed, fucker just laughed, that's the kind of guy you're trying to defend. Sold off Dorrans add ons for a pittance and has prob done the club out of 2M pound when he gets sold from West Brom. Best one was not paying the leccy bill, getting generators on hire to run electricity from, and then bump the hire of them too, would be fucking funny if it wasn't so outrageous at all the folk he done out of dosh, yes him, the mad one that ran up all the debt and didn't pay anyone not the trust, or anyone else the mad c**t tried to blame. You have some digs at the trust, but i'm afraid that one is up there with anything the mad Italian came out with.
  3. You've come out with some pish but that one beats them all, quality mate, pure quality. Massone didn't pay any bills, he was taken to court on numerous occasions and lost evry one of them, being forced to pay up, ran up huge debts to the club with mobile phone bills, carparking tickets/fines, Edin town house, Brewary/milk/meat/che etc ect etc. Hadn't paid staff for months, 5/6 months, you actually believing that pish you've just written?
  4. Indeed he was, and i do wonder about him as well, if any dirt could be proven then i'm sure it would've been though, or perhaps he and the SFL decided not to engage in an all out war as they'd both lose. That doesn't detract from how bent the SFL/SFA is though does it.
  5. Not arguing with you there, turned out a good thing for us, IMO we'd have still been in the 2nd Div this season if we'd been allowed to stay in the 1st with a points penalty. Difference is we're here on the back of promotion and in a strong mind set with a stable team with young player from our under 19's who've had a seasons experience in an easier league.
  6. How many clubs could put up a season in advance gate money to cover all away games? You can dress it up any way you want to justify what they did, but i'm not wearing it, there were goings on behind the corrupt doors of the SFL blazers, politics were involved. Look at the fall out when Rankine exposed a couple of them, 2 resignations from top positions, i'm not believing the rest aren't as bent as a 9 boab note, or at least a good few of them. Anyway, it's all done and dusted, nothing can be done about it now. We all know Livi aint out of the woods by any manner, still funny looking back at some of the comments from these Dee's, who at the time were full of it, not so smug now though.
  7. I could spend hours going through this thread quoting posts from Dundee fans.
  8. Wasn't a quote from the chairman, the chairman said this; then the bit you're talking about was was written underneath seperate from what McDougal said, most likely just thrown in by Ewan Murray. http://sport.scotsman.com/sport/Pain-lingers-but-Livingston-set.6526271.jp
  9. Indeed, but i'd have thought they'd be looked at as a bonus rather than a necessity, if you're running the club having to have a decent cup run then you're looking for trouble, i doubt that's what we're doing. Getting a money spinner from an SPL club in the latter stages of a cup would give us more money for next season, but if it doesn't happen then we'll just have to make do with what we have.......no? You're making assumptions and asking questions before the leagues even started, i just don't see the point. It's already been said by Ged that if we're still in the 2nd next season we'll have to accept that's what we are, a 2nd Div team, and budget accordingly, so we'll have to wait till next season to see if that's, firstly what happens, and secondly, if that's what we do, then you can ask questions and have some validity in what you're saying.
  10. Didn't realise we were pinning all our hopes on a cup run!!!! Alba cup is hardly a money spinner, CIS was always going to be slim with the 1st game against County. At least wait till the seasons started before you get your hopes up though, we may actually do well and get promoted, perish the thought.
  11. By the time GN and co ran a campaign to oust Massone it was apparent to everyone that Massone was a lying basket case who ran up debt without paying anything, helping him out would've only prolonged Livi's pain, his townhouse, mobile phone and car hire/parking fines alone were a disgrace, everything else became clear as we were dragged further into the mire by the man, he still perpatrated lies right to the end and even tried to block the CVA with more lies about him being a major creditor, if he'd succeeded then Livi would be no more, yet he still tells us he cared only for the club?? Told a few fibs is the biggest understatement of the year, he was a terminal liar who needed to be booted out for the club to survive. However that explains your dislike for Nixon, he was a Trust member and you have issues with them after you and the Trust parted company, whatever happened you really have a huge grudge about it to the point you don't care what happens to Livi.
  12. From what i can see it's about Ged Nixon's company going into admin, not Livi, don't know what impact that'll have on Livi if it's true though. Keane's travel agents went bust at the same time his involvement with Livi went south, Flynn's call centres went bust when he was in trouble running Livi just after he sold it onto Massone, difference this time is Nixon isn't solely running Livi, but must still have an impact when a director who's invested in the club has difficulties in his own business, if indeed he is. MCL, if you are as you claim a Livi fan, why does this make you so happy, seems you take great delight whenever something goes wrong, or at least is rumoured to have, at Livi, going by your laughing smileys anyway.
  13. I hope you've been as diligent on the Morton threads as you have on the Livi ones then, telling them off about their excessive FT buget!
  14. Not sure, think Flynn was 1 or 2 years behind when Massone took over and then he added another year on top of that, Massone said he'd pay the rent in full by June and then buy the stadium, but that was all pie in the sky.
  15. Well i've just learnt we're a year behind in the rent, so that was informative, we took a hefty hit with losing 300 ST sales to Massone, but i thought with us not paying any rent last season it at least made up for it, apparantly that's not so though, as the rent is in arrears, so as well as the debt we've racked up from this season being in the 3rd Div with a team of high wage earners on 1st Div wages, we've also 40K to make up from the loss of ST sales as the rent wasn't free last season. That should be a concern with us remaining FT in the 2nd Div, but instead it's a raw subject some feel the need to ignore. The board had a raw deal getting punted into the 3rd Div, but the fact remains, even with their cutbacks and trimming the wage bill it still isn't possible to break even, and that's going on McDougals words, so my point was, if we do fail to gain promotion next season and as was said in the LL thread, Ged at the fans meeting mentioned this: How can we remain FT, i agree with what he's saying, but surely if we can't go back to how things were we'd have to go part time, it doesn't make sense to me otherwise.
  16. Usually you're asking why no one brings anything up on the LL, can't win with you. hardly likely to get sensible debate on here though with so many Livi haters, so don't see the point discussing it here, i was looking for a response from Livi fans as i thought it worthwhile reminding them what McDougal had said.
  17. Yeah a bit like the monty python sketch, what have the Romans ever done for us.
  18. Yeah, like Hitler was a bit of a c**t to the jews. Talk about understatement. This must be the biggest pile of shit you've written on here yet, wouldn't have mattered how much support Madsone got he'd have put the club down the shitter, would just have taken him longer, he was a grade A nutter, who didn't know what the truth was, Billy Liar was a realist in comparison. He was that hopeless that even Flynn won a court case against him, must've been the first court case Flynn ever won, and he had plenty when he was in charge of Livi.
  19. Seriously doubt it (unless your talking overall att with away fans boosting the att), look at Airdrie, they must only have had 4 or 500 fans at the Dundee home game, we started off with around 650, now we've about 850 plus the community section adding around 300, i just can't see that many still being here if we were losing most of our games, i think coming through the Divisions, or at least getting promotion this season has been perfect for bringing fans back to games.
  20. From a fans point of view it's been an enjoyable season, much more so than it would've beeen struggling with a points deduction near/or at the bottom of the 1st Div. Our squad has a core of young players come through from the under 19's, and has another few coming up again this season, we may lose one or two of the established young players too though, Halliday will most likely be away, but on a whole i think we'll be ok player wise in coping with the 2nd Div (if we are promoted). Financially i have no idea, can but hope we tighten things up to get in line with our income, understandable that it's not been possible this season with the way we've come through admin, barely surviving it, i have slightly more faith in McDougals ability to make ends meet, then in any of our previous owners, but on our past record that's not saying much, he does have a good rep from previous dealing in football though.
  21. Dunno why it would, everything you post is a wind up so can't be taken seriously, this topic included.
  22. You've got to laugh at the suggestion you're being serious when you can't even say Livi without the add on ya p***k.
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