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  1. Who was our No40, big CB playing on the right in the 2nd half? Think it was Goncalves with the assist for Pittman's goal, wee back heeler.
  2. Yep, it was pretty low after the USA game though, where they got shown up as ordinary. USA should've been 2 up, Senegal should've been at least 1 up, their defence has looked really shaky in every game but got away with it against teams with no clinical finishers. Looking forward to seeing what Mbappe, Giroud and Griezmann do with the chances England's defence will gift them. Commentator actually thought England has a solid defence because they have kept clean sheets against absolute dross teams. They have good strikers and midfielders but seriously, their defenders look very shaky, only reason they didn't get punished for mistakes so far is lack of quality in opposition strikers, now they face France we'll see how they do.
  3. Good one. They are no different from any other time they've played in the early rounds, beat the dross and the minute they face a decent team they're fucked. No chance they're in the same level as France, Spain, Brazil, or Argentina. Even if by some freak chance they get past France they've another better team in the next game. France has looked the best team in the comp though, they'll stick a few past England's dodgy defence.
  4. The fact you're needing it filled should be worry enough. Have you other loans like director loans, and they've no more money they can put in so they're looking for the fans to fork out, sounds a bit desperate for Falkirk.
  5. Level on everything so has gone to who has the least yellow cards, Mexico have 7 to Poland's 5. Goes to drawing lots if Poland get another 2 bookings.
  6. Another 2 yellow cards to Poland and it goes to one potato 2 potato 3 potato 4.
  7. Reading his wiki it looks like he's cut from the Bahamboula/Nouble style of play, exciting and skillful with the ball at his feet, rough around the edges when it comes to finishing/final ball, and needs to learn the defending part of our game, working off the ball closing players down and tracking back. Most of which can be coached into him by our management team. Both Nouble and Bahamboula have learned the defensive part of play our players are expected to do off the ball, both still a bit dodgy with their final balls but decent enough for our level. Had they it all they'd never have come to Livi, but there has still been a decent bit of improvement from both of them that should attract interest/offers from bigger teams. Hopefully Diakhaby will be the same, if we sign him.
  8. Is Robbie Neilson part Iranian, c***s never away from the 4th official during a game.
  9. Maybe it was English people she was talking about, you know, because he hasn't played in 'the best league in the world', they don't rate him that much.
  10. Meant to have trialists from Scandanavian leagues too, but again would need to move players out if we want to sign anyone. On that note Goncalves and Hamilton (the keeper) would be my choices. Ivan is a better keeper and Goncalves just isn't looking good enough, still looks unfit and he's been here all season.
  11. Only we were 1-0 up and playing against 10 men and also had a pen, yeah we could easily have left with nothing had you did things you didn't manage to do, what a lot of gibberish nonsense. Btw although you were on top in the first half, we still had several good efforts on your goal that Gordon had to make good saves keeping out, if you want to play the what iffs game. Bottom line is though it was us that scored and looking the better team to take all 3pts, however Hearts managed to get a last ditch equaliser, whether you deserved it or not doesn't really matter now, but it'll have felt a better draw to Hearts than Livi with how the game played out.
  12. Dunno i can't remember Ivan having to make as many 'good saves' as Gordon, just because it's a shot on target doesn't mean it seriously troubled our keeper. However maybe if you'd equalised a bit earlier i'd concede you deserved something, but it was gutting drawing with only a few seconds from FT.
  13. Yay Nicky Devlin. Callum Carson @CallumCarsonWLC · 11h Nicky Devlin moved into the top five in Livingston's all-time Premiership appearance list yesterday with his 99th top flight game for the club. Scott Pittman (142), Oscar Rubio (123), Marvin Andrews (104) and Roddy McKenzie (100) are those ahead of him. Goan yerself Nicky Devlin, he's been brilliant for us.
  14. Aye we've seen 5 in our last 3 games, 3 for us, and 2 against. Basically it's coming down to who is best at scoring from the pen spot.
  15. Yeah VAR is pretty much the topic of conversation in Football forums too though. Our match thread didn't mention Stephen Kelly's goal till Hooch made a post about it, all the talk was about shite VAR decisions, how long VAR takes, fans not knowing WTF is going on when VAR is making checks and the pitch official stands there with his finger in his ear. The fans in the ground were even shouting for a VAR hand ball decision every time the ball went into the box, it is taking over football games. The Livi v Aberdeen game was the same with 3 VAR penalty awards. Pre match now we're going into games wondering who will benefit the most from the thing hand ball wise, or red cards getting awarded. See even now the thing is the topic of conversation, can't get away from it.
  16. Aye i think you going down to 10 men maybe helped open the game up a bit more, with us having the man advantage we were being more adventurous in attack. Fucksake, i keep saying Liam instead of Sean.
  17. Yeah it was a wonderful strike, it isn't easy beating Craig Gordon, and young Kelly gave him no chance with that shot. Wouldn't mind seeing him getting on the pen kicks, bit of pressure for a young player but he can def hit a good shot. Can't be any worse than Liam anyway, 2 misses and 2 goals from 4 pens, you want a better percentage going in than that. Looks another cracking signing for us.
  18. Yeah i was more meaning shots on target that the keepers had to save, you also hit the bar but again it wasn't on target that Ivan had to save from going in the net. Craig Gordon made quite a few good saves that were going into your net, one with his legs from Stephen Kelly at the post, one from Fitzwater heading into the net he tipped over, the pen from our other Kelly, there were a few more too. On the pen claims, I'd say the nudge on Nouble in the box before the ball went up to Forrest was similar to the push Devlin got away with in our box when a MacKay? was knocked off balance. Both were knocked off balance but tried to stay on their feet, if either had went straight down on the deck it might've got a VAR review. Think Shinnie's hand ball was with his arms bent in front of his body and it hit his elbow, if they'd been out from his body or his hands up above his head i could've seen a pen being given.
  19. Another thing VAR has done, is crowd participation in shouting hand ball for every ball that goes into the box, it's getting silly now.
  20. What's the rule on a booking after a VAR ruling, like allowing play to go on when someone is offside, or a hand ball penalty, and letting play go on several minutes before pulling it back for a VAR check on the monitor and a pen being awarded? Seems crazy that a player could get booked because play keeps going, but if a goal is scored it will be chopped off but not a booking. Yeah Nouble is that used to being held onto and having his shirt pulled i don't think it even dawned on him to claim the pen, i saw it and said to my mate when they first signaled the VAR check it must be for us, with Nouble being fouled. We def wouldn't have gotten that one without VAR though. Still don't know how they reviewed Devlin being taken out by a reckless challenge and didn't deem it enough for the ref to go look at the monitor, if that wasn't a red card challenge i don't know what is.
  21. Can only think of one time Hearts really tested Ivan, the double save and then block Holt made near the end, Gordon made quite a few good saves throughout the game, even in the first half when Hearts were the better team he made a few. Overall i think we tested Gordon more with shots on target that were good efforts on goal, and one that beat him, and another was cleared off the line............not to mention the pen he saved/we missed. Some wild efforts at our goal you should've done better with but i think you only had one really good sequence of efforts, the double save Ivan made with Holt also blocking a 3rd attempt on it. Yeah Martindale does seem pretty fair and level headed post match on his comments. Doesn't moan too much about VAR either, even the Devlin non red card tackle, he was mystified how VAR could ignore it, but didn't get hysterical over it. Find it strange anyone thinking it could've gone either way though, maybe before the game kicked off, and up till we scored, but not after we scored. When we were a goal up and had a penalty, there was only one way it should've gone at that point. Then Hearts getting an equaliser in the final 14 seconds of the game, and the way Neilson celebrated the draw, tells you it was a point gained by Hearts and 2 dropped by Livi.
  22. It's bizarre, I'm actually pleased he's got his past as it means other teams are less likely to see him as an option. There were a few rangers fans talking him up for the job but I can't see the staunch rangers board appointing someone with a criminal history They had an owner facing a tax evasion case in S Africa didn't they? Suppose that's a white collar crime though and given their EBT history and liquidation, dodgy taxes isn't seen as being criminally damaging. Read they wanted Kenny Miller as his assistant too, yeah because they worked so well together when Miller was Livi's manager. Livi's whole rise to the Premiership and being revamped all over from the way the place is run, to the stadium all upgraded with a press room, gym, ice baths, new floodlights, pitch, etc, etc, is largely down to Martindale and his backroom staff. He's the Alex Ferguson of Livi, and then some (with all the other work he does around the place).
  23. Bad enough the ref missed this as a foul and red card, giving Hearts a throw in, but VAR checked it and deemed it not necessary for the ref to go take a look on the VAR monitor.
  24. Yeah the double save was excellent, as was Holt's block with his back, was really happy with Ivan's performance, think he's better than Shamal at clearing balls into our box too, his punches go right out to the side of the pitch. Kicks really long too, would've loved for Bruce to have been on, maybe getting onto those long kicks and getting at their goal.
  25. Come on, Gordon got it with his foot and kept it out, yeah well played him, but Kelly should've scored it, if your hitting it down the centre keep it up far enough so the keeper can't save with his legs/feet. On the game, Hearts better team first half and your assessment is valid, all we threatened with came from set plays. 2nd half though Livi were the better team and created plenty chances, no danger is that 2nd half performance anything like our first half, we upped our game. Gordon also made several good saves in that 2nd half to keep you in the game.
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