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  1. Bailey is on fine form, some through ball for Forrest's shot that led to Devlin's goal too, he's scoring a goal tomorrow. Think we'll take a point here, might even get all 3. As has been said though, tough, tough game for us, Sevco are a force going forward, so we'll need to defend well. Mon the Livi Lions.
  2. Good to see Harrison getting more games now, can't remember who i spoke to on here a wee while ago, but they didn't reckon he was ready for this level yet, and would prob be better going out on loan to a League Two side. Looks like he's improving though and Dick is giving him more game time to help his development even more.
  3. They get away with that many, that when they do get a bad decision going against them (usually in erse cheek derbies), they're so shocked and it sticks in their minds forever. Then they've convinced themselves it happens as much to them as anyone else.
  4. Looks like the screwloosenizer has gone into hiding since we went on a 5 games undefeated run, pity he can't give an opinion when things are going well, the twat. His favourite whipping boy Fitzwater (fizzywater) in particular has been doing well this season, a serving of humble pie is due from him there. And Holt has been outstanding too, which prob tipped him over the edge into an abyss.
  5. Aye doesn't look like it. Livingston boss David Martindale believes Ayo Obileye can become 'best centre-back in the league' - Daily Record Pity, i was looking forward to seeing how good he was at DM if that was his best position, because he's been pretty good playing as a CB. Doesn't look like we're going to get many goal out of him though, Parkes looks more of a goal threat at set pieces, and Fitzwater is quite good at getting onto loose balls and knock downs for the odd goal too.
  6. Competitions for places is what we're wanting right enough, players will need to up their game or lose their place. We could also have Obileye in that defensive midfield role, if Parkes and Fitzwater play well together against Sevco, QoTS fans said playing holding midfield was his best position for them. Having 3 decent CB's also gives us the option of going with a back 3. Good headache for Martindale to have. Another one is choosing between Pittman and Shinnie, both are being played in that attacking CM, with Bailey on the right and Montano/Forrest, or even Penrice & Kabia going for the left attacking mid place. Shinnie has good technical skill, but i think we really miss Pittman's energy and press, as well as him getting into good positions to score goals.
  7. Maley is a decent shot stopper, but more flappy at high balls than Robby McCrorie, could get away with him coming on as sub during a game, but pretty sure we'd get an emergency loan keeper in if it was an injury that put him out for more than one game.
  8. I thought that the first time he did it, it's in line with his bumbling persona, but its happened too often now to be a coincidence. He's the fall guy clown shoes figurehead, while the odious Tory c***s lurking in the shadows get on with their despicable, dastardly deeds. Maybe doesn't have to work too hard at being a clown, rambling on about Peppa Pig, but i'm convinced he knows what he's doing diverting attention away from important bills and the like being discussed or voted on, and someone has told him to just go do your thing Boris.
  9. Pulled the same stunt visiting the hospital and walking around not wearing a face mask, on the day of another big event elsewhere.
  10. Sibbs has had one thing after another with illness and injuries this season, he isn't being left out the team as such, he just hasn't been able to play, and even when he was being played earlier on, he wasn't fully recovered from covid. He's having a horrendous time of it, but not much Martindale can do about playing him, i'm sure he'll get a game again soon now he's back from his latest injury. With what he's went through i can see why he wasn't just thrown back into the team again.
  11. He headed it against his arm, it wasn't a penalty, that any help?
  12. Maybe once, but repeating it and others doing the same kinda shows you've let it get to you.
  13. Hendo really is a despicable arsehole, his last 2 outings trying to score points over a player who was racially abused, then his arsehole comment on Sibbald, and now this, horrendous patter.
  14. From what i've seen of him in Arbroath games, the odd ppv and highlights clips, he's a better all round player than JET, but not as good a finisher, still to see him against Premiership defenders, but think he'll be just as good as he has been for Arbroath. Exciting prospect for us in January, hopefully we also give Arbroath Hamilton on loan and he bags a few goals for them to help keep their good season going.
  15. Think Omeonga has been decent, and Sibbs has been out injured for a while, so prob not fully fit yet. Agree Forrest should be starting though, instantly made a difference when he came on. Think Forrest, Bailey and Anderson are our best attacking players.
  16. No idea why Forrest is sitting on the bench and Montano starts, even worse that he was still sitting there after 65 mins.
  17. ATLIS's post never got to you at all, nope. Usual tight game against St Mirren, where whoever scores first usually wins 1-0, only we only go and blast in an equaliser. Felt the 2nd half was going St Mirren's way and their worldy was coming from all the possession they were having in our half, lost count of the games i've seen them score goals like that against us. Martindale waited far too long before making his substitutions, Forrest was only just warming up, he should've been on 10 minutes ago, to try and get us a grip of the game back in their half, however he did fire on 3 subs after going behind and it got us a draw. Thought here we go again as Alnwick made a few good saves, and that one that went out to Devlin, but what a shot back in for his goal. Think a draw was fair enough in the end, was feeling a bit pissed off at Martindale waiting till we were a goal down before making his substitutions, but delighted when we scored and got the equaliser.
  18. The fact you couldn't just say sorry but you didn't know for the Sibbald comment pretty much shows you're an arsehole, yep.
  19. Aye Nicola Sturgeon stopped 10iar. That must f**k with the Sevco fans heads.
  20. It's amazing they can't see how much of a brass neck they have coming out with that sort of stuff when competing in Europe.
  21. We've improved a good bit since we last met, and even then we were the better team but lacked that killer touch in front of goals. Bailey and Anderson have been on fine form in front of goal recently though, so looking forward to seeing if they can continue where they left off before the break. Agree with the above post that it'll be tight, 1-0 or 2-1 Livi.
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