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  1. He's almost getting it, then falls flat on his face right at the end, and then in his concussed state, deliriously thinks it's a different club taking another team's registration, history etc.
  2. Livingston didn't take another team's registration into the league, completely different scenario. Exactly, Meadowbank relocated same as Falkirk did, and Airdrie before going bust and taking over Clydebank, or even Meadowbank when they did it previously from Ferranti, only difference is Meadowbank went to another town this time, which was their owners decision, moving staff, players, the whole caboodle to Livingston. It really is quite simple, but these 2 are beyond simple not understanding it.
  3. You walking through the crowd wanking, or did you mean to write throw, not quite sure with P&B posters, could be either one.
  4. No disrespect to Accies, brilliant job being in the top flight for what, 7 seasons? However most of those, if not all, were down the bottom of the table fighting to stay up, which imo makes them far better than us at shithousing games, esp in a relegation scrap to stay up. Yeah great game for St Mirren fans to have been at, just for the last 20 mins, which was pretty eventful, and who doesn't love a last minute winner, when it's your team winning.
  5. Forgot to mention the stewards outside closing the gates on us as we left the ground, trying to keep all 200 of us from causing a riot with the St Mirren fans leaving at the same time, only for us all to walk around the side of the gates over the deflated tarp thingy, that at least made me laugh when my face was tripping me after losing the game.
  6. I know how they felt, made the same arse of myself when we scored, jumping about like a maniac, and was totally deflated when you got the winner at the death.
  7. We often get games like this with one another because we are 2 similar quality teams, i was expecting the usual St Mirren 25 yard thunderfuck into the top corner to win it for you 1-0 when the conditions made it even harder to play 'football'. You've done that to us a few times. TBF for your winner, we had taken off a defensive mid and a full back, Omeonga especially is our best DM for turning over possession, and us defending a free kick then 3 corners and not being able to get the ball up to Anderson on the halfway line would've been a lot to do with him going off the pitch. The first goal was when we were just getting Anderson on, great timing for St Mirren scoring then, it also forced Martindale into more drastic changes to shape and attacking players for defensive one. Still think we should've had Anderson on 10 mins sooner, and at 0-0 i reckon we'd have gone on to win with him on the pitch, guess we'll never know though. I can see why Martindale is reluctant to play Anderson though, with his injury problems at the end of last season and start of this, wrapping him in cotton wool bringing him on slowly, doubt he'll start against County either, and dare say if we manage to be a goal up i can see him leaving it to the last 10 mins for subbing him on. Really could do with playing him now, as we just haven't the cutting edge in attack without him. Anyway, in the cold light of day after a cooling off period, although it was a sore one for us, i think we'll get over it and be back in the mix for top 6 spot again, it's all pretty tight between 3rd and 7th, with 8th & 9th not far behind either. Just wish it was us up there leading the best of the rest, but it aint, so well done St Mirren.
  8. Should've had plenty more too, he let you away with some earlier, warning your players several times before booking them. Should also have had another red card, yeah funny how opposition fans see things so differently.
  9. I was a bit scunnered thinking we'd only get a draw, after the sitters we missed, Pitts, Ayo and then Kelly with the penalty blasted over the bar, with a few others that were decent chances but not quite sitters, only to then come away with fuckall, sheesh. Waited far too long to bring Anderson on, just knew it would be after we went a goal behind, when he did finally get on he made a massive difference to our attack. I've liked the look of Guthrie, just not how he was expected to play in this game, didn't look mobile enough to spin his man and get in behind defenders, more suited to getting into the box for crosses than an out and out target man. I'll grudgingly give credit to St Mirren for pushing on for a winner after we pegged them back, and doing so with 10 men, still pissed off losing the game though.
  10. Didn't like getting slagged to f**k for not opening up more stands to Celtic, so taking it out on Livi for not bringing more fans to their ground, poor show from Div. All we're doing is giving them the opportunity to fill more of their ground with St Mirren fans, and that's the thanks we get.
  11. According to this article, our rearranged game against Celtic is Wed 21st December. Aberdeen vs Rangers and Celtic vs Livingston given new fixtures dates after postponement during Queen’s death mourning period - Football Scotland Typical reporting not interested in anything but Sevco and Celtic, as if we all don't have the same amount of games to play. Our fixtures for that period will be With Celtic away on the 21st Dec, making it 5 games too.
  12. Maybe they'll have your name on the list of contributors to Falkirk but not having signed up to the Falkirk Society, did they send you an e mail telling you to get your shoulder to the .
  13. We took a hit with Director loans being in League One, just isn't enough prize money to sustain a FT club with our infostructure, we were lucky enough to only spend one season there though. Falkirk have 5X our ST sales but i doubt it covers wages and the running of the club either, and they've been down there a few seasons now. Sacking managers will be expensive as well i'd imagine, having to pay off contracts. There are far better ways to frame asking for help e mails though, that's for sure, who the hell thought that was a well worded cry for help, to have a pop at ST holders not giving them extra dosh!
  14. Wonder if they'll put up a name and shame them list of anyone not joining the Falkirk supporters' society, then read it out at HT.
  15. It's just something that got used the season we won the play offs, and it has stuck ever since. By the play off final some pundits realized there was a bit more to us though. Back then it was all about getting the ball as quickly as possible up the pitch, then winning 2nd balls to get it down and play it in the opposition's half. Martindale has changed it the last couple of seasons, particularly this one, trying to play it more out from the back. We've got some really good ball players in Nouble and Bahamboula, that like taking players on and opening up space in the final third. As always with Livi though, it's all about work rate and team work, no room for prima donnas with Martindale, anyone that doesn't pull their weight is out of the team, and booted into touch if they don't change their attitude.
  16. Yeah our harrying short arses in midfield got us the big physical team tag, Gallagher and Halkett added a great threat from set pieces which prob helped with the big physical team perception, but every team has big CB's, and one of them is now with St Mirren. Ironically our short arses are still the most aggressive players in our team, Holt and Omeonga in particular. Nouble & Bahamboula are tall, but pretty nimble with the ball at their feet, and Nouble's physical strength is being able to drive forward with players hanging onto him rather than barging them out of the way. Guthrie has finally given us a threat from set pieces, particularly long throw ins, which we've been missing since his namesake left us, Montano is looking pretty handy from corners too, might start marking him better as i think Nouble, Guthrie & Obileye have taken most of the opposition defenders attention. Really good having so many tall players now though, wont be easy to mark them all at set pieces.
  17. Not really seen enough of him, looked ok in midfield then had to move to CB for cover during our cup group games, but we were quite a bit experimental in that period chucking players in all over the place. Once the league started we've played our normal midfield from last season and he hasn't had much of a chance to get into the team. Looked comfortable on the ball, and as you say, a big strong laddie, hopefully does well for you and gets a decent run of games to show he's worth getting into our team like Nouble did.
  18. 4th v 5th, tough looking game for both teams, usually tight affairs too. Looking forward to going through to this, hopefully it'll be a good game with a few goals, and us coming away with all 3 pts.
  19. Goncalves scored in a 2-1 defeat to Dunfermline in a reserves game, so at least he's managed to get a goal, just needs to do it in the Premiership now. Always seems to be a bit off positionally when going for goal, maybe his fitness levels improving will get him there for scoring some goals. Yeah good news about Guthrie, the extra week off between games should see him fit to start against St Mirren, will hopefully see Bruce getting some game time coming on as a sub too. He's played in a few reserve games and not broken down so that bodes well for his ankle injury not flaring back up.
  20. Sure as feck would've scored a couple of those chances Armstrong had anyway, i'm sure Dykes got the same derision on here from a fair few of you too though, and some still don't like him as a good enough player to be playing for Scotland. Alan Forrest, he's better than James! Better finisher than Armstong anyway, and yep, was frustrating as feck seeing Armstrong missing so many chances. Agree yeah, he'll have to have a decent season with Hearts before he'll get noticed at International level, heading in the right direction though.
  21. Halkett has been unlucky with injuries too or he'd have been in the team about the same time Gallagher was, and is a lot better of a CB. Good at bringing the ball out of defence too.
  22. Wouldn't mind Alan Forrest getting a call up at some point, reckon he'd have scored given the same amount of chances Armstrong had, he's got a lot better shot on him anyway and would've at least hit the target. Seems to be playing in much the same position for Hearts and has scored 3 goals the last two games.
  23. Did it against the likes of Celtic for us.
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