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  1. The confidence from both sets of fans is overwhelming.😂
  2. Yeah both our 'holding midfielders' push up anyway, Marv has made runs up the wing now and then, last season he planted one on Dykes head for him to score, after hitting the byeline. He played in Devlin for his assist a couple of games ago, a lot of nonsense saying he just stays in his own half and doesn't attack. Same with Holt, pretty sure it was him that played in Serrano for his thunderfuck shot of a goal against Celtic in our 3-2 defeat there earlier in the season, and had the assist for Robbo's winning goal against Killie away. Could be wrong but i think it was also Holt that played a ball to the back post for Devlin to score a goal this season too. Both of them help out in attack when they can, but against the better teams we'll be pinned back and it's harder for them to get up the pitch as much.
  3. Yeah Lawson is too hot and cold, never seems to play the same 2 games running, think JET has shown signs he could be decent for us next season though, esp after a full pre season training under his belt, wouldn't mind keeping him on. Jury is out on Lithgow, at least deserves a chance to see if he's able to get back to his best, hopefully see him getting a couple of games in, but suppose it depends on us having 5th place secured from St Johnstone, or if we're even still in with a chance at 4th. ATS has been shut out this season, so doesn't look like he'll be here next season, same with Robbo, the likes of Hamilton still has a chance of making it in the first team, would like him to get his chance next season, not sure about Tiffoney, but he's doing well at Partick, maybe just needs a decent run of games at Livi. One thing this time round, it doesn't look like we'll lose as many big players as we did the prev 2 seasons, i like Robbo, he's been a good player for us, and gives it everything when he plays, but he isn't a Dykes or Lawless that we'll miss him as much. Marv and Holt will still be here, imo they'd be bigger losses than Robbo, they bring a lot to our midfield, Marv's experience is invaluable for us too, Sibbs has come into his own too, so signs are looking good for us next season if we can just add a few new faces to push the players we have, and keep this incredible journey back into the top flight going. Martindale knows the areas we need to strengthen too, and is already making moves to bring in some big physical players.
  4. If we start making wholesale squad changes we're in danger of having a season like Hamilton, sticking as closely to unforced changes, and having as much continuity as we can has served us well these past 5 seasons, there are areas we need strengthening but that doesn't mean ripping up the squad to start again, that would be disastrous imo. We've still a decent spine to the team, as thruthenight said, set pieces have been our main weakness for conceding goals, and we're looking to bring in a couple of big physical defenders for next season.
  5. Yep, as is saying Holt does nothing positive, complete nonsense. This guy pops up whenever we have a bad result and tells us how pish our players are, what about all the games we won and drew to get us 5th in the league, that doesn't suggest our squad is full of imposters. On our budget we have absolutely no right to have back to back top 6 finishes, St Mirren just missed out on top six and are not scrambling to hold onto 8th place, which btw, would still be a good finish for them with the budget they have, and they're above us on that score, which shows how much we've punched above our weight. This is the same squad of players that had back to back draws with Celtic, lost by just one goal at Celtic park before that, got a draw against the best team in the Country by a mile at home, only just lost by one goal in the 87th min the next time we played them at home, beat the 3rd best team away, and drew at home with them too (and Holt was one of our best players in that game). Yes we have bad results too, that same 3rd best team humped us silly at home earlier in the season, does that mean those same players should all be binned, course not, and neither does us being gubbed by a rejuvenated Celtic going for a Scottish cup win over Sevco next week. Our heaviest defeat against the title winners this season was 2-0 at Ibrox, we've conceded 3 goals in 3 games against them (so far anyway), teams far bigger than us have been humped by them, Aberdeen lost 4-0, bad results happen, esp against the top 2 teams on their own patch, we've had a few 5-1 defeats against Celtic, the best Livi team in our history, that finished 3rd lost 5-1 to Celtic at Celtic Park, just lucky for them Scrutinizer wasn't around to tell them like it is about how shite they were.
  6. You think so.🤣 A win against Aberdeen in the cup and Hibs in the league in our next 2 games and everything will be coming up roses again.
  7. Celtic beat us 4-0 at Celtic park in 2019...I blame the pitch I was at that match, lucky it was only 4 and not 6 then as well, got totally outplayed in that game too.
  8. But no cigar, as long as your millions and millions and millions of pounds team beat St Johnstone and Aberdeen too then no worries shagger. Did i mention the millions of pounds Celtic have an advantage over us mere paupers? It showed today, for a change this season.
  9. Since the hesgoal stream crashed Celtic scored twice, 2-0 HT. Hopefully the St Johnstone v Aberdeen game remains a draw and Celtic beat both of them too when they play them. Would've still paid the ppv if they had one, paid for every other club's ppv, arseholes are the only ones not doing them though.
  10. Clicked on a link saying Heart broken, expecting to see Alloa winning this game, but instead got a picture of Lizzie mourning Phill's death.
  11. Yeah that's Hughes idea of total football, passing it back and forth going nowhere, the more passes you make the better he likes it.
  12. Nothing much for Celtic players to get up for in league games, same for their fans, should just put up their ppv codes for the away fans to use. Hopefully they're no very good at scoring from set pieces, that's been our main weakness this season, another draw would be decent, but would be great to get our first away win against them, and push the sheep for 4th place. Mon the Livi Lions.
  13. Up till his injury against Utd (i think) he was the natural like for like replacement to Robbo, then Robbo got injured, think that was another game against Utd (c***s have a habit of injuring our strikers, Hardie, Raffa, Poplatnik, Robbo), about time he's getting a regular starting place, even if it's in the hole behind Jet. He makes things happen, is small and nippy like Robbo, and wins his headers, for a wee guy he holds the ball up better than Jet too.
  14. Yep, the Stenny commentary guys were brilliant in our Betfred cup game, really funny with their self deprecating humour at their team being humped 4-0, and the bit about being texted to ask Martindale to put a tammy on his baldy heid, as the AI guidance camera kept following it instead of the ball. Sure one of them is on a view from the terrace.
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