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  1. Partick Thistle v Celtic

    Was watching that car crash on BT with Sutton, Hartson and McCoist all shouting over each other about Celtic and Brendan Rogers, had to mute it, was thinking are they ever going to talk about Thistle here as they stand with the pitch in the background.
  2. We're giving Accies a run for their money bringing out the seethe in the top flight.
  3. It's just like the start of last season before Hardie joined us, thankfully we wont have to wait until January for him this season.
  4. Berwick 2018/19

    Good wee player, doubt he'll score goals for you though, but will get stuck in and do a good job in midfield.
  5. Livi v Motherwell

    Can't leave Pittman out.
  6. Hullo hullo song? That's all I heard from them too, shite away support tbh, away supports are usually a lot more vocal.
  7. LYT v Forfar

    Yeah would be a bit of a cheek using our colts to justify this when the c***s generally ignore us in everything else.
  8. Livi v Motherwell

    Not at all, i'm just glad you got it out and felt comfortable enough to share your angst with us all on P&B.
  9. Livi v Motherwell

    Yes and we're all glad you felt the need to tell us.
  10. LYT v Forfar

    Have to admit I enjoyed watching our colts last night, agree with you about colts teams being in it is a farce but can't help wanting us to win the rearranged game. Young lads deserved it and you could see they were gutted when the ref abandoned the game..
  11. LYT v Forfar

    7.15 ko and we'd have got this played to the end, bummer. Good performance by the young Lions, very quick on the counter and held our own physically too.
  12. Livi v Motherwell

    Higher than that in the Championship now, all the relegated Premiership teams keeping their gate prices the same in an effort to bounce straight back up have helped push the gate price up all over the board. Doesn't take much to encourages other clubs to raise their prices.
  13. Livi v Motherwell

    Conor Sammon was a big useless lump against us in the play offs, even missed a penalty, surely wont be as bad again. I think we can grind out a one goal win here, would love a wee cup run and to get past the quarters for a trip to Hampden.
  14. There were four or five thousand turned up at our home play offs games in the west and south stand, even spilling into the east stand against Thistle, then over two thousand went to the 2nd leg away to Thistle, they seem to have only been drawn to the excitement of the promotion games though. Still folk on their hols too right enough, notices a few missing around me that are regulars and will be there again this season. We've got home games against Hibs and Sevco next month, that will no doubt bring out all the big game boys to swell our home support.