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  1. Livi v Dundee

    You're trying too hard.
  2. Livi v Dundee

    Whatever helps you have some belief in your team mate.
  3. Livi v Dundee

    Think i'll piss my pants laughing if Kenny Miller gets the gig.
  4. Livi v Dundee

    More chance of you winning the lotto than Dundee scoring 4 goals against the Livi Lions.
  5. Livi v Dundee

    Is that Livi 4-0 Dundee?
  6. Livi v Dundee

    http://livingstonfc.co.uk/match/ticket-information/ Says there MAY be away tickets available on the day of the match but will be managed by a game by game basis and instructions from the police. I'd think all Cat A matches will be fine, which Dundee are, it'll just be Cat B and C where big numbers will turn up. Unless it's a huge game for Dundee and you bring over 5,000 fans.
  7. Livi v Dundee

    Lost interest in them a while ago, still got suckered in to getting excited when they were playing Italy at Hampden and almost qualified, but blew it yet again right at the death, b*****ds. I really should've learnt by the amount of times they've done it before. Ridiculous that their games are never on council telly but England's always are too, sums up our useless back water set up, but helps to get detached from them and not bother when they are playing. Anyway, Livi more than make up for that shite, can't wait for this game.
  8. Massone was a despicable c**t. Unbelievable that we are where we are now after those dark days.
  9. Would have to see what he's like now, used to be something like Sibbald, really skilful on the ball, could've done with adding more goals to his game though. Andreu scored a load of goals for Accies in the Premiership, sure I saw he was the league's top goal scorer before he moved to Norwich. As I said though, that was in his prime, wouldn't drop any of our midfield for him nowadays.
  10. McNulty would yep, scored 23 goals last season. Andreu in his prime would've too, not sure about now though, same with Scougall.
  11. Russell, Mullen, McNulty, Andreu, Scougall, B Barr. JGT, Ky Jacobs, Kn Jacobs, Fox, O'Brien, Watson, Barr, Dycey, Booth, McNeil. We had a few cracking players in that squad but collectively not a patch on our current squad.
  12. Bonetti era at Dundee

  13. Bonetti era at Dundee

    I remember Ivano taking a flaky at a Livi game and being sent to the stands. Livi fans were winding him up calling him pizza man or something , he went off his nut and was shouting and swearing at them, a steward tried to calm him down and he swore at the steward, next thing the head steward appears and gives him a final warning about his behaviour, he wouldn't calm down and was swearing at him too, so got huckled off the pitch. Of course the Livi fans were taunting him as he went.
  14. Livi v Dundee

    True- a 15 point gap with a mere 87 points to play for would be unassailable. At the rate Dundee are gathering points?