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  1. We'll soon find out how bad/good our defence is when we play Sevco at Ibrox on Sat, if we can keep it down to 3 we'll be doing ok, anything better and it would look promising, i'll be feart to look for the FT score though iibh.
  2. Has to be winning the treble this season or do the right thing and resign. Then replace Clarke as the Scotland boss.
  3. Yep, has been involved with a couple of our goals, was looking good against Alloa till they clobbered him too, he makes things happen.
  4. Peach of a goal by Sibbs yesterday, great work and persistence to win the ball back twice too. Also liking Montano, looks like a good signing.
  5. Out of interest, what team do you support and what is your fascination with Livi?
  6. Noticed we pulled out our reserves/B team from playing in the lower league Challenge cup. With injuries and illness depleting our squad. That's Jacko and Shinnie injured too, and the league hasn't even started yet, going to need everyone in the squad to be able to step up and play.
  7. Are you not happy with the 3 proper strikers we have? Anderson looks the best out of them, but still needs to be more clinical with his efforts on goal, Reilly just doesn't fill me with confidence that he'll score goals, and Hamilton has still to prove himself at this level, although if he progresses the way he did in the Championship i'd be delighted.. Really hoping Anderson bags a few goals this season, he's missed a lot of chances in the cup games though, but early days, and hopefully things will click for him as he gets more games.
  8. Canny believe we're through to the knock out stages, we're spawny b*****ds.πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚
  9. Feck me, 2 players substituted off injured and it isn't even half time yet, walking wounded here.
  10. Wouldn't be hard, he's shite as a CB. Remember him ripping Aberdeen a new one playing on the wing last season though, maybe we've found his position at last.
  11. BTw i'd still have Buchanan playing for us, we fecker can certainly score goals.
  12. If Buchanan gets a hattrick would we try and sign him back up, would at least have a proper striker up front.
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