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  1. Aye nobody knew which way they were going to be given either, each time it was a few minutes later when the ball was down the other end of the pitch, and you thought that's where a hand ball had happened. Now they've swung the other way and are ignoring hand balls.
  2. Would prob be great if there was no human involvement with the decisions, just program in the rules and an AI working it. But it doesn't work like that and officials are just as likely to fuckit up with VAR as they are without it. Only now clubs are paying extra for the privilege of being fucked over by VAR officials.
  3. VAR in general gave penalties out like sweeties in a candy store, we got about 7 or 8, didn't do us much good right enough, we missed 5 or 6 of them. It has been less generous of late after the amount of hand balls it was giving, and even totally ignoring some blatant hand balls now.
  4. Very good, the community tickets are going well, should be a big noisy kids section cheering on the players against St Johnstone.
  5. Didn't know him till he starred as Andor, but now recognise his face and remember him from Narcos. Yeah it's often like that, you see them in something they stand out in then realize they were in other things you've watched. In that one i knew here from Matilda though, watched it when my daughter was a bairn. He was a limo driver in an episode of Columbo that i watched recently, would've seen it a few times before but only got to know his face from Breaking Bad and BCS.
  6. Sounds very plausible, we've started games well and scored early goals, then faded 2nd half. Nouble would be a good bet for our goal,
  7. Bradley, Kelly, Bahamboula and Omeonga in the reserves and we got pumped 2-0 by Dundee, ah well at least it gave them a run out for the big game on Saturday. Would expect at least one of them to be starting against St Mirren.
  8. Kate Upton after seeing the Scotland score.
  9. Piece of pish this. Spain, who are ye who are ye...
  10. Does she not get to keep it after using it to save Mando's arse, or does she still have to fight him for it?
  11. Years ago i had a black lab and she never got up on the chairs, def not up on the bed, either i've gone soft in my old age or these ALD's just look so cute they get away with murder, they just please themselves where they sleep. You look on their FB page and everyone says the same thing before they get one too, nae way they're getting up on the suite, then once they get them they put up a pic and they're on their bed's.
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