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  1. We're already overachieving on the budget we have, wouldn't be as simple to say Gerrard could do better, or even match what we have just now. We've got here playing a certain way and the backroom staff at Livi is also a huge part of that. Real test for Gerrard would be going to an EPL team, where there are several teams with huge finances to compete equally with one another. The gulf in finances in Scottish top flight is too big for any of the 10 diddy clubs to compete with the big 2, even if they have a better manager than them.
  2. Yep, they'd all have to be operating on the same budgets to tell who was better, would like to see Gerrard have Livi's or Accies playing budget and be top of the league. And see where Robinson or Goodwin would be with the budgets the erse cheeks are operating on.
  3. How else would we know he doesn't give a f**k? I think we need an i don't give a f**k option in the poll.
  4. As much as i can't stand Hughes and think he's a loud mouthed chancer, he'd still prob do a better job than Lennon and have a decent chance at getting Celtic their 10 in a row, he'd at least have players with the skill levels to carry his footballing philosophy onto the pitch. Either that or he'd have Celtic playing with 95% possession and zero shots at goal.
  5. Wonder if this fella was inspired after his team got pumped by Ross County.
  6. Lennon can turn this around, should give him another 3 games.
  7. Gonny no sack Lennon till after we play you in 3 games time.
  8. Yep, and the way Holt had us set up was why we were struggling, main problem was playing a big cumbersome striker in JET with no pace or energy to press defenders, before we signed him we had Tiffoney or Poplatnik giving us much more energy and mobility up front, and did to Dundee Utd what we just did to you, limiting them to zero shots on goal in open play and playing a pressing game. Also not playing Mullin and Forrest at the same time was another fault with Holt, we esp needed Mullin for his crosses into the box from set pieces. Fitzwater was also left out in the cold and obv had a point to prove yesterday. Unfortunate for Ayr that Holt decided to leqve, if he'd stayed i'd have expected our 2nd half performance to have been how we'd have played the whole game. But Martindale changed a few things and we were right in your faces from the off, and a completely different team from the last few games under Holt.
  9. Not enough to keep supporting them when they moved 20 mins along the road. Spoken to a few Livi fans that supported them as Meadowbank, one was even a Ferranti fan.
  10. Fecking ridiculous showing replays when we're taking a corner again, and missing the corner coming into the box, someone's needing to have a word with whoever is doing them. At least they've stopped zooming in on the dugout when play is going on though.
  11. We did against Utd, but since JET was being picked we just didn't have the same energy up front to press defenders. Poplatnik is running about daft chasing down every ball, making it much easier for our midfield to get the ball back. Great seeing Mullin and Forrest playing too, Mullin's deliveries from the corners have been absolutely brilliant, something else we were desperately missing. Fitzwater has had an easy time in defence but also excellent in the box at set pieces. This is exactly what i wanted up front, having either Tiffs or Poplatnik to press the ball.
  12. Your last selection is certainly interesting, although Holt wouldn't be playing, he's suspended for our next 2 games. Big Marv in your sin bin, EL will approve.
  13. Did a fantastic job finishing a comfortable 9th after taking over from Hoppy & Miller, then 5th the following season, though there was a cry to sack him last season when we hit a sticky patch, and ended up having our 2nd best season in the top flight ever, fans eh. 😂
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