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  1. Refs red card changed the game again for us as it did against Dundee, but Holt takes the wrong player off, should've been Sibbald instead of Lawless, and why the feck did we sit so deep allowing St Mirren all the time in the world to bring the ball out of defence and have their FB's sitting up in our half knowing they'd be under no danger at all at being caught up the pitch. Also thought he made the wrong decision to take Hardie off when Menga came on, Hardie was having to be left up front alone against 2 CB's Menga coming on would've given them huge problems leaving Hardie to get into goal scoring positions a lot easier. Saying all that we had a couple of good chances to get ourselves back into the lead and failed to do so, and ended up being comfortably beaten because we gambled on being able to defend deep. Only consolation is it virtually sends Dundee down, still hoping they hang on long enough for our game on the 11th of May to be the one that officially relegates them, bringing back memories from that end of season relegation game with 10,000 Dees on Bubbles Hil and Tam McManus on his knees greetin on our pitch.
  2. Any news on Hardie's foot injury? We've got a few options in attack for a change, could start Dolly and Robbo if Hardie is out, or have Rafffa with Robbo and Dolly on the wing. Midfield isn't so straight forward nowadays either, with Lawson and Sibbald playing so well, and Erskine also doing well when getting a game in midfield. Really looking forward to this game, as much for seeing what team we put out with there even being some doubt on what formation we set out in defence too, Lithgow, Gallagher and Halkett will still be the 3 main defenders, but Odoffin could be in a back four, or Lamie if he's fit to play. Great being in this position of already securing our safety too, no pressure to just go out and play and score a few goals.
  3. The pressure down at the bottom of the table is clearly starting to show on these St Mirren fans, routine win for the mighty Lions.
  4. It's been decades since Dundee gave him anything exciting enough to get a semi.
  5. Whoever takes over from John Ward?
  6. The Three Team Mini-League

    Is that what you thought last season too?
  7. I'd say a lot has changed, we're not spunking money about all over the place for one, that's a big change, appear to be running things pretty well off the pitch too, as well as on the pitch. Not had any adverse publicity of financial problems for a few seasons, in fighting, any sign whatsoever that players or staff are unhappy. Dunno who's coming in now but hopefully it carries on the same way Ward had it going, and we don't attract some Massone type shyster looking to make some quick dosh from fucking us over. I remember reading an article in the DR when Gordon Ford took over, saying there was no reason we couldn't be a Premiership club, and I was thinking he was away with the fairies talking nonsense, unbelievable that we've actually turned things around so quickly and have actually got there. Last season felt surreal, don't think anyone could believe it when we won the play offs, even the players looked like they were thinking, feck we're in the Premiership next season.
  8. You two should enjoy debating who's right, personally i'm with Poet, Hearts are def a sideways step, Motherwell are prob a step down from Livi though.
  9. I got told a while back from someone that knows Dec that "he fancied St Johnstone but the financial package Motherwell offered was far better."
  10. Must've been a really good offer from Motherwell though, St Johnstone couldn't match them either.
  11. Yeah and he never passes the ball when he gets surrounded by players, I like that he is relentless in pushing on and taking defenders on but just once in a while I wish he'd pass the ball. His decision making for a final ball could def improve too, but I think it's all down to his unpredictability in not knowing himself what he'll do next that makes him an exciting and equally frustrating player to watch.
  12. Think Dec was first to leave, just took them longer to finally make it official. At Least Aberdeen failed to get Scott Pittman, don't think Byrne will leave either, so hopefully with Kelly having another year on his contract he'll stay too, that about covers it for our key players that would be of interest to other teams. Only other would be Lithgow, but he's a bit older and prob has too much baggage to worry about being poached.
  13. Wouldn't mind getting Buchanan back, looked pretty decent for us but was never going to get a regular place with our outstanding back 3 nailing down their positions.
  14. Fucksake, that was completely out of the blue, never saw it coming. Good luck to the big fella, he's been fantastic in attacking down the wing as he has been in defence. Him and Halkett are leaving us with a huge hole to fill, they were part of a formidable bck three that won almost everything in the air .