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  1. Either way you're most likely fucked, if you are saved from relegation and get to play the rest of the season out you've just scunnered the players off to even try and keep you up, if the league gets reconstructed and no relegation happens, you've got a major rebuild with the players you have still holding a grudge at how quickly she shafted them, so not looking in good shape going into next season. Not a happy place to work at i'd imagine.
  2. One of my favourite games, it was a wonderful experience and great atmosphere.
  3. Was she being sarcastic? Trump wouldn't be able to identify sarcasm so you could really make a complete c**t of him right to his face and he'd be thanking you for it.
  4. Don't know what he said, so I don't really care either. Was a bit bored though, so thought i'd read some shite thread for the hell of it.
  5. Love a bit of randy Thandie.
  6. Couple of hundred thousand dead is a small price to pay right enough, Dom Cummings for humanitarian of the year award 2020.
  7. Marvin Bartley covering Stubbs, Lennon, and his time at Hibs. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/hibs-marvin-bartley-speaks-stubbs-v-lennon-sunshine-leith-and-pride-playing-club-2503768
  8. Have you recently come out of a coma, or just got a massive brass neck on you?
  9. Using Covid-19 to reduce wages ahead of being relegated to the Championship is pretty cold and calculating, she should be in Government.
  10. Only seen 8 seasons, and agree the 8th one was absolute shite. Didn't know there were any more filmed, but going by what I saw in the 8th series i'm not holding out much hope for them being up to much.
  11. Hearts fans defending the right to stay up when the rest of the season can't be played...…...……...…...………. ...…….is this what it's like for all the grass pitch fans reading Killie, Accies, and Livi fans justifying playing on plastic pitches?
  12. Had a better defence in front of him. Sarkic is a better goalie. I always thought Kelly was overrated due to being young and Scottish. I liked Sarkic's kicking right enough, set up a good few attacks, and Dykes for his goal against Celtic for our historical win over them. Don't agree he was a better keeper than Kelly though, think we've had 4 different keepers this season and our home form is the best outside of Celtic and Sevco, so don't think our defence is doing too badly in front of those keepers.
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