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  1. I'm getting as disheartened as I was two seasons ago when Miller was in charge, get this shambles in defence sorted and players playing in their proper positions or we're going to be in the relegation dog fight. We've decent players that finished top 6, need to start fucking playing them where they're best suited ffs, we're soft as shite in defence, and that is not what Livi have been like these last 4 seasons, the management team need to admit they're got it wrong and stop trying to keep players happy by playing them out of position just to keep them in the team.
  2. Shite first half performances costing us dearly, but team selection has a lot to do with it, so Holt has to start changing things. Big game on Wed against a team that's started as shite as us. Fantastic from Nisbet, as poor as we defended, he was in exactly the right positions to take advantage of our defending, deserved his hattrick. Positive for us is Poplatnik looks good, and Forrest should've been on from the start too.
  3. Was expecting this sort of thing last season when we lost Gallagher and Halkett, absolute shambles defending from us. Feels like the 5-0 Hearts game in reverse, Hibs scoring with every attack.
  4. Livingston FC ✔ @LiviFCOfficial | Our Premiership fixture with @AberdeenFC originally scheduled for Saturday 22nd August has been pushed back by 24hrs and will now take place at 3pm on Sunday 23rd August instead. This is due to a rescheduling of another Aberdeen fixture in the week leading up.
  5. FTFY. I like some of it and don't like others, as mentioned in an above post, seeing contentious incidents discussed is good. Could do without the analysis showing where a player should've been to stop a goal, really, anyone could watch an incident then move a player to a position he would've stopped it, easy money getting paid to do that. What is the point unless you're a manager looking at mistakes to let your players learn from them. Also liked Marvin Bartley on it as a guest,
  6. Aye, they should at least play booing sounds over the tannoy at the officials as they go off the pitch at HT & FT.
  7. Few beers and my feet up watching LFC tv, just a pity the ref wont be able to hear me calling him a useless c**t.
  8. Could always say they just drove down to Perth to test their eyesight, that seems to be a valid excuse.
  9. Normally wouldn't be too upset at getting a draw against Hibs, but really wanting to get the first 3 points on the board and our home form has been excellent the last 2 seasons, so hoping it stays that way this season too. Boyle worries me though, we can't afford to defend like we did against St Mirren with his pace for running in behind us.
  10. Ann Budge is currently in talks with the SPFL wanting Aberdeen punished by demotion to the Championship and Hearts taking their place back in the Premiership.
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