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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

    At least Hardie will be fresh, which is why I would've also rested Keaghan, but at least he was taken off quite early in the 2nd half. Reckon Pitts and Byrne will be good to go again though. Robinson getting a run out might see him starting with Hardie up front.
  2. Aberdeen v Livi

    Yep. he was caught outside the box and missed by the ref so when he did go down it looked like a dive, so no clear penalty but should've been a foul for Aberdeen. It was also two corners Aberdeen got when Livi should've got the decisions, the 2nd one was Kelly punching the ball off an Aberdeen player for a goal kick. Cracking goal though.
  3. Aberdeen v Livi

    Ref headed it into our net for Aberdeen.
  4. Aberdeen v Livi

    Bollocks, so close but no cigar.
  5. Aberdeen v Livi

    Hahahaha. Commentary team all screaming penalty and it is a booking for a dive.
  6. Aberdeen v Livi

    It's BBC i'm talking about, Willie Miller radio here and the other 2 on there with him aren't much better.
  7. Aberdeen v Livi

    c***s are clueless, banging on about Hardie not playing when he scores goals. Yeah it was his first game of the season on Sat and we don't want to risk him breaking down again. You'd think they'd do a bit of research. Might get a wee run our for the last 15/20 mins to keep them happy.
  8. Aberdeen v Livi

    Some balance would be good, snowflake.
  9. Aberdeen v Livi

    Already getting that here, they score and it was magnificent, we score and Aberdeen gifted us it. Kelly just fouled and they're all saying keeper's get too much protection, worst commentary I've had to listen to.
  10. Aberdeen v Livi

    Livi winning 2-1 so the BBC c***s resort to a crowdwank slagging our small away support, FFS.
  11. Aberdeen v Livi

    BBC c***s on Menga watch, desperate for him to get a booking.
  12. Aberdeen v Livi

    Loving the unbiased reporting on this game having Willie Miller in their team.