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  1. Aye us fans are a fickle bunch. Great result for you, Joel seems to have dipped a bit, and you're without Nicky Low, but still getting cracking results.
  2. Great thread, nane of the usual moaning faced p***ks from other teams going on about PPV prices, or plastic pitches, and even a mention of the great Hassan Kachloul. Maybe the players could keep this happy vibe going and share the pts with a nice 3-3 draw.
  3. Are any of our left sided defensive players that good, Jacko is looking the best option from a poor bunch. Penrice is better going forward than defending, same with Kelly, Montano isn't looking great, i would quite happily let Lewis and Williamson go back to their parent clubs in January. We signed a whole host of left sided players and none of them have made that position their own, don't actually see any of them better than Jack McMillan playing there. We're even putting some of them up as left mids and leaving out Forrest from the starting line up, which isn't great either.
  4. Was too busy having a good time in a cup final and being in the top 6, completely forgot Utd were in the Premiership last season, not being at the games prob didn't help, felt so detached last season only watching games on ppv, apologies.
  5. Three if you don't mind, did time pass quicker for you after we got promoted in season 2017/18, or did you just try to block out that season from your memory.............This might help you remember.
  6. Pardon? Yeah we've been in the top flight a few seasons when you lot were still in the Championship.
  7. Hardly anyone goes to the St Margaret academy carparks now too, plenty free parking spaces there. Then a short walk that crosses over the bridge behind the North-East stands.
  8. Yep Devlin wasn't having any of a better time on the other flank against Charles-Cook. Both Charles-Cook & Hungbo made runs into our box that got the pens for them too.
  9. Our defence still looks dodgy as feck, but at least we're scoring goals now, could go either way still. However it's looking a hell of a lot brighter than it did a couple of games ago.
  10. Just hope the 2 of them aren't out, that looked a sore one Obileye got after the poor pass back from Williamson. He'll be feeling it today. Omeonga too coming off dazed will be a miss on Wed night, just don't rate Williamson defensively in midfield. Beginning to lose hope of Montana coming good, looking the weakest link in our starting line ups against St Johnstone and County, and that was with Kelly in the team yesterday. Only use he has is for high balls hit up the wing, but would start Forrest against Utd, and bring Kabia on later in the game. Hoping Sibbald will get some game time too.
  11. Will be an interesting one, up till now our home form was hugely better than our away, even though the home results weren't great, we more than held our own in those games, but made the odd defensive mistake that always got punished. And weren't finishing our chances either. Now though, we're clinical as feck in our last 2 away games, if we take that into this home game it'll be a good contest for Utd. Anderson and Bailey have clicked, after a lot of mucking about in our attack, playing Shinnie up front, Anderson had a diabetic seizure against Hibs and passed out, that seemed to knock his confidence for a while too, but everything is going well for him now. Anyway, onto the game, really looking forward to this, Utd have surprised everyone, including their own fans i'd suspect, and have gone under the radar a good bit with the plaudits Hearts were getting, but have got themselves on the same points tally. On that sort of form a draw would be a good result for us, hoping we can take all 3 though, and keep this new found momentum of ours going into the Celtic game on Sat.
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