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  1. That was unexpectedly easy, Sarkic hardly broke sweat for all he had to do, fucking love it when we get a result like this when nobody was expecting it, cheered me right up for Sat night, a feeling I've not experienced in a while coming away from a Livi game. Thought Lawson and Sibbald were superb, even Souda ran his arse off tracking back and winning tackles, Pittman still not back to his best but feckit, i'll let him have a pass on that first half miss, superbly set up for him in the build up play too, it deserved a goal to round it off. Things are looking a lot brighter than before ko, what a difference a win makes.
  2. Good stuff. And our piece de resistance
  3. Never seen a good game played on plastic. Head says a boring 0-0 or Killie to snatch a late goal to take all 3 points, heart says we're long overdue a win after referees diddling us out of one or our inability to see out a game, 1-0 Livi. Feck it, it's at home we can do this.
  4. Actually surprised Aitken didn't give us a red card the amount of Yellows he was handing out I was certain he'd follow up one of them with a second booking, esp when Marv was booked so early. He's slipping up, first time in about 7 games he hasn't sent a Livi player off.
  5. Yep starting to expect it now, fecking needs looked at the amount of late goals we concede to chuck away two points. Maybe need to just keep playing with attacking players and stop making defensive substitutions trying to see the game out, it's bloody obv we aren't good enough to do that this season.
  6. Gets voted Livi's PoTM for November and starts December with a goal against Hearts. What a guy.
  7. Gretna and Celtic were the only 2 teams we've played and never beaten, finally got that gremlin off our backs with Celtic this season but Gretna went bust before we could ever play them again.
  8. Bartley, Crawford and Lawson all doubts and added to our ever growing injury list, wonder if Souda will get a game now. Holt was joking about getting his boots back on a few weeks back, might not be kidding about it now.
  9. Not with Greg Aitken in charge he wont. Hope we're practicing playing with 10 men for this game. Besides, i'd rather keep Berra on the pitch, he's shite.
  10. ^^^ Wanting Hearts to join Dundee in the Championship type post.
  11. Dunno if your defenders are very tall but it looked like your keeper was very short, don't think he would've been able to touch the cross bar without jumping either. Still managed a clean sheet though, but we didn't test him much with high balls into your box, and when we did Collum just blew for a foul.
  12. The diddy alliance is strong, may the plastic go with us. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/livingston-0-0-hamilton-just-1-076-fans-watch-scrappy-stalemate-1-5054964
  13. Haven't even got a goal threat from set pieces this season, could always count on that to pull us out a hole the last two seasons, Lithgow should be back soon though so maybe he'll get us the odd goal from a corner, and his long throw ins might help too. Hopefully Robbo starts against Hearts too, without him we're playing Dykes up front by himself and it just isn't working.
  14. Couldn't believe it when your keeper was time wasting in the first half, last time I saw a keeper time waste as bad as that it was Darren Jamieson when we were beating Falkirk. Accies came for a draw and got it, mission accomplished. We weren't good enough to score a goal though, we improved a bit when Robinson came on but far too negative tactics from Holt playing Dykes up front with nobody playing off him. Results elsewhere went as expected though so we've both moved a point up the table away from the chasing pack. And if County lose against Celtic tomorrow we'll stay above them in 7th place. We'll need to ask the fans if anyone wants a game soon with the amount of injuries we've got, that's Marv and Crawford both on the injury pile, getting fecking ridiculous now, even had Keaghan starting as a FB today ffs.
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