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  1. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Looked like he'd done his hamstring.
  2. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Thanks Killie, Holt's son will have a much nicer time at school on Monday morning. I was slagging Erskine off all first half and he pops up and scores, brilliant. Biting the finger nails towards the end, esp when they got the free kick on the edge of the box {thinking of Dundee last week) and they hit the bar from the 2nd ball, but we managed to hold on, absolutely brilliant result for us and a much needed win after our slump in 2019.
  3. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    A few hundred roundabouts and it would be perfect.
  4. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Mon Killie, think about Holties son, gieus the 3 points. #doitforholtsboy
  5. He came back from an offside position and was marginally offside when the ball was played, close call but correct decision.
  6. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    I remember him missing an open goal from 4 yards out for Sevco about 3 years ago in the Championship.
  7. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    We played against him in our back to back promotions from the 3rd div, when he was at QP, he was outstanding for them too. I think he has improved immensely since being at Livi. Can't remember him being as tall either, think he's about 6 ft 2. Anyhoo, if Burke is missing it'll be good news for us, he was impressive in earlier games against us, power out too would be a big loss for Killie, having to play their midweek game with 10 men for the majority of the game must have taken a bit out of them too. Suddenly i'm beginning to have a wee miniscule of optimism here, so no doubt they'll prob pump us 5-0.
  8. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Not quite the coke I had in mind when suggesting we all join together for a singalong.
  9. Accies v Sevco

    Perhaps with the excitement of scoring a goal their fans wont notice, and pile over like lemmings off a cliff. Then get up and limp & hobble onto the pitch to celebrate with their players. Post match your pitch will be blamed for the injuries to their fans during their pitch invasion.
  10. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Yeah dunno why it can't still be patg on match days, i'm sure Motherwell were still doing a patg for our last away match against them. Got used to this buying a ticket at a ticket office then going to the turnstyle over the last few seasons in the lower leagues though, St Mirren, Dunfermline and Morton were all doing it.
  11. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Dunno if it's going to be that type of system eventually, but atm it's still manually operated turnstyles with folk scanning your barcode then pressing a button to let you through, suppose it is something to do with not having turnstyle operators handling money and having to count out change, so in that respect it should be a bit quicker getting the fans through the turnstyles. Need to get a better way to buy the tickets though, for folk wanting to purchase them through the week, so you aren't having to get them at the away stadium in case you're working normal hours and can't manage down. .
  12. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Only time I saw it in use for football fans was against the Glasgow teams, where our stadium carpark was restricted to supporter buses only. The St Margarets academy school carpark is available though (free parking), if you travel past the stadium heading towards the hospital and turn right at the first set of traffic light, it's a few hundred yards down the hill on the right hand side, once parked you walk along the path towards the river and cross the bridge that will take you out by the training pitches behind the East stand, about a 6 minute walk. Oh and AFAIK it's not patg, but you'll be able to get a ticket on the day, usually sold in the Almondvale suite (or ask at the reception if they're being sold elsewhere).
  13. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Nope, none of the above will happen at the Spaghettihad on Saturday, I reserve the right to boo the officials at HT & FT though, as I anticipate them being their usual standard of shiteness. BTW, I did a search for spaghettihad just to see what came up and the top result was our stadium, in a wiki page. So it's officially in use now, brilliant.
  14. Livi v Killie - El Plastico

    Explains him going down so easily...………………………... they're clumsy.